19 May 2016

Autism Awareness Month - Part 1

Last month which is April 2016, was the month of Autism Awareness. Hubby and I decided to join some event that related to this Autism thingy to show our support.

We joined the Walk for Autism on 2nd April 2016 and 7km Autism Fun Run on 24th April 2016.

The Walk for Autism was held at Perdana Park Tanjung Aru. This was our first time event. We haven't join any event like this before. So we brought Gabriel together in this event, our one and only son. I was amazed that he had fun while walking together with the crowd. No tantrum or cranky. Just being himself, a happy-go-lucky boy. We're so blessed to have a son like him, because he is so special to us. 

The route was from Perdana Park and up to Plaza Tanjung Aru, to the Balai Polis Tanjung Aru, up to SM La salle School and SM Stella Maris Tanjung Aru, Dewan La Salle and walk again all the way until we reach at Perdana Park again. 

We are so proud with our lil boy. He could walk all the way until the finishing line without asking for a carry to his daddy. He even ran towards the finishing line. The walk took about 1 hour long and it was about 3km route (i wasn't really sure how long the route cause they didn't mention it while we registered ).

So here are some of the photos captured during the event. 

Gabriel is so excited ! :)

I stumbled upon a long lost friend, Adelene. She was my ex-classmate during primary school somewhere in 1988-1993.

 Just right before the walk, wefie together! :)

Our Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Hj Aman launching the event.

Like Daddy Like Son.. :)

Just right after the walk. So thirsty.. :)

Gabriel meet his teacher here. Teacher Billy.. 

All blue.. The blue spirit.. Thumbs up to all the participants.

A memorable photo at the finishing line.. All wet with sweat.. :) 

Thank you for reading this post. I'll continue with the Part 2 post soon. The part where we joined the 7km Autism Fun Run at Bukit Padang. 

Till then, have a great week ahead. GOD BLESS!

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