18 July 2013

My 1st Princess

Hello dear readers,

I just wanted to share with you my first Princess Cake. I never do this before. And i never think I could do such deco. Thank GOD i managed to complete this. 

 A birthday cake for a 3 years old Madelyn.

Miss Oly (the customer) actually wanted a Minnie Mouse's head but I couldn't found it around KK so I replaced it with the princess doll. She suggested me with princess doll by the way if in case I couldn't do the Minnie Mouse.

It turn out nice actually with this pinkish cake and princess doll. 
Hope to do more of this kind of decorations. 

The cake is a butter cake, provided with yam filling with fresh cream frosting, a special request by Miss Oly. 

Okay, that's it for today.
Have a great Thursday. :)

17 July 2013

My Latest Progress

Hello dear readers,

I haven't update my blog for about 2 weeks. Wow.. it is quite a long period. I've been busy to complete my baking assignments. Thank you GOD for so far I managed to complete the baking works well.

And I discovered new poses in yoga too. I am so happy that I could perform few poses which I think it's really hard to do the first time I saw the pose.

The latest progress is the Mermaid Pose and One-legged King Pigeon Pose.

05 July 2013

My New Passion after Baking

I am currently practicing Yoga. The art of yoga is really beautiful. I fall in love with it the moment I did few of its pose.

I was actually invited by a friend to do yoga almost 4 weeks ago. She's really into yoga too. My friend, Ms Lydia explained to me how yoga is not only for physical appearance, it is actually good for your internal body, such as improves the digestion, blood circulation, breathing and so on. 

03 July 2013

My June Baking

Hi friends, 
We're in the month of July already. How time flies, isn't it?.. So, this would be my first post for July 2013.

Today i would like to reminisce back the cakes and cuppies that I had baked on the last June. Sometimes, it is good to view back the good things that we had done in the past. 

I like to view again my cakes and cuppies photos that I baked in the past. Sometimes, i tend to forget to where I'd begins in this baking line. GOD is great. I am proud of myself for being able to do these, for what I have achieve so far. 

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