10 February 2012

I'm Not Worried Anymore

Three months ago I started of having really bad hairfall problem. It was due to post pregnancy. When our Gabriel entered his second months, I noticed that my hair started to fall tremendously. It scared me.

Really.. I endured this problem for the last 3 months. I still remember when I went to a salon to washed and cut my hair. The girl at the salon said I lost so much hair during the washing process. She said " nah..bnyk rambut ko jatuh. Ko tidak takut ka? " ( while showing me the hair.. Satu genggam ba rambut sya gugur.. )

Honestly, it was really scared me. But I pretend to be positive. Well, that's what should I do. It just a process being a mother. So, nothing to worry about, my hair will grow back. That's what I told myself.

Thank GOD, all back to normal. In the 5th months after delivery, my hair doesn't fall anymore. I mean it did fall but not that bad. ;)

Thanks to dear hubby for supplying me with the Head & Shoulders For Her Anti-Hairfall Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. I guess this is the reason I recovered from my hairfall problem. (LOL mcm ayat iklan pula daa.. hehe)

Head & Shoulders For Her Anti-Hairfall Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
source: google

In addition, I also been taking food supplement (multivitamin) to regain back energy and of course for the hair issue. Praise GOD,  I'm not worried anymore. Finally I am free from hairfall problem..yeay!!
I want to grow long hair again. Really miss my long hair moment.

That's it for now. So, those who're having hairfall problem can try my solution. Maybe it could solve your hair problem too. :)

Take care.


  1. Another similarity we share! I was totally freaked out when my hair fall problem started and it freaked out my hubby too coz he is th eone doing the cleaning around the toilet area and my hair was just all over everywhere...scared the dickens out of me but like you it is under control now and my mom and actually all mom's told me that it is a natural thing but you know lah kan we are first timers as a mom so dont know anything and when it happen terus " red alert" hehehe and I try and find that shampoo you have coz i am using that too but never seen that one will try and look for it :) thanks for the share Stella! :))

    1. Yes, i guess all mothers experienced the same. Therefore, there's nothing to worry about. However, we should not let the problem be just like that. It is always better to find a solution, isn't it.. :)

      I am grateful tht i didnt face the problem for a long period. Some mothers shared tht they had this hairfall problem for a year. That is too long period. And scary too! :)

      Glad tht you read my post. Sharing is caring. Nice, you better check out for the shampoo hehe :)

  2. dei stelle paling last sa pakai H&S kan waktu sa teen ni..pas tu x prnah pakai suda ni..he he he he

    mgkn durang suda kasi bagus formula durang kan..

    1. mungkin gitu la tu beaty.. sya pun lama tdk pakai ni but hubby kasi beli sya pakai la..ok la pula..ngam sama saya hehehe :P


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