14 November 2013

A Come Back

Wow it has been almost 3 months since my last entry. What a long pause. I'm so sorry for the long missing.

The moment you read this post, I'm in the North West England and the time now is 4.09pm. I know the time right now back in my hometown (Sabah, North Borneo)  is 12.09am. Yes, it is 8 hours later than here.

I am sure most of you/ my FB's friend and Instagram's followers aware that I'm now residing in the UK. Yes, i'll be staying here until next year. My hubby is furthering his study here for a year, therefore here we are with our lil' boy who turns 2 on last August.

We've been here since 12th September 2013 and until then i didn't have the chance to update my blog, because we didn't have internet line in our house. Now that, internet line/wifi installed at our home, I could at least post few entries in a week. :)

Okay, that's it for now. I'm so happy that now I able to post some entries on my blog. I miss to blog again. Will blog out more soon.

Till we meet again. :)

Take care.


  1. Kirim salam UK for me.

    Wish I can travel there someday..seriously sy jealous tgok tu pic d insta..hehe

  2. Hi! lama baru ko muncul balik di blog kan...hehe baru mo tanya apa ko buat sana UK coz selalu tengok ko punya pict ig..:D

  3. I miss you (tertiba nie..hahahaha).. I miss your cupcakes, cakes and baking update... Anyway, enjoy your beautiful and wonderful life with your loved one in UK =)

    1. hahaha... ya will do some baking lah kalau dpt. susah lg bah mau beli baking tools sebab sya for a year saja haha..kalau lama sikit lg mungkin consider juga. but i do miss baking too :)

  4. Huh bh stelle share la life d uk d blog.. i love to read them n cannot wait


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