30 October 2011

My Giving Birth Story- PART 3

 -the family-
at Rafflesia Medical Centre

Hello dear friends,

I'm here again to update for the part 3 of my giving birth experience.
I guess this might be the last part, I hope so. :) First of all, forgive me for taking such a long time to post for the 3rd part of my delivery story.

And here is the continuation from part 2..

I requested for painkiller 2 times. The nurse said the painkiller should be given 50% for each jab (not sure what was she talking about). Instead she gave me 25% each. However the painkiller seem did not worked at all. I still suffered the pain as at it was. Indeed the painkiller really did not make the pain ease at all.

I couldn't bear any longer. That was what i was thinking at that time. Still, I keep myself positive. I told myself, "I can do this".

Hubby keep whispering to me, "You can do it.." But I don't know how long I could bear with the pain.

The CTG reading increased up to 100. And at one time it stagnant at 100 reading. OMG, i tell you, that was the worst part when it reached 100 and stayed there.

The nurse said, 'Jangan tahan nafas, ko kena bernafas tu.. Tarik nafas'.. I followed her advice.

It was around 10am, Doctor Ramesh finally came to view my condition. He broke my waterbag and examined my cervix. It dilated 2cm. Oh my God, after bearing intense pain, I was dilated 2cm only. Can you imagine that?..

As the waterbag broke, the doctor said the baby defecated.. He found feces in the waterbag. He confronted me and hubby that it was fine. It was still in controlled. The feces still in small portion but obviously it can't be waited for a long time too. It could be dangerous to our baby. Our baby might drown or suffocated.

The doctor viewed my contraction pattern and the baby's heartbeat pattern through the CTG machine and he found out that our baby's heartbeat become slower. He advised us that if the baby's heartbeat decrease to another level or still in weak condition for the next couple hours, we can't wait for the dilation anymore. I have to go for the c-section operation to save our baby's life.

As I heard the doctor said as such, there was something stuck in my mind. I mean what if I have to go for c-section instead after bearing so much pain for the sake of the dilation. All the waiting and pain-bearing will be in vain. 

It was 11.30am. I could not wait any longer. I told my hubby to inform the nurse that I opt for c-section. The reason were, 1st I couldn't bear the pain anymore, 2nd the waiting and pain-bearing will be in vain if I still not dilated for the next hours and the 3rd was to save my baby's life as his heartbeat already in weak condition and he defecated already in my womb.

The nurse asked me if I have really made up mind, and I answered firmly 'Yes' (doii tidak tahan sakit suda bah).. She then gave me a paper, a sort of confirmation document for me to put my signature. 

And at 12.30pm I was sent to operation room. The c-section procedure was done quite fast, at 1 hour period only. Hubby was in the operation room too to witness for the coming of our baby boy to the world. He even took pictures.. :D

The c-section process was painless. I just jabbed with sort of anesthetic at my left hand and at my back. I guess the anesthetist is professional enough. And the rest of the process, I just felt as like someone had touched my tummy. Thank God.. :)

At 1.30pm, I was sent out from operation room. My body shivering, I felt very cold. The nurse said, " badan ko memang begegar tu, itu effect dari ubat bius tu.."  

And the important part in the whole process was I made a right decision to opted for c-section. 

As I reached at my room, one of the nurse told me," nasib baik ko minta operation oh, ko punya baby punya leher suda terlilit sama tali pusat. Terlilit dua kali lagi tu..".. 

I was like, speechless. That was really a shocked news. What if I waited for few hours then? What will happened to my precious baby? Thank GOD.. I was really grateful. Indeed He gave me some sort of courage and guidance to get through to this event.

Okay, that is my giving birth experience. 


To read the 1st part and 2nd part of the story click link below:-

12 October 2011

My Giving Birth Story- PART 2

I guess many of you waiting for the part 2 story. So sorry for the delay. Ini lah ni kalau ada baby kecil, susah betul mau berblogging. Even blogwalking pun limited time saja. I hope i can spend more time on blog after this. I promise myself to do so.

Ok, here is the giving birth story part 2. 

As i changed my attire to a hospital's cloth, i noticed there was a blood spot on my pantyliner. And the nurse said, " Nah ada darah suda tu..? ". I was very happy. I thought due to the blood spot and available contraction, there's no need for me to go for induce. 

The nurse checked my cervix, it was dilated only 1cm. I was put on CTG machine to monitor the heartbeat of my baby as well as my contraction pattern. The contraction reading increasing from 30 to 70 and 100. The nurse said."nah ada suda contraction ko tu.. tinggi tu..". But honestly, the contraction really not bad at all, i still can smile and still can bear the pain.

I remembered the day before, doctor suggested me to go for induce using prostaglandin, which is a suppository or tampon like substance will be placed in or near my cervix during a vaginal exam.

However, the nurse said i might not be induced because there is a sign of labor already such as the blood spot and available contraction. I feel relieved to hear the nurse said so.

It was 9.30 am. Doctor still not appear in the labor room. The nurse reported to doctor about my recent condition via phone. And the doctor said, i had to go for induce but not using prostaglandin method, instead i will be induced using pitocin which is sort of liquid that will be dripped into my hand through IV line. 

"Okay, i had to accept this", I told my heart and push myself to merged on a positive mind. "This should be fine", i told this repeatedly to myself. Thanks to my hubby, he was there all along the process. He gave me strength and encouraged me to stay in positive mind.

At last, i was dripped with that pitocin which a method of induce to cause my contraction even harder (according to the nurse). And i waited and waited till the contraction become harder as well as waited until my cervix dilated to 9-10cm. 

And it is true, the pain really bad. The contraction become more harder. The nurse said, "kalau tidak tahan, cakap seja ok..nanti saya inject ko ubat tahan sakit, tapi ini ubat tidak kasi hilang sakit 100 peratus ok.." And trust me, i requested the painkiller 2 times due to the unbearable pain.

Okay that's it for My Giving Birth Story- PART 2

To be continued.. My Giving Birth Story- PART 3.

Thank you for reading my story. :D


10 October 2011

Our Baby's Fullmoon

I supposed to write about my giving birth experience part 2, but i guess i better post about our baby's fullmoon celebration first. I am gonna post about the birth experience later after this post. So sorry for the delay okay.. I am totally occupied with my little boy that i hardly to spend time to update my blog.

Well, about the fullmoon celebration, we (hubby and I) decided to celebrate it at the Jack & Pot Cafe in Penampang. It was on 25th September 2011 at 1pm. I am really grateful baby Gabriel really tidak bnyk karenah masa tu.. He fell asleep all along the celebration. Ada juga dia terbangun, but still okay..tidak juga dia nangis..hehe..

Most of relatives that attended the celebration wanted to carry baby Gabriel. Back at home, baby Gabriel slept for over 4 hours that evening till the next morning without milk. I guess he was really tired because of kena ganti-ganti org pigi dukung dia hehe.. sian dia..

Okay, it is always best to let photos to do the talking. Here they are.. :D

 Baby Gabriel with Grandpa

 With Grandmas..

 The whole family..

 with grandma, aunty and uncle..

That is all for now. Have a blessed week ahead. 
Thanks for visiting here. :D

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