29 November 2013

My 1st Green Smoothie

The hubby went out yesterday to shop for blender. I couldn't believe at first that he was that serious to buy a blender. The reason to buy the blender was, to make a green smoothie.

It was my first ever in my life to make a green smoothie yesterday. I saw a recipe from simplegreensmoothies on Instagram. They shared quite variety of green smoothies recipe.

26 November 2013

It has been 5 months

It has been 5 months today. Yes, 5 months of being a yogi. I've been practicing Yoga since June. And it's amazed me to see progress along my yoga journey.

Thank you GOD that I found yoga and of course other yogis friend. They are really inspiring and motivating that drive me to practice yoga everyday. 

Well, nowadays, I couldn't keep my pace to everyday due to the weather and my lil' boy. My yoga practice will always be done when my lil' boy taking his afternoon nap. However,  I definitely make sure myself to practice 5 times a week.

  • flexibility
  • strength
  • calming effect
  • positive thinking
  • health
  • body posture
  • to maintain body shape
  • reduce back pain 
  • yoga community, inspiring and motivating

I see progress in all of above. Enough said. :)

Thank you for visiting here. Have a wonderful day ahead.

P/s: Yes, the lady in the photo up there was me. :)

22 November 2013

The 1st Touchdown Flashback

I can't describe the feeling when we touched down at London Heathrow Airport for the first time. Been away from my hometown for almost 13 hours journey and 6990 miles away from Kota Kinabalu, made me nervous and excited at the same time, so did hubby.

Here are the things that happened upon we reached at the UK:-

15 November 2013

Recalling Back the Beginning & The 12 hours Journey

Hello dear readers,
Now that I have the chance to share about my life here in the UK. I would like to share the beginning of our journey to a place that is really unfamiliar to me.

It was exactly 6th of April 2013, the hubs received a good news about his application to further study. I was trembling to hear the news at first. Yes, trust me. The feeling of excited and happiness are at the bottom list. I was trembling because I have never been in my life to fly as far as to the place like UK. The farthest I'd been away from hometown are Beijing and Korea, and that was only for 10 days trip.

And why should I afraid and trembling to hear such news?.. haha. I don't know! Maybe it was because i myself couldn't believe it at first?.. And of course the mind began to think about all the things in the new place. People over there?.. culture?.. language?.. weather?.. and so on.. But deep in my heart, I'm so happy for my hubby.

14 November 2013

A Come Back

Wow it has been almost 3 months since my last entry. What a long pause. I'm so sorry for the long missing.

The moment you read this post, I'm in the North West England and the time now is 4.09pm. I know the time right now back in my hometown (Sabah, North Borneo)  is 12.09am. Yes, it is 8 hours later than here.

I am sure most of you/ my FB's friend and Instagram's followers aware that I'm now residing in the UK. Yes, i'll be staying here until next year. My hubby is furthering his study here for a year, therefore here we are with our lil' boy who turns 2 on last August.

We've been here since 12th September 2013 and until then i didn't have the chance to update my blog, because we didn't have internet line in our house. Now that, internet line/wifi installed at our home, I could at least post few entries in a week. :)

Okay, that's it for now. I'm so happy that now I able to post some entries on my blog. I miss to blog again. Will blog out more soon.

Till we meet again. :)

Take care.

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