29 February 2012

He is Strong Enough

As we all know today, 29th February 2012 is a Leap Day. 
It appears once in every 4 years.

So how you celebrate your Leap Day?

 Well, we (3 of us) went to Klinik Ibu dan Anak Penampang today for our little Gabriel's 6 months old appointment.

We reached at KKIA Penampang at 8am, and to my disappointment, we were only entertained at 11am. Mau dekat half day juga ba mau tunggu kami punya turn.. Punya lama.. Kepala pun berasap suda.. Gabriel pun sampai 2 kali tertidur just mau tunggu kami punya turn.. poor Gabriel..hmm!

 I really couldn't understand how they manage the time. It feels like there's no use to set an appointment with the clinic. Ada appointment pun sama juga kena layan macam walk in..hmm..

As I said before, it was Gabriel's 6 months old appointment. He received 2 jabs today. I felt very sad as I saw him jabbed at his hand and thigh. Dia menangis ba kena jab dua kali tu.. sedih saya tengok dia.. :(  It was for hepatitis and measle immunization

However, we were really proud of Gabriel. He was really strong enough. Lepas kena jab, sekejap ja dia nangis. Lepas keluar dari klinik, ketawa2 and lompat2 suda dia.. When I see this, my heart felt so relieved and I didn't worried anymore about how he had to suffer the pain of the twice jabs. 

Seeing he smiling really made my day. Thank you GOD, everything is fine. Until now (11.33pm), Gabriel still okay..Tiada tanda-tanda demam. (suppose to be mesti ada demam tu, according tu nurse la.. itu side effect of the jabs) 

And we have to wait again another 6-10 days whether the fever will appear or not. Hopefully nothing worse happen. I pray may Gabriel will always in good condition. :D

Little Gabriel playing hide and seek..  
LOL actually dia sedang tidur ba ni.. Memang gaya dia tidur gitu.. :D

That was my Leap Day..hehe.. How about you?.. 
You post about it. I'll come over to read.. :D

GOD bless.


28 February 2012

FEBRUARY..the month of LOVE

Tomorrow will be the last day of February.. So how was your February so far?.. 

We couldn't celebrate Valentine's Day this year because dear hubby had to attend a department meeting/course until late night in Kota Kinabalu. And plus I had to help him to cover a photography project at Kota Marudu.

It was last minute planned department meeting/course for hubby. Meanwhile a client had booked my hubby to be his official photographer on his engagement day a month earlier. Obviously hubby's meeting clashed with the photography project.

I still remember I posted about how I want to do photography thing again. So, I offered a help. Little Gabriel was sent to Putatan, to his Grandma.

Kind of nervous because I never deal with this thing before. I mean without my hubby. But I believe I can do it. Praise to GOD everything was fine.

And it was a history ever in my life. For the 1st time I drove to Kota Marudu all the way from Kota Kinabalu, to be exact right from the OneBorneo building because I had to send hubby to his meeting place first. It took about 2 hours to reached Kota Marudu. And of course I had to deal with the gravel road and holes on the pavement here and there along Ulu Kukut (on the way to KM).

I reached Marudu Inn (where the client celebrates his engagement ceremony) safely with my brother. There were just 2 of us to cover for the photography of the engagement ceremony.

These what I took on that day.:-

I purposely didn't reveal the couple faces here.. *wink wink*

By the way, I felt a bit sad because I couldn't spend precious time with dear hubby on Valentine's Day. Honestly, I never felt like this before over a Valentine's Day celebration.

 However, I comforted myself that there are things we can't avoid. Therefore, I accepted this in a positive way as there are more days to come. I mean, Valentine's Day could be everyday if you really want it.. Right?.. :D

Surprisingly, dearest hubby was thoughtful enough. As we reached home, he said he wanted to go to meeting again for the evening session. Rupanya meeting dia kena batal yang malam punya session. 

He returned home with a box of Valentine's cake for me. How sweet.. and he really knows my fav cake. Yes, it was chocolate cake..:)

A surprise Valentine's Day treat from dear hubby..:D

I really appreciate this. It his thought that counts. We were busy and I never thought he would find a time to do this for me. And he really did it.. :D

I thanked GOD for giving me this person in my life, and grateful enough for uniting me with this sweet man. GOD bless him. 

But I didn't do anything so far in return to this surprise treat LOL.. Yang penting I still be with him lovingly and still remember to wish him Valentine's day ba kan..hehe..:P

Okay, that is all for now. So how is your February?.. Write down. 
 I will come over to read it, definitely!. :D

Take care.


26 February 2012

I Couldn't Thank Enough

These were my weekend..

 Thank you AnnieMing for this sweet gift :) . 
Received by PosExpress on 24th February 2012

 Thank you GOD, 
our dearly Gabriel Aiden turned 6 months on 25th February 2012.

Thanks a lot dear hubby for treating me this fav dessert of mine.
 Chocolate cheesecake from secret recipe, 26th February 2012 ;)

I couldn't thanked enough for everything. Indeed everything is a blessed day for me. I wanted to count these as blessings and cherished them as long as I'm still breathing.

And yet no matter what, never takes thing for granted. I appreciate all the good things that happened in my life. They will always fresh in my mind. :)

Praise to GOD. :)

24 February 2012

I Shed Tears..

I shed tears while reading this.. I couldn't bear to view all the photos.. :(

Read more HERE.

Rest in peace little Faris. I am sure you are in heaven now..

22 February 2012

Ash Wednesday

Gabriel's 1st Ash Wednesday mass. He was sleeping while receiving the blessed ash. 
And it was the 1st time for us too for celebrating the Ash Wednesday here in St Peter Catholic Church, Kudat.

Blessed Ash Wednesday to dear Catholic friends. :D

19 February 2012

Cath-j giveaway all about LOVE

This post is for the giveaway contest by Cath. I am joining it. And here goes mine.

 The love of my life. My life and my soul.
 Thank you GOD for giving them in my life. My life wouldn't be completed without them. 

Actually, I met my hubby about 13 years ago. At that time we were in the same college. Never across in my mind that I would find my future soulmate there. He was really playful at that time and we were good friends. 

We declared our relationship as girlfriend boyfriend couple on a Valentine's Day in the year 2000. And it was through a phone conversation. haha..how funny.. Kalau teringat balik rasa macam budak-budak.. Well indeed we were so young that time. We were 17 / 18 years old.

Seven years later we're officially became married couple. And after four years being married couple, we became parents to our dearly little boy, baby Gabriel Aiden.

I feel very blessed to have both of them. They are priceless gifts I ever had. Being a mother, it taught me about life. And of course it's a long way to go. I am still in the learning process becoming a good mother to my dearly baby boy, as well as a good wife to my dearest hubby.

Life is all about love. And it is always a learning process. One can never look life as simple as it is. We should always grateful for what we had and always cherish the moment while we're still here on earth. Give love today as it is your last day, means always give the best and don't ever takes thing for granted. That's what I am doing right now. I don't want to feel regret later.

Everyday is a memorable day. Yes indeed it is. My little boy is growing up and I'm observing it. I don't want to lose every part of it. I want to witness every moment of it. 

I love him very much and I want him to always feel secure and happy beside me. Yes, that what should a child feel towards their mother, and definitely I want that.. :D

All about LOVE. That it is. I Love my hubby and my baby boy. I Love my family. How about you?.. I hope everyone is the same. Well, who's don't?.. Because, everything starts from a family. 

Therefore, I always remind myself this, "Family means Nobody Left Behind".. :D

Take care and GOD bless.. :D

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13 February 2012

How to Maintain Romance

Hello dear friends.. How have you been?.. 
All of us should know by now that tomorrow will be the celebration of Valentine's Day. 
So what's your plans for your partner?..  The idea of celebrating this love celebration is to appreciate your partner of all thing she/he had done for you. To be grateful as he/she always be there for you. Valentine's Day could be everyday. Don't wait until the month of February.. :)

Okay now, I'm sharing with you these tips on how to maintain romance with your partner. Hoping that these tips will help you to maintain your love relationship with your loved ones.

Talk as much as you can. Find some time to talk to each-other about what is going on in your life and share as much as you can. It is pretty important that you know what your partner is thinking about some topics in particular, like if she/he is feeling good about your relationship or not, or how she/he is doing at work. It is also pretty important for you to talk to your partner about your feelings and how things are doing in your life. 

  • Try to find a good place and the right time to talk, like while you are eating at home or at a nice restaurant, or as soon as you get home from work you can invite him/her to join you for a walk.
  • Remember to be respectful. If you want to keep the magic in your relationship when it comes to talk you have to be respectful to your partner. That means that if you don't agree with something she/he said or did you have to let her/him know in the best way. Try not to be rude, no matter how much it bothers you.
  • Show your partner how interested you are about what she/he has to say. Ask her/him about what is going on in her/his life and how does she/he feel about it.

Tell the truth. Truth is the ultimate aphrodisiac and a great way to create connection with your partner. For example, you might say "I feel safe when I am with you" or "Sometimes I feel scared that we get so busy with other things that we forget about creating close moments together, but I really want to be close with you." Just share your true feelings and speak from your experience. If you are concealing in your relationship, you will not feel connected, so consider making truth an ongoing priority in your life. 

Appreciate yourself and your partner. Appreciation means "to grow in value, or to be sensitively aware of." Take time to understand just what it is that you like about yourself, and your partner. Saying for example, "I am doing a good job as a parent by taking time to hug the kids in the morning before they go off to school." or "I really appreciate how dedicated you are to your job." Successful relationships have a 5 to 1 ratio of appreciations to criticisms, so if you really want to heat up your relationship, start appreciating!
  • Get involved in your partner's life. It is pretty important for a couple to admire each-other and care about each-other as well. Try to show your partner how much you care and that you want to be a great part of her/his life.
  • Try to talk about what you like of each-other. It is a nice way to remember what you love about being together and it will make you two feel great about your relationship. Compliment each-other.

Listen. All humans crave being seen and heard. Being with your partner, and really listening to them can be magical for you both. Often, we want to fix their problems, but it is much more powerful to listen. Saying, "Wow, I can understand you are frustrated." or "That must have been hard on you." Let your partner know you're hearing them. 

Create romance within yourself first. We often try to "get" our partners to be more romantic by believing we need to change them in order to have what we want. The truth is that you are much more likely to have what you want when 'you' show up in that way. For example, create your own romantic mood--dress, put on music, prepare sensuous foods, take some time to love and appreciate yourself. It will not take long for your partner to join in the fun!

Ask for what you want. Let your partner know that you are deeply interested in spending some romantic time with them (You would be surprised at how often they are unaware of this.) Whining, demanding, and manipulating are contrary to creating romance, so do your best to ask using kind and loving words.

Bring play back into your relationship. If you find yourself feeling unromantic, ask yourself when was the last time the two of you had fun together. Just plain, silly fun. Doing something like going to an arcade, playing a game, watching a comedy...anything that you may have enjoyed while you were dating or even when you were kids can help you to stay connected. Laugh a lot! Levity is a sexy thing. If you are stuck in thoughts of how much housework you have to do, or that you might wake the kids, more than likely you will not feel romantic. Laugh about the ways that you take your self out of a romantic mood, and soon, you will be back in it.

Speak your partner's love language. We often express love for our spouse in the way we want to receive it. But that is not necessarily the way they need to receive it. Ask your spouse what you can do to make them feel loved and share the same with them. When you give love to your spouse in a way that meets their particular needs, they become more open to expressing love in a way that meets your needs. If you do not share these needs with each other, you can become confused and disappointed .

Accept each other unconditionally, respect each others wishes and dislikes. Keep the mystery and fascination to each other. Love each moment as if it is the last.

Give respect to your partner. Try to give respect to your partner. Don't underestimate him/her, but try develop confidence in him/her so that you both could get closer for a long time - maybe even a lifetime. 

Be tolerant. Try to understand that being together does not mean being the same person or agreeing in everything. Start tolerating the difference between you two. If you don't agree with something take a deep breath and remember that it is not your partner's obligation to think like you.

Be there for your partner. Be supportive to your partner's needs and always make time for her/his emotional needs.

source: wikihow.com

12 February 2012

Whitney Houston dead at 48

LOS ANGELES, (AFP) - Pop legend and actress Whitney Houston died in a Beverly Hills hotel, triggering shock and tributes as the music world gathered for the annual Grammy awards show. She was 48.

Houston, whose hits include "I will Always Love You," was found dead in her room at the Beverly Hilton, hours before a traditional pre-Grammys dinner at the hotel where she was reportedly due to perform. Musicians, gathered ahead of the Grammys on Sunday evening, lined up to pay tribute to the singer, who sold over 170 million records before descending into a very public battle with substance abuse.

"She was one of the greatest singers I ever heard," said veteran crooner Tony Bennett, on the red carpet at the Beverly Hills hotel, where Houston's body was found in her fourth floor room.

Police confirmed her death in a brief statement outside the hotel, where stars were gathering for the annual pre-Grammys dinner hosted by veteran producer Clive Davis.
"At 3:55 pm, Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at the Beverly Hilton hotel," said Mark Rosen, a police spokesman.

Rosen said police received an emergency call from someone in her entourage and found Houston on the floor of her room as attempts were being made to resuscitate her.

"There were no obvious signs of criminal intent at this time, and it is being investigated by the Beverly Hills police department," the police spokesman added.The cause of death was not immediately known.

People magazine and the TMZ celebrity website reported that Houston had been due to perform at the Saturday night dinner, but this could not immediately be confirmed.
A mobile crime laboratory and a number of police cars were stationed outside the hotel, while inside guests watched live television coverage about Houston's death. Condolences poured in on Twitter from shocked fans and from the famous, as sadness over the news spread through the entertainment world.

"Heartbroken and in tears over the shocking death of my friend ... She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth," wrote Mariah Carey.
"We have lost another legend. Love and prayers to Whitney's family. She will be missed," said Christina Aguilera, while Rihanna wrote simply: "No words! Just tears #DearWhitney."
Smokey Robinson told CNN: "I will always love her. She is one of the greatest voices in the history of music."

Grammys organizers the Recording Academy are scrambling to include some kind of tribute to Houston in Sunday's show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, according to CNN.
The tribute could involve singer Jennifer Hudson, it added, while Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich told the broadcaster: "Knowing Whitney as I did she knew the importance of thrilling an audience, and that's what we still plan to do."

With a ferociously powerful voice and a dazzling range, Houston achieved stardom as a pop-soul singer known as "The Voice" and the "Queen of Pop." She also appeared in hit movies like "Waiting to Exhale" and "The Bodyguard."

From a musical family that included mother Cissy Houston, a gospel star, and Dionne Warwick, her cousin, Whitney Houston started out as a teen model and then made a dazzling segue to music.
Her hits included "How Will I Know," "Saving all My Love for You," and "I Will Always Love You."

Houston's trove of six Grammy awards included one for record of the year -- for a soaring cover of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You," and another for album of the year for "The Bodyguard."

Houston, who grew up in New Jersey, was also a supporter of the anti-apartheid movement and South Africa's Nelson Mandela, on whose behalf she campaigned during his imprisonment.

She struggled with substance abuse, which took a toll on her health and career.
Houston has sold more than 170 million records worldwide but suffered a major career setback after admitting drug use during an abusive relationship with ex-husband Bobby Brown.

Brown was one of the hottest rhythm and blues singers in the late 1980s and early 90s, but became better known as the husband of Houston and for his frequent brushes with drugs and the law.

The pair, who were divorced in 2007, starred in a television reality series, "Being Bobby Brown," that featured their marriage, warts and all. They have a daughter Bobbi Kristina.
Brown was detained in Atlanta in 1993 for lewd conduct and for brawling in 1995. He was arrested for drunk driving in 1996 and for alleged battery of Houston in late 2003.

Stella says: 
Indeed this was a very shocked news. I discovered it this morning. Sadly, we lost another great singer. She is the greatest singer ever. And I always love her voice as well as her songs. Rest in peace Whitney Houston. May you in GOD's hand now..

11 February 2012

Amazing houses made from recycled plastic bottles

Whenever we think of a shelter, from construction to habitation, we crave to beautify it with the best we have at our disposal. Since most of us have neither the resources nor funds to realize our aspirations, why don’t we utilize the superfluous scraps? I am talking about the items that we generally consider as trash: more specifically, the plastic bottles. Using them constructively, eco-creators have fashioned certain eco-homes that simply defy the limits of affordable and sustainable housing.

More pictures HERE
 Source:  Greendiary.com

Stella says: Amazing.. This is really creative.. :)

KFC Attack, Not a Racial Issue

KUALA LUMPUR: The graphic designer who was assaulted by a fast food outlet worker is urging the public not to turn it into a racial issue, saying the real matter is about customer service.Danny Ng also denied uttering racist comments that provoked the attack at a KFC outlet in Shah Alam on Monday.

“I regret the allegations of racial sentiment and urge Netizens to stop all this nonsense as they were not at the scene,” said Ng, 26. Ng only lodged a report at the Petaling police station on Wednesday as he thought he had no proof of the assault.

“I found out on Facebook that somebody had posted a video clip and I lodged a report after that,” Ng said at a press conference at Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng's service centre here.
Ng had visited i-City on Monday with his wife and sister to redeem vouchers worth RM132 which were bought online two weeks earlier.

The vouchers, which would have expired the next day, included a meal at KFC as well as admission to the ferris wheel, snow house and outdoor rides. The three went to the restaurant at 10.15pm and saw long queues as many customers were redeeming their vouchers.

After waiting for about 45 minutes, Ng heard customers ahead of him complaining that there was not enough chicken. “After the cashier told us they had ran out of chicken, some of us complained.“One of the kitchen staff said, Sudah habis, apa lagi mau? (There is no more chicken. What else do you want?)',” he said. He said a worker then uttered derogatory remarks, following which he asked to see the manager to complain.

Ng claimed that the manager refused to attend to him. At this time, Ng's wife claimed that she saw several workers brandishing steel bars from inside the kitchen and quickly pulled her husband out of the restaurant. However, Ng was dissatisfied and re-entered the restaurant to photograph and take down names of the workers.

“When I raised my phone to take pictures, a group of them rushed out from the kitchen. A few of the staff members tried to intervene but one of them ran towards me, grabbed my neck and punched me on the back of my head,” he said, adding that they would be meeting representatives from KFC to resolve the matter.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the company confirmed three employees had been suspended pending investigations.

Stella says:
In this case people should not spread lies or rumors or any other things that involved with races. Please don't spill the problem with more rumors that will hurts other races/religion. Let the police do their work to investigate the case. Till then, please stop any comments that really not nice to be heard. Bak kata orang dulu-dulu.. orang Malaysia penuh dengan adab dan sopan..tapi di zaman sekarang macam teda suda tu.. hmm..

10 February 2012

I'm Not Worried Anymore

Three months ago I started of having really bad hairfall problem. It was due to post pregnancy. When our Gabriel entered his second months, I noticed that my hair started to fall tremendously. It scared me.

Really.. I endured this problem for the last 3 months. I still remember when I went to a salon to washed and cut my hair. The girl at the salon said I lost so much hair during the washing process. She said " nah..bnyk rambut ko jatuh. Ko tidak takut ka? " ( while showing me the hair.. Satu genggam ba rambut sya gugur.. )

Honestly, it was really scared me. But I pretend to be positive. Well, that's what should I do. It just a process being a mother. So, nothing to worry about, my hair will grow back. That's what I told myself.

Thank GOD, all back to normal. In the 5th months after delivery, my hair doesn't fall anymore. I mean it did fall but not that bad. ;)

Thanks to dear hubby for supplying me with the Head & Shoulders For Her Anti-Hairfall Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. I guess this is the reason I recovered from my hairfall problem. (LOL mcm ayat iklan pula daa.. hehe)

Head & Shoulders For Her Anti-Hairfall Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
source: google

In addition, I also been taking food supplement (multivitamin) to regain back energy and of course for the hair issue. Praise GOD,  I'm not worried anymore. Finally I am free from hairfall problem..yeay!!
I want to grow long hair again. Really miss my long hair moment.

That's it for now. So, those who're having hairfall problem can try my solution. Maybe it could solve your hair problem too. :)

Take care.

08 February 2012

Gabriel's Baptism Day

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will write more on our little Gabriel's baptism day. So here it is..

It was on 5th February 2012. The ceremony started at 3pm. We (dear hubby and I, of course with our little Gabriel) arrived at Sacred Heart Cathedral as early as 2.30pm. As we went inside the church, there was a long row of parents registering their attendance. There were 57 babies to be baptized on that day.

At first hour, Gabriel behaved well. However towards the next hours, he started to make some noise.. Maybe sebab dia mengantuk or kepanasan dalam church tu because we sat slightly far from fan. However, all in controlled. We managed to took care of him..

Our little Gabriel was baptized by Deacon Jeffrey Gumu and his Godfather is Mr Arthur Makulim. As soon as Gabriel was baptized, we then changed his cloth to a white color. It's a symbol of that Gabriel is now a Christian.

The baptism ceremony ended around 4.30pm. We were informed that the baptism certificate could be obtained 3 weeks after the ceremony.

Thank you GOD, everything went well. Gabriel is now a part of us. He is a Catholic now.  I hope he will always in GOD's care and will become a good Christian, obedient to his parents, respect others and leading his life according to GOD's way.

Here are some pics at the church:-

 before the baptism ceremony

 mommy and lil gabriel ;)

 oh my sweet lil gabriel..mommy and daddy LOVE u sooo much!..

the anoint of oil by deacon

 baptism ceremony

 lil Gabriel with his baptism shirt in white color..

the family that attended the ceremony took a memorable photo with Deacon Jeffrey Gumu

And afterwards, the whole family had dinner at May Flower Restaurant at Jalan Bundusan. Gabriel started not feeling easy this time. Nangis bah dia.. Maybe he was really sleepy but couldn't sleep because of the noisiness at the restaurant. Poor Gabriel. I guess he was really too tired and sleepy. He fall asleep right after we got in car on our way went back home. Lagipun masa di church and di restaurant ganti-ganti bah org pigi dukung dia.. tu la kali penat betul dia..

Some pics at restaurant:-

 food that served during the dinner

oh what is Gabriel doing?.. hehe!

Gabriel's Baptism Cake..

I am grateful that Gabriel is now a part of us. I know it is a long way to go. I really hope hubby and I can be a good guidance to him along the process of growing up. I pray may GOD send His Holy Spirit to help us to guide him to be a great person in the future. GOD bless Gabriel Aiden.. :D

That is all for today. 

Have a blessed day ahead. :)

05 February 2012

Blessed Sunday for our lil boy ;)

Just came back home few hours ago. Indeed it was blessed Sunday for our lil' Gabriel. Today, Gabriel is official a Catholic.  Thank you GOD, everything went well. ;)

Oh what a tired Sunday.. The clock is showing 10.48pm now.
Will write more on it plus adding photos in next post.

Take care. :)

04 February 2012

Struggling.. but not anymore

For the last 2 weeks, I found myself struggling with food. I was struggling to avoid taking much food. And it was really hard. Yes, true.. it was very very very hard. It seems that I have this chronic illness, because I couldn't stop thinking about food. 

Can you imagine I would think about food for every 1 to 2 hours. Lapar tidak bertempat LOL.. asyik2 fikir mau makan saja.. rasa macam mau makan sesuatu saja. Penat otak saya mau lawan the craving of food..

source: google

I really don't have idea on why I been through this. "What happened to me?" This question always appeared in my mind. 

Hubby pun jadi tekanan sebab balik2 saya cakap mau makan sesuatu. As if I am a pregnant lady pula LOL.. I've never been like this before (except during pregnant Lah..). I struggled to avoid food due to advice by hubby. Hari-hari saya kena sound oleh dia.. Dia ckp nanti saya jadi gumuk..doiii.. That was scary me!!

But now I am okay already. Thank GOD, all back to normal. I'm not crave for food anymore. Really praise to GOD. 

Thank you GOD for hearing my prayer. ;)

I wonder why I craved for food so much. Is that because the changes of hormone or it is normal for a mother who gave birth to a baby?.. Hmm..really don't have a clue.

Janda patahkan 4 kaki bayi dipenjara

TOKYO: Seorang wanita yang mematahkan kaki empat bayi kerana cemburu terhadap kegembiraan ibu mangsa, dipenjara empat setengah tahun, lapor media semalam.

Menurut laporan disiarkan Jiji Press, Yuko Soutome mencari mangsa terdiri daripada wanita yang membawa anak mereka di pasar raya atau kedai menjual barangan bayi.

Agensi berita itu menyatakan, mahkamah di Utsunomia di utara Tokyo diberitahu, dalam empat kejadian berasingan, Yuko, 30, berpura-pura meminta kebenaran kepada wanita terbabit untuk mendukung anak mereka.

Ketika mendukung itulah Yuko mematahkan kaki bayi terbabit.

Laporan Jiji Press menyatakan, janda itu terdorong melakukan kezaliman berkenaan selepas berasa sakit hati apabila melihat wanita lain yang hidup lebih gembira berbanding dirinya. - AFP

Source: myMetro

Stella says:
OMG.. What happened to the world today?.. How could the lady did that to the babies. What if she in the baby shoes?.. How could she be jealous of others happiness and then hurted others. I really don't get it.. She should find her own happiness and don't bother others.. Ini lah manusia zaman sekarang..hmm!

03 February 2012

Rumah Terbalik

KOTA KINABALU: A Sabahan has forked out half a million ringgit to build Malaysia's first upside down house to send out an environmental message. Alexander Yee said the unusual structure at Kampung Bantayan-Telibong, about 40km from the city, was worth every sen.

“If we keep exploiting our natural resources at the rate we are going, sooner or later we will find our world upside down,” said Yee, who owns a construction firm besides operating a tourist lodge in the wildlife-rich Kinabatangan district in Sabah's east coast.

Yee pointed out that the 140sq m house with fully equipped interior including living room, bathroom, dining room, bedrooms and kitchen also contained unique Sabah features.

He said everything had been placed upside down including the fridge, stove and rice cooker in the kitchen as well as a functioning old sewing machine.

He said the upside down house took nearly six months to build - it involved reinforcing the roof, walls and the floor from where the interior furnishings were suspended.

Yee said visitors would be given a guided tour of the upside down house.The entrance fee is RM18 for adults and RM5 for children up to 12 years' old. Those who have MyKad can visit the upside down house at RM10.

More details about Yee's Rumah Terbalik are available through the Facebook wall he had created for his latest venture.

Stella says: Hmm..interesting... Another attraction in Sabah. Would like to visit there soon.. :)

02 February 2012

Time Flies..

Hello dear friends,
It's the 2nd day of February 2012. Time flies really fast. I couldn't even imagine how time goes on and at the end of the day I found myself here sitting next to my grown up baby Gabriel.

I still remember carrying him in a wrap. But now here is he.. sitting, laughing, rolling, laying up side down. Dan yang paling ketara, he likes to seek for attention. Kalau tidak kena peduli, terus yelling menangis ni..doii.. LOL.. he become active nowadays. He is 5 months old now and there's a lot of progress to see day by day.

Definitely I thank GOD for this miracle of life. A precious gift that I'll never get from just anywhere. I am still in the learning phase of being a mother. I hope as time goes by, I'll become wiser and reaching towards a better mother as to my dear son. 

Lil' Gabriel is watching his fav show. :)

You'll realize your lil baby is grown up when you see he's enjoying his favorite show. :)

That's it for now.
Have a blessed week ahead. :D

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