23 March 2012

Oh Really?..

Hello dear friends, it is Friday and weekend is around the corner. So what is your plan for weekend?..
For me nothing in specific so far. And as weekend routine of course will attend prayer service at Church as well as spending quality time with hubby and little Gabriel.

Oh ya, want to share with you this. I found it was really funny..haha! My ex-colleague send me a video-clip on my timeline. She said she discovered the video-clip on Youtube and out of nowhere she suddenly thinking of me. She told me that the singer face seem similar with mine.. and I was like.. "Oh really??"..LOL

I printed screen this from my Timeline.:)

And you can view the video-clip below.. :D

I talked with my hubby how can my face similar with that singer.. My nose not as 'mancung' as that singer in the videoclip. He said, boleh la ada la sama sikit.. (LOL mau kasi senang hati ka tu?..)

Okay that's it for today. Just for fun hehe!..:D

p/s: Suddenly I recalled back about 8 years ago when I had lunch with my hubby (then boyfriend) at kfc restaurant in KLCC. A girl asked me ," Kakak ni orang korea ka?..".. LOL.. *o*

20 March 2012

My Baby is Sleeping Well..

Yes..indeed. This is the secret on how my baby sleeps well during the night.

My baby is sleeping well with these Johnson Bedtime Products. :D

Baby Bedtime bath by Johnson & Johnson

Baby Bedtime Oil by Johnson & Johnson

Baby Bedtime Powder by Johnson & Johnson

Haven't try it before?.. Try it..:)
I know it might different with each baby. But it works for Gabriel..:)

We didn't have to wake up at frequently at night to nurse Gabriel. We need to wake up only 2 times to give him milk. That was ever since he entered 2 months old.

Now, he is entering 7 months old, he seldom wake up 2 times at night. We have to give him milk only one time during the night. In fact, this became his sleeping pattern right from he was 5 months old.

So, why don't you have a try for your baby?..:)
Who knows it might works.. :D

17 March 2012

It Is Always Better To Double Check

Hello everyone.
It's been a while. Today I want to share with you about my experience purchasing goods at Giant. Been experiencing this situation for many times though. However, this time around luckily we found out it before we even reached home. :)

I would like to share with you out there who are always purchasing goods/ groceries at Giant Hypermall. It is always better to double check with the prices that been charged for you. The prices might not tally with the final scan at the counter.

Yesterday, we (hubby and I) went to Giant Kolombong to shopped some groceries. It happens that I bought 2 pieces of Gabriel's pyjamas which were stated RM7.99 each at the price tags. 

And we discovered that the prices suddenly became RM14.99 each after the scanned. By the time we discovered the differences of prices, we already did the payment.

Unsatisfied with the situation, hubby went to the purchasing counter again to argue about the matter. Luckily, we managed to refund our money back.

 The receipt. 
Written with blue pen were the actual prices.

 These are the pyjamas.

Okay, that's it for today. I bet some of you might experienced the same, isn't it?..

Sharing is caring. :D

Have a blessed weekend. 

09 March 2012

This is Insane..

I came across with this video on my Facebook homepage. A friend posted it on FB. I never know that this type of baby yoga exists. 

I didn't dare to watch further. It was really heart-breaking to watch those babies been treated that way. 

I myself as a mother wouldn't dare to treat my baby that way. How could a mother would wants her baby been treated in that way?.. This is totally insane!!.. And how would that type of movements would gain and produce so called health to a baby?..

It's a mother instinct.. You'll know what is good for your baby and this is not certainly the way you want it to be.  I'll bet you would agree with me. Please scroll down and click at the video below. Watch it yourself..

Thank GOD. This video is controversial among people around the globe. And i know it is definitely right to banned this!..


08 March 2012

Thinking Of Zumba-ing

Hello everyone.. It's been a while.. How is everyone?.. :)

Oh ya, before I move further, I'm taking this opportunity to wish Happy Women's Day to all women across the world. :D

As I opened my Facebook account today, I came across this Zumba thing. An FB friend posted this Zumba beginner step video.

I found it was interesting and fun to follow.  Boleh kurus ka kalau sya buat hari-hari tu step aa..hehe. 

Well, what is Zumba actually?..
According to Wikipedia, Zumba is a Latin dance -inspired fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez in Colombia during the 1990s. Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba's choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. Squats and lunges are also included.

Wow, such a variety movements isn't it.. hehe

Watch yourself the video below.. :)

Sya ada pigi try..punya siok..LOL..Sweating terus ba.. Tidak dapat pigi join ramai2 diluar, berZumba sendiri di rumah pun orait ba kan.. LOL

02 March 2012


Lately, there were a lot of cases involving abusing toddler at nursery. The death of an infant also increasing due to the careless of caretakers in nursery. Most of the infants died from milk choke.

Few months ago, in fact several weeks ago I came across a news about infants age 2 months old and 6 months old died from milk choke at nursery. I heard cases as similar as these many times. And I don't know why they never learn from the past. 

Most of the employees at nursery have to handle a lot of babies. I think that was the most reason why such cases been reported increasing lately. How a person have to handle 5 babies at the same time?.. And I've been wondering are they experienced enough to take care of the babies?..

baby chokes easily while drinking bottle milk

I read about a 9 months old baby died too because of the baby left alone with a blanket. The baby wrapped himself with the blanket and died. He can't breath, suffocated by the blanket. The caretaker was handling another baby; bathing another baby. And she left the other baby on his own. That was really unacceptable!

And a few days ago, an employee spread a video about toddlers were wrapped and their mouth put on sellotape while they were sleeping. And later found out, the ex-employee only doing that purposely to sabotaged her ex-employer. This another thing I couldn't ever understand. Why she had to do that to the toddlers?.. Why she had to put the toddlers in that way?.. How could she.. being heartless?.. I saw the video and it was really heartbreaking.. And it traumatized me.. :(

And last night, as I surfed the internet,  I saw a news posted by a friend in an FB group about a toddler at a nursery abused by a caretaker. She put on sellotape on his face especially on the mouth. His hand also been tied. As I saw the photo, my heart really pounding, fills with anger and in sorrow to saw the toddler being treated in that way.. :(

 A toddler being tied and his face was put on sellotape.

All these news really traumatized me.. I can't imagine if my little Gabriel being treated in that way. And I promised to myself, I really don't want to send my little Gabriel to a nursery, ever. I don't want anything bad happen to him. As a mother/ parent, you would feel how I feel. I am sure most of parents out there would agree with me. No mother or father wants their kids being treated in bad way.. 

I pray may all the babies and toddler even kids at playschool being take care with love and in appropriate way. May GOD protecting them by sending HIS angels. 

Indeed, a child is a precious gift by GOD. Don't let others ruin this gift..

And I pray, may the bad people in these cases will be judged fairly. Please don't ever let them go just like that. Bring justice for the sake of the small victims.


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