05 January 2010


It’s the third day in office since new year..Nothing widely changed..except one thing.. We are ought to write attendance starting today. As before, no need to punch in/out or to write down attendance. Since one of our colleague always being late and sometime didn’t come to office without notice or specifically reason, we the rest of the staff have to bear the impact. However, in a positive side of thinking, this kind of rule gives some of what we called goodness to ourselves and for the company.

Self discipline is very important in one’s life as well as in an organization. This is to shaped someone lifestyle to meet the requirement by a company or even by others that seem looks like it is fair for everyone sake. Today I came early to office, as usual and with a big heart to do what I can best for the company and as well as job. Thank GOD for giving me this kind of feeling and spirit..

By the way, I pick a new Layout today..
It's a new look.. a new layout for a New Year..
for a new Spirit..

for a new ME..

Hope you like it..

Have a blessed day.. :)


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