31 October 2010

Malware Experience..

Few weeks ago, my blogger friends informed me that my blog infected with Malware. To be frank, I really don't have an idea about that since I never came across with thist thing. Till one day, Zezebel told me to use 'Google Chrome'. And she's correct, I found out that my blog detected with Malware. Google chrome can detect the Malware, than Modzilla. I frequently use Modzilla as my browser. The reason I can't detect the Malware before was because, the Modzilla might be an outdated version.

Thanks to Zezebel, Mrs Graig and Azura for telling me that my blog was contained with Malware. They advice me to look at it and throw out some link that might lead my blog to Malware.

I tell you, this must be a current challenges that attacking our blogging world. You can even Google for 'Malware' and you'll find out most of active bloggers experienced this problem. I was upset but still managed to stay calm. I try myself to search for alternatives through other's blog to clean my blog. Some of them advice that, first of all delete the link that contains suspicious element that connects to your blog..

I did that. 
My blog is know clean from Malware. 
Thank GOD. . I don't have to create a new blog then.

- Malware Warning: This is how your screen will appear if your blog contains Malware-

What is Malware actually?..
According to Wikipedia, Malware (also: scumware), short for malicious software, is software designed to secretly access a computer system without the owner's informed consent. The expression is a general term used by computer professionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software or program code.

The term "computer virus" is sometimes used as a catch-all phrase to include all types of malware, including true viruses. Software is considered to be malware based on the perceived intent of the creator rather than any particular features. 

Malware includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, dishonest adware, scareware, crimeware, most rootkits, and other malicious and unwanted software or program. In law, malware is sometimes known as a computer contaminant, for instance in the legal codes of several U. S. states, including California and West Virginia. Malware is not the same as defective software, that is a software that has a legitimate purpose but contains harmful bugs. To read more about Malware, click HERE.

To make sure whether your blog contains Malware or not, you can scan your web or blogsite through online scanner with these 3 methods :-

1. AVG online web page scanner. HERE

2. Dr WEB Scanner. HERE

3. Via Google tools.
Copy the link below and put it on your browser.Change place2how-to with your site name. Then hit Enter.


Credit to WSB for sharing with me this "scan your web online" info.

Sharing is Caring.
I am care to share this because I've experienced it before. And i know what would it feels when you are in this kind of situation. I am happy that Wyne ( a blogger friend of mine)  also is now free from Malware.

That's it for today.
Till then, have a GREAT Sunday.
Take care.

29 October 2010

Indonesia Hit by 3 Disasters

-Mass grave: Indonesian residents and soldiers arranging coffins of the 33 victims of the Mount Merapi eruption in a trench during a mass funeral in Sidorejo, Sleman, in Central Java yesterday. — AFP

I read online news this morning and I came accross an article about our neighbour country, Indonesia was hit by 3 disasters in 24 hours time. 
It was earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption. 
I am really sad and sympathy to those who suffer the lost of their loved ones.
We should be grateful that we're living in a peaceful country.  
A safe place to live from such disasters. 
I pray may GOD bring peace and patient in their heart.
And may GOD grant them wisdom to find a safe place to live.
I pray too that may GOD continue to bless and protect our country.

To read about the article, read HERE.

Till then, 
always praise to GOD for we're still alive today.
And don't ever take things for granted.

See you again,

28 October 2010

Sharing is Love..

I opened my Facebook yesterday and found out a friend of mine, Beverley posted a message in my inbox. She said she wanted to share with me this video. The video is about a long live relationship.

-Message from Beverley-

- Close up-

I am so touched for she care to share this with me. 
For some reason I feel blessed and appreciated. 
And she's correct, I'm really appreciating long live relationship..
I LOVE to cherish every moment I spent with my loved one. 

So, now I like to share this video to all of you. 
I know most of us really appreciate this life especially the relationship that were build from years to years. For me, it's still a long way to go.. 
Therefore as time goes by, I always remind myself that
LOVE, Trust, Perseverance and Faith are the seed of a relationship..

Sharing is caring.. And not only that. 
It creates some sort of recognition of you by others. 
Making you feel honored and accepted.
Making you feel concerned by others. 
And you know that LOVE drove them to do so..
and it brings peace in your heart..

Now, let's watch this video..
On how they fall in LOVE for the 1st time.. 
On how they knew they had met a right person,
to be their other half for the rest of their life..

They are soooooo cute.. :)
I wish I can have a long live relationship too.. 
I wish all of us reach a long live marriage..
Thanks to Beverley for sharing this with me.

May GOD bless everyone us..
Have a Lovely Thursday..

27 October 2010

Simple Dish..

Hi everyone,
Just a short update here...
Only to share with you my lunch for the day..
Just a simple dish..yet nice..
Thank GOD for I still alive today..
Still breathing and still can taste good food..
I pray for those who are alone and hungry..
May GOD grant them peace in heart ..
And may they earn at least small portion of food for living..

-at Citymall foodcourt-

Till then,
Take care.

The Butterflies Place

Hi my dear blogger friends,
How is your weekdays so far?.. Is it run smoothly or not as you want?..
Hope everything is in good condition and in smooth track..
Things can be happened for reason. Always seek for GOD's help for everything that you are not happy with.

So, today I would like to share with you this place I called "The Butterflies Place". I went there on last September to get some idea what this place is about since I heard many people said this place dwell by various species of beautiful butterflies. And they are correct. As I reached there I can see those really amazing creation of GOD, flying here and there freely. You can see them closely and take their pictures. Sometime they seem to know that you are coming to visit them and they let you take their pictures. Interesting isn't.. :)

The place is at Kipandi Butterfly Park along the road Penampang-Tambunan towards Gunung Emas and is about 36km from Kota Kinabalu city. I think it's located 2km before Gunung Emas(if you know where Gunung Emas is). The road is slightly crook and you must be careful all the way. The fee is RM10.00 for 18 years old and above, while RM5.00 for below 18 years old..

Here are some of pics I shot.. :)

There are also small insectarium room which you can see over 800 species of butterflies and 1,800 species of beetles kept here. I think it is interesting to see all those kind of butterflies and beetles here. Most of them I never saw before. It creates an appreciation in my heart towards this creation of GOD, although some of them might dangerous to human kind.. ;)

A short walk from the butterfly enclosure is the flora garden. You can see various type of orchids planted here. They are so beautiful and really made me fall in LOVE with this place.. :)

Okay that's it for now. I hope you enjoy this post.
And don't forget to pay some visit here. I am sure you must be amazed by this beauty of creation of GOD.
Maybe you can spend some time this weekend with your family and friends..:)
To know more about this place, read HERE.

Till then have a GREAT Wednesday and GOD bless.


26 October 2010

Finding the Lost Identity of Blogger

"Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things,
fact, habits, or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
You have to tag the person that tagged you.
If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you."

I've been tagged by Mazeer. So it's my turn to do this. 
Thanks Mazeer for the tagging.  Here are the 25 random things about me.. :)

1.  I was born in Kota Kinabalu.

2.  I am the eldest daughter.

3.  My mother named me after a church she and dad married at. They married at Stella Maris Church, Tg Aru.

4.  I Love instrumental music. It calms my heart, releases some stress.

5.  I Love photography.I was a member of Photography club during my school days. And now I got my own gear. (actually hubby got 2, so the other one sya punya lah..haha)

6.  I want to be an Accountant when I was a kid but end up as an Engineer haha..

7.  People says, true LOVE is when you fall in LOVE until you found the right person. In my case, I fall over and over again with the same person hahaha..

8.  My youngest sister is 17 years younger than me. It's a lot of years isn't it?..hehe..

9.  I met this Mr Right when I was 18 years old and tied-knot 9 years later.

10. When i was in University, I dreamt of getting my own asset such as car, house and business. Car and house accomplished. Looking for business opportunity now..hehe

11. One of my friend said, I am easy.. Easy to be friend with, to chat with. So maybe that's me.. According to her.. :)

12. I Love to think positively and read those motivation and self-enrichment books.

13. I Love watching movies. Love the romance and action movies, but not horror one.. hehe

14. I hate when guys didn't flush after they're using washroom. Some of them let their urine spread here and there around the toilet bowl.. (Okay, I am not being sexist here. This is for the hygiene and cleanliness purpose. It's my experience from the office I work, because I'm the only lady there.. geli sya!!!! )

15. It broke my heart to hear news about a mother who dumped her baby as well as those who tortured and murdered kids. I cannot imagine how evil they are...

16. I am a faithful Catholic. I am following and practicing this belief faithfully.

17. I am shortsighted but more comfortable to wear contact lense than glasses. Current addiction is color lense with huge diameter..hehe.

18. I was a prefect when I was in secondary school for 5 years.

19. I'm now struggling to lose weight. My weight gained tremendously plus up to 4kg. That's the result of taking a lot of Western food and lack of exercise..hehe

20. I am KadazanDusun, and I got Chinese and Pakistan blood from my ancestors..hehe..

21. Only use to drive automatic car. Forgot to handle manual car already eventhough I used to learned it and used to got my P licence with it..haha.. :)

22. I got 6 siblings, 3 boys and 3 girls. I guess my mom is the best on planning her children gender..hehe

23. I am afraid of mouse, cockroach, lizard.. You can hear my voice screaming in full blast volume when I saw those things..haha.. (bukan takut bah tapi geli..hehe..cover lg..)

24. I Love Korean Drama. Current drama is 'Happiness in the Wind', weekdays on KBSW channel.

25. I registered on blogger almost 2 years ago. And I never LOVE blogging this much. I write on and off before. Until I found WSB and blogger friends in it. They are the soul of my blogging world now..hehe..  Thanks to all who're supporting me.

Okay, now you know more or less about me isn't...heheee

Here, I wish to tag....

1. Mazeer
2. Just
3. Wyne
4. NC
5. Zezebel
6. Chegu Carol
7. Sumandak Kinabalu
8. Azura
9. Kyle
10. MozePA
11. Gunsirit
12. Mrs Graig
13. Lyn Rashid
14. Michelle
15. Biskut
16. Cathj
17. Lina Ramsah
18. AnnieMing
19. Asai
20. Nancy Poh
21. Arly Jipun
22. Eve
23. LadyKath
24. MemelJoan
25. ChocoMint

That's it for now.. :)
Take care..


Hello everyone..  It's Tuesday already and we are in the last week of October. Time flies so fast.. Some people want it run fast and some wouldn't want.. Well, this is life.. As time goes by, we should appreciate life, cherish every moment and always in positive side of thinking. Yes, it's true.. It's good for your health, rather than always think about what would you become tomorrow, a year later, for the next ten years. Live the present.. don't let the future ruin your present life..

So, today I would like to share about this reunion conducted by the Wong Loong clan. They organized this reunion so that all the clan can gathered and as well as to keep familiarized with each other. The reunion took place at KDCA on last Saturday 23.10.10 around 11am.

To be clear, Wong Loong is my hubby's ancestor. Wong Loong's descendants are now reached it's 8th generation and my hubby is at 5th. 

A little story about Wong Long from the 5th edition Heritage Book:- 

Wong Loong (1835-1895), was believed to have made his way to the Land Below the Wind when he first arrived at Labuan from south of China around 1860. This was just after Labuan became a part of the Straits Settlement when the British had taken a concession of the island from the Sultan of Brunei. Wong Loong had served as blacksmith with the coal mining authorities. 

He subsequently turned his sights towards Borneo mainland. He came through the Papar River into hinterland and arrived at Kaiduan/ Timpangoh where he married his first wife, Siapa. After a while Wong Loong came to Penampang and married his second wife, Muata who was from Kampung Hubaa. He had son and daughter from Siapa and three daughters from Muata.

He settled in Penampang where he aquired land, kept a farm and generally lived a basic village life. He carried on with his skills as blacksmith and made regular trips along Moyog River to Pulau Gaya where he traded his iron tools and farm produce with Chinese settler there.  From information gathered through grandfathers, it was believed that Wong Loong died and was buried at Pulau Gaya in 1895.

Wong Loong's Decendants:-

Wong Loong + Siapa (1st wife) = Pungun (Son) and Lin Oi (Daughter)
Wong Loong + Muata (2nd wife) = Umbikan, Musayam, Tombii (Daughters)

1. Pungun + Siaham = Jinian, Tiandim, Ligunjang, Manjaji, Toisim, Leiking
2. Lin Oi + Tinjal = Tounggim, Linaim, Malian, Loinsam
3. Umbikan + Molujim = Luajil, Lajanjip, Manjagi, Tandi
4. Musayam + Lijangun = Tayuh
5. Tombii + Jominil = Loigim, Toniim, Toinim

And my hubby is from Lin Oi branch through Loinsam. Loinsam is his great greatmother.  His great grandmother had 7 children. The 1st one, Logunim is my hubby's grandmother. Wah.. such a long tread isn't. But I find it's interesting to know his ancestors..

Meanwhile, at the event all the Wong Loong clan should wear in specific color according their branch. Therefore, we wear blue in color since we're from the Lin Oi branch.

Pungun = RED
Lin Oi = BLUE
Umbikan = YELLOW
Musayam = "PURPLE"
Tombii = GREEN

We had fun with various type of performance and activities. There're lucky draws too. And we're lucky enough to won one of the draw..hehe

 -Wong Loong Heritage Book, updated once in 3 years-

 -The family-

 -Hubby's grandma-

 -I saw a picture of a friend of mine, Mary Ellen in the book. Now I know she's one of Wong Long descendant. She was my ex-classmate during our study in Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka-

 -Deleila Manjaji also my ex-classmate during secondary school-

- And Antonia was my senior back in secondary school-

I didn't thought that I would found someone I know in the heritage book. Creating this book and bringing altogether in one piece just like solving a mystery. Your long known friend could be your cousin, aunty, uncle or relative. Interesting isn't.. :)

And it feels like finding your origin is like searching for the truth. It's doesn't matter who we are, where we are and what would be our profession, we're always a piece from our ancestors. Thank you for them for we are here today. Because of them we 're here on earth, breathing happily and discovering the world, a beautiful creation of GOD... :)

“If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh quotes (Vietnamese Monk, Activist and Writer. b.1926)

Till then, Stay inspired, Stay motivated, Stay positive.
And have a BLESSED Tuesday.

25 October 2010

100th Follower..

Congratulations to http://arlyjipun.blogspot.com/ for being my 100th follower.
I decided to give this award to her. She said, she's new in this blogging world and would like to learn from me. Honestly, I myself still have a lot of things to learn. So this is one of my small appreciation to her in hoping that she could keep on blogging. 

Blogging is fun and you can get a lot of friend from it. :)

I would like to thank to all too who being so generous to follow this blog. 

And not forget to those
who really willingly spending a lot of time to read my posts and to leave some comments.

I really appreciates you all. 
My spirit of blogging become increase lately because of your 

Thanks again.
May GOD bless you and keep you all.


23 October 2010

Visit of the Day..

Hello every one.. It's Saturday, 23.10.2010.
Planning to go any where today?.. Or didn't have an idea where's place to visit over the weekend?.. Okay, I have better idea for you. Especially to people around KK. Those who live outside KK also can plan to visit here.
As i read Nancy Peter's post about Green Connection. I remember I went there too on last September. Thought this might be better idea to share about, since this place getting known all over Sabah. Or some of you might never heard about it before, so this is a few info about Green Connection.

What is Green Connection actually?.. 
It's a place where you can experience yourself to view marine life. You can even touch some of marine life there such as shark and starfish. Great isn't it.. :)

It's 10 mins drive from KK. Entrance fee is RM15 per person. Regular visit hour is from 10am-6pm. The show time is at 11am and 4pm. Show times where you can watch the sharks and other marine life were feed. Interesting isn't.. :)

Okay, as usual..pictures always play an important role to do the talking..hehee..

 Little tortoise..

 This one huge Stingray.. 


 Can you spot which one is Stone fish?..

The Corals

 Little shark

 Starfish..Beautiful isn't..

Horseshoe crab

To know more about Green Connection, read HERE.

In my observation, even though this place not as big as Aquaria KLCC, we should be proud that this marine life visit place available in KK. It's worth it to visit here.. 

So go there, bring along your family and friends, experience yourself the excitement of being there. I am sure you'll learn new things towards the day.. :)

Okay that's it for now.
Take care.
Have a fun weekend. :)

22 October 2010

WSB ChatRoomBah!..

Calling to all WSB members. Did you notice that WSB got chatroom?.. Yes, it was created and officially released on 16 October 2010. I am care to share this, thought most of you might didn't noticed about it since the number of Wasabers visiting there are not really encouraging.. :)

- Click at WSB ChatRoomBah!'s tab-

-Then the ChatBox will appear-

- You can sign in by using your Facebook Account or by signing up with Chatroll-

Okay, to all Wasabers.. See you all at WSB ChatRoom.. :)
Rajin-rajin lah melawat sana.. :)
You might know the latest WSB's activities or even chat with the WSB's admin himself hehe.. (jek2 ka ni?..haha)

Till then, have a nice day and relaxing day for the coming weekend..:)
Take care.

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