27 August 2011

An Announcement

I am so happy to announce that our baby boy has just arrived on 25th August 2011, 12.55pm. Will update more and upload baby's pic as well as my giving birth story soon.

Thanks for your care, advice, support and prayer.. :D

24 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday

On hiatus for a while.. Will update until further notice..
 [Preparation mode for the coming of our 'bundle of joy'.] 

Bring me in your prayer..


20 August 2011

My Wedding Gown

Hello dear friends, how is your day?..
Well today i am gonna post about "My Wedding Gown" which is a topic for Cath-j.com Blog Guest.

The story is..

The wedding gown wasn't really my dream gown. I searched for my dream wedding gown which is more to modern style, simple yet come with my body shape and the gown not kembang. However, i didn't found it. (You know-lah kalau rent punya gown mana ada yg betul-betul ikut shape badan kita kan..hehe)

Rented this strapless wedding gown from Yes I Do Bridal, Penampang. 
Though it was not my dream wedding gown, I found it fine for me. So, i took the wedding gown as for the Wedding Mass ceremony.

Upon entering church (berdebarnya hati.. hehe)

After the Wedding Mass ceremony..

Upon entering the wedding reception hall.

So, how you find my gown?.. Simple seja kan.. Tidak terlalu kembang and tidak meleret-leret gown dia.. Yes, I planned for simple gown only.. :)

And here is the upper part of the wedding gown.. Simple yet i found it nice lah.. It designed with a few flower pattern and buttons.

Upper part designed with few flower patterns and buttons..

And as for wedding reception, we choose blue color as our theme. And here is my wedding reception dress. :)

 Blue theme for reception

Ok that's it for now. Hope you had a great weekend. :D
GOD bless.

16 August 2011

Finally I got it..

My favourite mooncake flavour the traditional one with single yolk. Finally i got it yesterday from the Multibake shop. I bought two flavor of mooncake, the other one is the red bean paste (the hubby's fav). 

The price is quite expensive. The one with single yolk is RM15.00 and the one with red bean paste is RM10.00. Gara-gara teringin mau mkn kan, beli lah hehe.. Tercapai juga lah hasrat saya mau mkn ni mooncake before saya due..

Till then, have a great Tuesday. :D

12 August 2011

Another Parcel Again

I received a parcel again yesterday. But this time around i was alone at home, hubby was in Kudat. For sure it's not an Ipad again ok hehe..

So what's inside the parcel?.. 
Let's take a look. :D

A parcel again..

Ok.. what is it?.. Can you figure it out?.. :D

Yes, it is the Ipad Smart Cover and it's in pink color.. :D

Tadaa.. !! My Ipad2 with its pink cover.. :D [ Thanks hubby.. :D ]

Kind of weird because the Ipad dulu sampai then the cover lambat satu hari.. But it's okay.. Now my ipad ada cover suda..hehe.. :D

 Okay, that's it for now.
Hope you'll have a great weekend.
GOD bless.

10 August 2011

A Dream Come True..

Indeed a dream come true hehe..
Thanks dear hubby.. :)

I woke up after an afternoon nap yesterday. Hubby said got someone sent me a parcel. Then i saw a box on the sofa. So, sya p tingu.. then buka the box.. Punya sya terkejut then screaming lagi tu the moment sya nmpk tulisan Ipad inside the box..haha.. 

Hubby sneaked my expression from afar (i was in the living room and he was at the kitchen). After that he came near me and said " nasib sya tidak rakam baby punya expression tadi..bagus sya rakam.." [dgn senyuman yg rasa kelucuan lg tu, maybe dia rasa lucu tingu expression sya].  

I know eventually he will bought it for me. But i never expected it would be so soon. Punya la sya excited haha..:P

 I got a parcel.. (i don't have an idea it was from him.. :D )

 And this is the Ipad box..
The moment i saw the Ipad word, i was so excited hehe

Tadaa..!! Here it is my Ipad2..in white color..

Siap ada engraved nama sya lagi ba di belakang tu Ipad.. :D

I never really sure how hubby got an idea that somehow I actually had decided to have an Ipad.. Maybe dari instinct dia la tu.. hehe..

Oh ya, by the way..I would like to wish Congratulations to our blogger friend, Nancy Peter for her newborn daughter on the 5th August 2011. 
I am so happy for her..
My turn will be soon, in 2 weeks time. :D

Ok that's it for now.
Just sharing my excitement with you.. hehe.. 
Till then have a blessed weekdays ahead. :D

05 August 2011

Craving for..

I am craving for this for a long time..

The "Ulat Bulu" cookies..

Lama tidak makan ni biskut ulat bulu. 
Thanks to dear hubby..dia order dari kwn office dia.. 
punya lama suda saya menunggu mau mkn ni biskut raya.. hehe..  
Before this we went to giant mall to buy the cookies, 
but can't find it.

I just have it yesterday..yum yum.. :P
Puas hati dapat mkn biskut ulat bulu hehe..

So what is your favorite kuih raya?..:D

 p/s: next food hunting.. hmm.. I'm craving for Moon Cake.. :P
Hope I can have it before I deliver our lil one..:D

02 August 2011

The Update: Week 37

I'm in week 37 now. Wow..it's about 3 weeks to go. In fact it might less than 3 weeks. I probably will go into labor anytime between now. 

I am so excited and can't wait to welcome our lil' one.. I guess the baby stuffs are completed by now.. I hope so.

Normal fetus at 37th week of pregnancy. Source.

I went to see my gynae yesterday.  My weight is 62.1 kg and the baby weight is less than 3kg. The baby is healthy and in ideal position. However, the baby's head still not engage. My gynae said i might deliver probably between 18th - 20th August. Hmm..all the best for me.. :) 

Even though the doctor said i might go into labor between those dates, i have to ready myself earlier, who knows things can happen unpredictably. Well, i have to ready myself physically and mentally. Have to always thinks positive. Always tell myself i can do it..

Nowadays, i feel tired easily. Feels like mcm mo tidur and baring-baring saja.. But don't want to lay myself down to bed seja.. Mau kena bergerak juga supaya senang deliver org ckp..hehee.. 

My feet still swelling and the lower part of abdomen ada rasa contraction juga but not that bad. More pressure on bladder and walking become more difficult too. I guess the head trying to drop by now. Beside, our lil' one become more active recently. Now he moves day and night, dulu time malam seja..

Okay that's it for now. Prayer for me and my lil' one.. :)
And not forget prayer goes to all pregnant ladies/ mother-to-be..
Oh ya, our blogger friend, Nancy Peter will be in labor in 3 days. Prayer for her too.. :)

Have a great weekdays.
And Happy fasting to our Muslim friends. :)
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