19 January 2010

Movie Anyone??..

It’s been a while since my last post.

Oh ya..this was the 1st movie I watched for year 2010.


Ok it’s not Avatar I want to talk about hehe..

Last Sunday, me and my lil sis together with dear hubby went to OneBorneo for a movie. We had Sherlock Holmes in mind but it was like we didn’t plan to watch any specific movie. As we arrived at the counter, we saw this The Spy Next Door movie starred by Jackie Chan. Without hesitated we bought tickets to watch the movie.

In a scene in The Spy next Door

For those who really admire to watch Jackie Chan’s stunt, you might don’t want to expect the best from him as maybe because his age factor. His stunts action was not really swiftly as he was young then, but I can't deny it was still impressive. The movie was put in sense of humor here and there and I really enjoyed watching it.

The story was about a man named Bob (Jackie Chan) who is actually a spy, fall in love with a woman with three kids named Gillian. I assume the woman was divorced because she don’t have husband and the children really don’t have idea where their father is. On deciding to marry Gillian, Bob want to tell her about his job but he didn’t have a chance since their conversation was interrupted by a call from Bob’s boss. Beside, Bob have to win the kids’ heart too to marry Gillian. The kids really hate Bob and they don’t want him to marry their mother.

The life of the three kids was put in danger when Bob was asked by Gillian to take care of the kids while she has to look after of her sick dad in hospital. It was then the eldest kid finds out about Bob’s job and told her mom about it. Gillian was really mad and decided to break-up with Bob. She’s really mad because it was all about her children life.

So, further story..watch your own in cinema hehehe..

09 January 2010

Working on Saturday?

It’s Saturday and really loves it. Even though I have to work on Saturday for half day, it would not ruin my weekend routine.. Honestly I never like to work on weekend.. By the way, who would want too.. But it’s my duty and for the past years and I really didn’t like it. However, for this year I really want to make a big change. Try to be a different one.. I mean, I should never took this matter seriously as it would be nice if I put my mind in that positive way.. isn’t it.. :) okay la, working for half day on Saturday so far still ok than those who have to work on Saturday and Sunday for the whole day.. That’s it.. It’s easy isn’t.. Try to put myself in that situation where I should be grateful for what I have hehe..

07 January 2010

10 Ways To Live A Longer, Happier Life

-smile..and smile more-

Ever wonder what is your resolution for new year for a healthy and happier life?.. Well i am sure most of us hoping for the best for this new year. Relatively, it would be nice to start the year with healthy lifestyle.. life would would be happier and merrier when our health been took in so much care.. Honestly, no one like to ruin her/his life, i mean if you have a choice why would you ruin your life with those bad lifestyle. Let us praise to GOD and grateful for what we have today.. and because of that there is no wrong at all to maintain your life with several great ways of making your life more better, more happier for this new year.

I came across with this Top 10 Ways To Live A Longer, Happier Life.
These might give us some idea to start the year with a happier life..
Take your time to read it..
and u migth share these with your loved one, friends and family..
Remember sharing is caring... :)
  1. EAT WELL:
    We are what we eat. Eat healthy to be healthy. When possible, eat real, organic, whole foods. Think beans, grains, fresh vegetables and fruit. Avoid highly processed foods or foods high in fat. Buy organic dairy products to avoid hormones, antibiotics and chemicals.

  2. DRINK MORE (water, that is):
    Water makes up 65% of our body mass and plays a crucial part in keeping us healthy and alive. Most people don't drink enough water. The body needs 8-10 glasses of pure, unchlorinated water. Other liquids like coffee and tea are not substitutes for water. Drinking enough water enhances longevity because it eases stress on your vital organs.

    Moderate amounts of exercise keep everything in the body moving, and movement equals life. You don't have to become an Iron Man. Just add 15-20 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week. Walk, job, ride your bike or jump on the trampoline. As long as it moves your body, it counts!

    We live in an over-achieving society that values doing over being. But without the proper rest we can't keep pace. Take time to rest your body, mind and spirit. They will reward you with a long and happy life!

    As much as we try to cultivate healthy habits we can't always cover all the bases. Make sure you fill in the nutritional and physical gaps by adding organic, wild-crafted Super Blue Green Algae products to your daily diet.

    As much as possible avoid air pollutants, which can really harm the lungs. The lungs govern our life force, or chi, and damage to the lungs affects our longevity and energy level. Avoid second-hand smoke and other kinds of common pollutants.

    In tribal times people took time at the turn of each season to release the old and celebrate the new. This process prevents old issues and illnesses from building up over time. If you are constantly on the move, taking a little time to be quiet and sacred can add years to your life.

    Stress is a default condition that most of us fall into - we are not forced to be stressed. We can choose to be joyful under all conditions, which by Law of Attraction calls even more joyful situations into our lives. Sound good?

    In yoga, practitioners use the Lion Pose (sticking your tongue out, shaking your head and roaring) to release tension and stress. Laughter does the same thing, and it's cheaper than therapy! Want to live long and well? Laugh - lots!

    This flower essence by Bach (also called Five Flower Remedy) can literally save your life. It can start your heart or rescue you from the brink of a panic attack. Buy it in almost any health food store and carry it with you always. Take 4 drops under the tongue for any kind of trauma (mental, physical or emotional).

source: http://www.prosperity-abounds.com/resources/live_longer.html

05 January 2010


It’s the third day in office since new year..Nothing widely changed..except one thing.. We are ought to write attendance starting today. As before, no need to punch in/out or to write down attendance. Since one of our colleague always being late and sometime didn’t come to office without notice or specifically reason, we the rest of the staff have to bear the impact. However, in a positive side of thinking, this kind of rule gives some of what we called goodness to ourselves and for the company.

Self discipline is very important in one’s life as well as in an organization. This is to shaped someone lifestyle to meet the requirement by a company or even by others that seem looks like it is fair for everyone sake. Today I came early to office, as usual and with a big heart to do what I can best for the company and as well as job. Thank GOD for giving me this kind of feeling and spirit..

By the way, I pick a new Layout today..
It's a new look.. a new layout for a New Year..
for a new Spirit..

for a new ME..

Hope you like it..

Have a blessed day.. :)

04 January 2010

A New Year, A New Story of Life

It’s new year and it’s really makes me flashing back about what I left for 2009.. Making myself wondering of the good and bad things ever happened last year.. hoping that year 2010 would be the best year for me to do little good things for myself, family and hubby.. perhaps more and more good things. A year older would be wiser.. Past experiences should be the best ingredients for self improvement. It led myself a year mature as well as reminding myself about what best should I plan for future.. Honestly, I would really choose to forget the past.. really.. I don’t want the past affecting my life.. I want to become new ME.. Of course, all the sweet time and good memories will always fresh in my mind, but for the bad one, I really want to throw it away..far away from my mind..
Yes, I want to start a new story of life..


Reminiscing Last December

And this one, flashing back what happened on last December. Last December was a great one.. Experiencing new thing.. I mean a new kind of entertainment for me.. This karaoke thing really make you addicted..hahaha.. It’s started when we were at Genting Highland. My sister pushed us, the rest of the family members to go for karaoke which I think it’s hard for me to accept at first.. Suddenly as you experienced it, somehow you really addicted to it..sampai ada yg berebut microphone ba..hehehe..nda puas2 menyanyi hahaha.. But it was fun.. :)

Back in KK, my birthday was the reason for karaoke.. (to be clear, they seem still not enough karaoke-ing while in Genting hehehe..) The whole family members loved the idea. Mom and dad really love singing..hehee.. and so to my brothers and sisters including me..and not forget to my hubby. This was a really big changed for him as he’s kind of who was really hate to sing ever since I know him..This environment really affected him.. Maybe it’s because of the family gathering, as everyone seem looked very happy and had fun that made him realized the value of family.. Feels like he really part of the family as he is. I can say last December was a karaoke month hehehe.. my birthday and hubby’s birthday, even our 2nd wedding anniversary also celebrated with this karaoke thing.. :)

Oh ya..and not forget for last Christmas celebration too.. We had fun and as usual spending time with family is the most worth matter to do on this blessed day.. We gathered on Christmas night at my parents house followed by prayer and dinner.. Thank GOD for everything.. I hope this new year would be more better than last year and bring much Love, Care, Happiness and Peace in our Life..

the family

Mom and dad duet

Our birthday

Christmas cake

The whole family on Christmas night
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