02 August 2011

The Update: Week 37

I'm in week 37 now. Wow..it's about 3 weeks to go. In fact it might less than 3 weeks. I probably will go into labor anytime between now. 

I am so excited and can't wait to welcome our lil' one.. I guess the baby stuffs are completed by now.. I hope so.

Normal fetus at 37th week of pregnancy. Source.

I went to see my gynae yesterday.  My weight is 62.1 kg and the baby weight is less than 3kg. The baby is healthy and in ideal position. However, the baby's head still not engage. My gynae said i might deliver probably between 18th - 20th August. Hmm..all the best for me.. :) 

Even though the doctor said i might go into labor between those dates, i have to ready myself earlier, who knows things can happen unpredictably. Well, i have to ready myself physically and mentally. Have to always thinks positive. Always tell myself i can do it..

Nowadays, i feel tired easily. Feels like mcm mo tidur and baring-baring saja.. But don't want to lay myself down to bed seja.. Mau kena bergerak juga supaya senang deliver org ckp..hehee.. 

My feet still swelling and the lower part of abdomen ada rasa contraction juga but not that bad. More pressure on bladder and walking become more difficult too. I guess the head trying to drop by now. Beside, our lil' one become more active recently. Now he moves day and night, dulu time malam seja..

Okay that's it for now. Prayer for me and my lil' one.. :)
And not forget prayer goes to all pregnant ladies/ mother-to-be..
Oh ya, our blogger friend, Nancy Peter will be in labor in 3 days. Prayer for her too.. :)

Have a great weekdays.
And Happy fasting to our Muslim friends. :)


  1. lemas jg ba klu baring ja stel... misti mo lawan jg tu keberatan. hehehe.. dont worry, bila sampai masa tu nnt mcmana pun ko misti buli buat jg tu.. :) take care..

  2. saya dulu punya la rajin bergerak (turun naik bukit and tangga waktu d ums) tapi susah juga mau beranak. huhu...yang penting ko banyakkn rest, jngn kasi penat badan, nanti sampai masa nda larat meneran..mcam sya dulu, sapa suruh sakit2 mau beranak sudah pun mau buat kerja penat lagi...pa2 pun, all the best nanti ya! Bulih tu kau..:)

  3. auw so sweet! your baby will have the same birthday month as mine :D and we august people are awesome! (hehe angkat bakul dulu).

  4. wah steel cepat tul masa berlalu kan..hi hi hi..bh pry for u ya stell..bh urnag ckp kan kalau begerak banyak akan memudahkan time deliver nanti..take care stell

  5. Time flies so fast...it seemed like yesterday when you announced your pregnancy and now, nearing labor suda..

    So, all the best, God bless you, baby and si future daddy, and take care!!

  6. sama2 ba kita ni kn..so we're going to have August babiesssss :)

    all the best to us.
    nanti ada masa msti kasi update2 a :)

    prayer to you :)

  7. The baby's coming!! All the best for you, dear. I always pray for you, Nancy and Annie :)

  8. Wa banyak buddy bloggers sia about to have babies! ;D Siok nya... sia looking forward posts kamu ney haaha.

  9. Wow, I'm happy to read this; you and baby is doing great! *hugs*

    Hey, get ready for sleepless night during the confinement ya (^^)

    Mau visit blog nc lagi (^^)

  10. stel..in case if ko limpas due date n xmo kn induce,u can try climbing up a stairs,mmg bersalin terus tuh nxt day..hehe..but sy aritu ngam2 37 week trus sakit2 trus mlm dia sy deliver via LSCS.but my baby kinda big 3.1 kg hehe..god bless you ah so ur delivery run smoothly :)

  11. Just:
    Ya, betul tu..thanks for ur advice Just. :)

    ya betul juga..saya bergerak pun bukan lama juga. Kalau rasa penat tu sya rehat la, sya nda paksa diri..:) Thanks for ur sharing..

    Ya meh?..awesome people ka kalau August baby..hehehe... Bgus la!..:)

    Thanks for ur prayer beaty.. ya bergerak2 la ni..hehe

    Ya, indeed time flies so fast.. Thanks for ur prayer..:)

    ba sama2 kita ni nc.. masing2 update nnti k.. prayer for u too..:)

    Nice of you.. Thnks a lot for ur prayer.. :)

    haha wyne..sya mau get ready for labor dulu ni..yg itu nnti lepas ni sya pikir..hehe.. Thanks for visitng here.

    ya, sya pernah dgr org ckp mcm tu. climbing up a stairs kasi cepat beranak.. thanks for ur advice and sharing yaa..:)

  12. Armstrong:
    Ya, ramai ni..hehe.. well, jgn lupa visit.. ko ckp ko looking forward to it kan..haha..:P

  13. Somebody is going to have a baby at home :) Yish, bestnya. ada buli dikiss, digigit, dicubit2.. hehe.. baby apa ko expecting?

    good luck sis~! :))

  14. Hi Stel ^.*

    I've been there and I know how u feel. All the best and God Bless :)

  15. walk the talk:
    yea..cant wait.. we'll be having baby boy in da house..:) Thanks!

    Thanks Lydia. prayer for me k..:)


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