29 November 2013

My 1st Green Smoothie

The hubby went out yesterday to shop for blender. I couldn't believe at first that he was that serious to buy a blender. The reason to buy the blender was, to make a green smoothie.

It was my first ever in my life to make a green smoothie yesterday. I saw a recipe from simplegreensmoothies on Instagram. They shared quite variety of green smoothies recipe.

I've been meaning to make a green smoothie since last year but we don't have a blender to make one. 

The hubby said it is a waste to buy one since we'll fly to the UK on early September.

Here's the blender bought by hubby yesterday. Variety of usage such as to chop, mix, blend, grind and whip.

And for the 1st time ever, here's my green smoothie. The taste wasn't that bad actually. I was thinking of making green smoothies as my daily consumption. Trying to make it as my daily habit. I should take it everyday as it is very healthy and nourishes the body.

Hubby consumes it too. He loves it. And he was planning the same. He wanted to drink green smoothie everyday. "Semangatnya dia haha!"

Raspberries, spinach, banana and almond milk. I added all these together in the blender to get my 1st ever smoothie. You can try the recipe. Absolutely delicious, no regret. :)

I can't wait to explore more of green smoothies recipe. I might want to replace the raspberries with strawberries and the spinach with kale. See what's the taste looks like hehe..


  1. semangat!! hahahah.. sy blm pernah ada blender owh... hihihihi..

  2. Sioknya...ntah napa after sya tingu the last picture kan trus sya bilang "sangat orang putih nya" hahaha

    1. Hahaha bah itu yg ada jual sini kan .. Beli seja lah apa yg ada hihi

  3. yummy!
    try green apple + celery :)

  4. yahooo sa inda sabar ni mau dapat blender sa order online!!!

  5. wah!! tgok pic ja,I wanna try it! hehe


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