30 July 2011

Thank You!!

Hello dear friends, 
It is Saturday and i have received a parcel today. I am so happy and excited to received the parcel. A Facebook friend of mine is so sweet! I didn't really expected she'll sent such gifts. 

She did told me to sent something to me for my future newborn baby. But honestly, i didn't expected such gifts. I feel blessed and touched.. What touched me the most is almost part of the stuffs she sent come with a note that she wrote herself, kind of informative notes.

Avila Maidi, a mother of two cute lil' girls really touched my heart. Of course, i accept those gifts with open heart and planning that one day will return her the same, i mean my heart keep telling me to do something in return to her. 
Lagipun siok juga ba kan exchange gifts ni.. :D

 A 33cm (Width) x 44cm (Length) cute paper bag

 Sent by Avila Maidi, a Facebook friend

Inside the paper bag

 Diapers for newborn.. 
Actually comes with two brands, Mami Poko and Pet Pet.

 Anti-colic baby bottle

 Baby shower

 Baby swaddle

Baby bib

Baby rompers, hat, mittens and socks.

 Pacifiers with sterilizer case

The whole gifts.. :D

Thank you so much to Avila for her generosity. I really appreciate it. Honestly, we never met each other, only communicate through Facebook and her generosity really touched me. 

Thanks again Avila, may GOD bless you and the whole family. I hope you read this post.. :D

Did you make someone smile today?.. Avila did it to me.. :)

Till then, have a fun weekend. :)

28 July 2011


I've been planning to purchase this stuff for a long time already. And I'm dilemma to choose between those things. Hubby keep asking me which one i would like to have the most. Saya dilemma..dua-dua pun ok saya tingu.. :)
Ok, this time it's not about labor or pregnancy story ok.. hehe.. :P

It's about whether to purchase..



Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

These are opinion by friends in Facebook.. What say you?

Hubby said i have to choose either one only.  
[He asked me to choose either 1 only, maybe he intend to buy one for me..hehehe.. finger cross.. :P ]
Hmm..dilemma.. which one lah?.. 

Maybe i go for Ipad 2 because ramai orang cakap Ipad 2 lagi bagus.. 
Ya ka?.. Minta tolong sepa2 yg hebat pasal gadget ni.. :) 

Till then, have blessed weekdays.. :D

27 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday #2

Labor Bag. 
End up with two bags, one for me and the other for baby.. 
I thought i can put it all in one bag..hehe.. 
But still ok bah kan, jgn seja yg mcm pindah rumah lol.. :D

25 July 2011

Mom and Dad Birthday

Have a blessed birthday to Mom and Dad..
Their birthdate are so close to each other.
Mom is on 25th July and Dad 27th July, therefore we celebrated it sekaligus.

We celebrated it yesterday (Sunday). Sengaja celebrate awal2 because weekend lagi meriah dan ramai org dapat berkumpul. Afterall weekend masing-masing tidak busy.
We celebrate it simple-simple saja.. Just at home.. :)

The Birthday Cake.. Mom 50th Birthday and Dad 58th.

Acara potong kek dan tiup lilin..

Blessed birthday to Mom and Dad..Semoga panjang umur,
murah rezeki.. :)

And by the way, I would like to wish Congratulations to Lydia Karen & hubby for their newborn son. She delivered her baby safely through normal delivery on the 23.7.2011.
Can't wait for my turn soon.. :D

Ok that's it for now.. See u again.

21 July 2011

What Happened on Week 35 ?

Hello dear friends?.. How is your day so far?.. I am great here. Thank GOD i am still in great condition, though my belly getting heavier each and everyday and bedtime is never an easy thing these days. I guess our lil one is the reason i am going strong each and everyday; it is because of the excitement of welcoming him.. Praise GOD.. :D

I am in week 35 now. Will be turned to week 36 in 3 days, that is on next Monday and that is the day for me for a regular visit again with my gynae too. Hope all is fine.

Well, what is happening to Baby and Mommy in week 35?..  Here are according to Pitterpatter.com.my :-

What is happening to my baby?
Your baby currently measures approximately 45cm from head to toe and weighs 2.5kg. The baby continues to build fat deposit underneath her or his skin which will help with the body’s temperature regulation after delivery. The fingernail and toe nails are growing. Your baby’s eyes now are sensitive to light and will constrict or dilate accordingly.
What is happening to me?
The top of your womb is about one finger-breadth from your chest bone or is now reaching the chest bone. At this stage your baby, your baby is descending further down into your pelvis. This is called quickening. If you have experience breathlessness during pregnancy at this stage it would probably ease down as the baby descends down and presses less on your rib cages. 

Yes, i have experience breathlessness until now. But it seems ease down a little bit. And my feet starting to swell again for the 3rd time. My mom said if a pregnant lady's feet swell for the 3rd time, the delivery process is getting nearer. Don't know if it is true or not, just wait and see lah.. :) Even my hands also (especially fingers) are getting swollen too.

 My swollen hands and notice that my wedding ring sempit suda.. :P

 My swollen feet.. This is the 3rd time. Last time they swelled lasted 2 days only. 
This time it is going 3 days already and still swelling.

 Meanwhile, the preparation of baby's stuff is done. It just a small preparation only, maybe after lepas habis pantang, boleh beli lagi bah kan or minta tolong si hubby.. :)

So far here are the checklist of our lil one items:-
  • Crib -done
  • Mattress -done
  • Pillows -done
  • Blanket -done
  • Clothes -done
  • BPA free baby bottles -done
  • Diapers & Napkins -done
  • Baby Bath tub -undone (will do this weekend)
  • Baby shampoo/shower -done
  • Baby talcum powder -done
  • Minyak kayu Putih -done
  • Baby's towels -done
  • Pacifier -done
  • Baby tummy binder -done
  • Hats -done
  • Mittens and Socks -done
  • wipes/wet tissues -done

So, what's more to ready?.. Please give me ideas.. Minta tolong the blogger friends yg suda jadi mommy.. :D

The baby's stuffs..

I have packed things for hospital too. They are the barang-barang yang perlu di bawa ke hospital for delivery.. It's not finalize yet, but will keep on ready from time to time.. :)

The 'hospital bag'.. :D

Okay that is for now.. 
Will get hubby to shop for baby stuff again this weekend. Want to shop for baby bath tub and other things too for me.. :)

Thanks for visiting here. 
Have a fun and great weekdays everyone. :)


19 July 2011

Weekend At Kudat 15-17 July 2011

I was in Kudat last weekend 15-17 July. In fact i was there for about a week.
 There were many events held in Kudat last weekend. Just to share with you what was happening in Kudat last weekend.
  • The Coconut Feast 2011 which was held in heart of Kudat 
  • Music Festival 2011 at Simpang Mengayau and 
  • The celebration of Sr Brigid Mary Golden Jubilee as well as the 75th Founding anniversary for Franciscan sisters which was held at St Peter Catholic Church, Kudat.

Okay, it is always best to let photos do the talking.. :)

Coconut Feast 2011

At "1 Malaysia Coconuts" hehe..
The game ialah teka berapa bnyk kelapa dlm tu cage.

The stage..
Can you see itu kelapa punya bnyk kena susun dekat stage..

Kelapa punya statue..
Time ada pesta kelapa ja baru ada ni statue

Salah satu game di Pesta Kelapa..tarik tali.. 
Kuat2 ni wanita..hehe

Yang ni pula contestants lelaki for tarik tali.. 
tagap2 dan basar2 semua hehe..

Me with the penari-penari dlm pakaian tradisional rungus. 
Notice my bump yg 34 weeks. (Now 35 weeks suda) :P

Comel-comel kan.. :)

Dragon Boat Race..  
Salah satu permainan for the pesta kelapa..

Music Festival 2011

Voice of Asia. Performers from around Asia.. 

Orchestra performance..

Sr Brigid Golden Jubilee Celebration and
75th Anniversary of Franciscan Sister

Yang ini pula the stage for the Sr Brigid and Franciscan Sister punya celebration

at left, Sr Brigid Mary yg suda 50 years jadi Franciscan sister (Golden Jubilee)

Semua sister ramai-ramai nyanyi and potong kek..

 Okay, that is all for now. 
See you at next post for another story..
Perhaps a story about my preparation for delivery.. hmm..;P
See you again. Have a blessed weekdays. :D

15 July 2011

How to Turn Breech Baby

It was week 27. I went for regular visit at my gynae. He said my baby is healthy except that he is in breech position. As he told me it is common for baby in breech position at this early stage, because the baby still tend to move and turn by themselves into ideal position by week 36, i feel relieved.

I went for my regular visit again in week 29 and week 32. The baby position still the same. He didn't turned to any position at all. And doctor said, most likely this baby will not turn again (according to his experiences). 

So by week 36, if the baby still in the same position, we have to go for ECV procedure or make an option for C-section delivery.

Because normal delivery for breech baby is not encourage by doctor. Presenting breech baby for normal delivery produces risk that you might not want it to be happened to your baby.

I am so worried that the baby will not turn himself into normal position as i don't want to do the ECV and I am thinking of avoiding C-section delivery. 

Thank GOD, I came across this website ," The Final 6 Weeks of Pregnancy: Taking Care of Yourself and Preparing for Labor " from KK Mommies closed group in facebook. A caring mommy shared this website and I practiced the exercises method that stated in the article where it helps the baby to move into ideal position for birth.

 Pelvic tilts
Get on your hands and knees. Tighten up your stomach muscles and muscles in your bottom… this will arch your back up like an angry cat, at the same time “tuck your tail” like a scared dog. Hold for a few seconds, then relax back to a flat back (don’t let back sag down.). Repeat. At least 20 times a day. These strengthen your stomach muscles, which can help with back pain. They also help the baby move to an ideal position for birth.

Sit crosslegged
Sit on the floor, or elsewhere, “Indian style”. This helps open up and relax your hip joints which can help during delivery; it also helps baby get in the best position.

I started to practiced these exercises in week 33. And on top of that, i always sleep on my side and not on my back, most of the time at my left side. And thank GOD, on the 1st day of my week 34 (for your info, now I'm in week 34 and will turn to week 35 in 2 days) as I went for my regular visit at hospital, the doctor said baby's head now is in down position. 

Wow.. it was like miracle to me. Because before this the baby did not turned to any position at all since week 23, he stayed into static breech position for 9 weeks. Even the doctor predicted that the baby will stay the same position until week 36. Praise to God, finally our baby turned to normal position. I pray that our baby will keep this normal position until the labor process.

I care to share about this because some new mommy-to-be might have similar case like me. With prayer and some effort, you can make a change. :D

That is all for now and take care.
GOD Bless.

13 July 2011

Good News!

Hello everyone.. How is your day today?..
Thank GOD today's weather seem very cloudy compared to yesterday.

Last Monday (it's the day before yesterday), i went to RMC (Rafflesia Medical Centre) for my regular visit. As usual doctor scanned my tummy, took my weight and urine test. He did a blood test too to check my Hb.

My weight is 60.3kg and Hb (hemoglobin) reading is 10.7. Meanwhile, the baby's weight is 2.1kg plus minus 300gram. I am so happy that my Hb reading is not low anymore because last time it was 9.0 only. I guess it must be because of the iron supplement i took regularly as suggested by doctor, 'Saferon' (the name of the iron supplement) which contained 100mg iron. 

My body weight slightly decreased, before this 60.5kg but the nurse said it's not a huge problem. As long as baby weight increase, it should be ok; the baby weight rises about 600gram.

And the good news that really makes me happy is that, the baby now is not in breech position anymore. Thank GOD, he is now in ideal position for labor. Can you imagine the baby did not moved or turned to any position since it was in week 23. Doctor said it seem he's been anchored into that position. And through his (the doctor) experiences, it is most likely the baby won't be turning anymore. 

I am really worried by hearing the word that came out from the doctor's mouth. He suggested me to go for ECV process ( a process to turn the baby into ideal position for birth and should be done by a specialist doctor only). Honestly i don't want to go through that process. I rather prefer the baby turn naturally.

The normal and breech position of baby.

But now i am really grateful that the baby is now in normal position. I hope it will last until the day of delivery. Some said he can still turn back again because my pregnancy now is only week 34. Have to wait and see until week 36-37. Pray that he will not turn breech again.

I did some exercises actually to turned the my lil cute one into normal position. Yes, you can turn the baby into normal position through some method of exercises. Will share with you/ blog about it in my next post.

It's 10.30pm now and i am going to bed. See you again in the next post. :D

08 July 2011

I'm in Week 33

Yes, now i am in week 33. In fact i'll be turning to week 34 in 2 days. So what is happening to baby and mom in week 33?..

As i refer to Pitterpatter.com.my, here are the info about mom and baby in week 33 pregnancy.

What is happening to my baby?
The baby’s skin is beginning to plump out due to fat being deposit underneath the skin. Its skin looks less red and wrinkly. At this stage the baby measures about 43cm and weighs 2kg.
What is happening to me?
The top of my uterus is now about 5 inches above my belly button. I may notice a yellowish substance coming out of your nipples. This is called colostrum or pre-milk. It is the type of milk is produced by the breast in the first few days after delivery. It is much thicker.
To be honest, my tummy now getting heavier day by day. It's hard to do some movement during bedtime. I mean if i turn my body to left and right, it's getting harder because of the heavy tummy. 

Sometime i feel strange at the lower part of my abdomen too. Mcm ada rasa sakit-sakit, but still can tahan la... My weight now is 60.5kg. My leg also getting slightly swelled but it's in mild condition. Actually the swelling leg not that bad because it's on and off.

The baby also quite active. He always kicking and moving inside there. Maybe tidak sabar suda mau keluar hahaha.. To be frank,saya pun tidak sabar suda mau kasi keluar dia ni.. hehe..:P 

Hmm..it's 7 weeks to go. Can't wait, but at the same time i feel the nervousness too. I hope all in smooth condition when the day come.
Pray for me okay.. ;P

Here i share with you my progress condition. :D

Till then have a great weekend.. :D

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