21 February 2011

Yahoo lists Penang among world’s top 10

Penang Char Kway Teow, the most famous dish in Penang. Absolutely tasty..

GEORGE TOWN: An online travel guide has picked Penang as one of the top 10 islands in the world “you must see before you die.”

Yahoo! Travel writer Gary McKechnie ranks Penang eighth on the list of the “must visit” places.

Other islands listed are Bali, Vieques in Puerto Rico, Easter Island in Chile, Ischia in the bay of Naples (Italy), Chiloe in Chile, Bora Bora in French Polynesia, Key West in the Conch Republic, Galapagos in Ecuador and Palm Islands in Dubai.

These destinations offered something that could not be found anywhere else, said McKechnie in his article ‘10 Islands to Explore Before You Die’ (http://travel.yahoo.com/p-interests-37926474).

He praised Penang as Malaysia’s food capital and suggested that visitors did their “food crawl” along George Town’s street stalls.

He recommended that foodies head to the area adjacent to the Kek Lok Si Temple in Ayer Itam to feast on delicious food of rice, noodles, fish, shellfish, chicken, pork and vegetables.

He also suggested visitors try out lor bak, lok-lok and ikan bakar.

On the local architecture, he described Penang as having a range of modern high-rise buildings to 19th-century British architecture.

He also pointed out a mix of beach resorts, preserved mangroves, fishing villages, temples, mosques and churches.

“Kek Lok Si was the best example as the largest Buddhist temple in South-East Asia,” he said.

source: starproperty

Stella says:
So, for those who haven't visit Penang, you can do so. The foodies absolutely delicious and scenery also interesting.
That's for now.
Have a pleasant Monday.

19 February 2011

Friday's Dinner

Hi friends,
I just want to share with you my dinner last night. I am craving for MacD after reading Just and Mr and Mrs Mikko post. I can't bear enough to see the post haha.. So i am thinking to have meal at MacD too. After all it's been a while we (me and hubby) didn't ate at MacD. So i asked hubby for dinner at MacD Karamunsing yesterday and this is the very first dinner at MacD for the year 2011.

Okay here are the pics. :D

Quater Pounder, my fav burger after Double Cheese Burger.. :D

Ayam Goreng MacD, his menu of the day

Okay, this is dinner for 2 person. I ordered for regular set of Quater Pounder Burger and plus the ala carte Ayam Goreng MacD. Total price RM17.25. Quite save, isn't.. hehe. Don't want to order more sebab takut nanti terlampau kenyang..

Okay that's it for today. You have a pleasant and fun weekend. :D

17 February 2011

Valentine's 2011

Valentine's Day this year was celebrated with more simple way. We didn't get each of us a gift. We spent our dinner that day at our favourite restaurant, Upperstar at Damai.

And as usual i ordered for my favourite meal and same to him.

 Grilled Chicken, my fav.

 Chicken Curry with rice, his fav.

Hot Chocolate for drink

As we spent the precious time together, we then realized that our relationship is now 10 years. Thank GOD for uniting us and for sure we are really grateful for the love and blessing that we received from almighty GOD for the past 10 years. Our Love relationship become more strong and become deeper each and everyday. Thank GOD once again for giving me such a kind, caring and loving soul-mate. I pray may this relationship will last forever.

I hope all couple all over the world is living in happily relationship with GOD blessing.

That's it for now. 
Lots of love.

16 February 2011

Tag 20

Thanks Just for the tag. Now it's my turn to do the tagged questions.. here we go!

1. Apakah yang sedang anda lakukan 30 minit yang lalu.~ buat kerja di ofis.

2. Dua jam yang lalu?~ Breakfast dgn hubby

3. Anda suka~ makanan yg sweet2.

4. Minggu lepas~ hidup saya seperti biasa

5. Tiga lagu yang anda boleh dengar berulang ulang kali~ *I Look To You (Whitney Houston) *Gospel songs, *dan lagu2 instrumental

6. Tiga binatang yang anda tidak suka.~ Tikus, lipas, lipan (geli sya..!!! yucks)

7. Lima fakta tentang anda. 
*tidak suka makanan heavy waktu pagi
*akhir-akhir ni suka minum jus
*bercita-cita mau jadi businesswoman berjaya~malas suda keja under org hehe..
*tidak suka buat keja last minute
*lebih suka drive kereta auto

8. Tahun depan mungkin~ beli rumah baru.. (mungkin saja okay haha..  :P )

9. Saya tidak reti ~ tipu org..haha.. sya tidak ngam jadi pelakon ni

10. Saya pandai~ berenang dan menyelam..tp tidak lama lah sbb tdk tahan nafas haha..

11. Kawan saya~ ramai yg baik hati dan gorgeous! :)

12. Saya ada ~ seorang teman hidup yg sgt memahami..

13. Saya seorang ~ yg positif, simple dan merendah diri.

14. Adik saya~ 3 lelaki dan 2 perempuan semuanya

15. Saya tidak pernah bosan dengan (senaraikan 4)~ *current relationship *minuman jus *blog *korean drama

16. Bilakah kali pertama anda bercinta ~ zaman kolej

17. Perkara yang selalu orang tak percaya tentang anda ~ saya mempunyai 6 org adik beradik dan saya adalah anak sulung. Orang fikir saya ni anak bongsu dan dua beradik saja.

18. Saya rindu~zaman kanak2..

19. Saya tak sabar~mau membeli rumah idaman.. tingu budget dulu lah adoiii..

20. Lima laman yang selalu anda layari.~ *Blog  *Facebook *Twitter  *SpiritDaily.com  *Google

That's it for now. And i like to tag Yats, Beaty, Sumandak Kinabalu and Vera Peter.

11 February 2011

Too Expensive!

 Mixed Rice RM8.00

Chicken Rice RM4.00

Just to share with you our lunch for today. Did you noticed the price of the mixed rice was too expensive?.. I myself shocked to know the price.. hmm..  Will not buy food from that particular shop again. Meanwhile, the chicken rice's price and taste was okay.. 

So what's your lunch for today?..
Till then, happy Friday.


10 February 2011

Ring Of Fortune

Hello dear friends,
Well now, I am not going to post about Valentine's Day though the spirit of the celebration getting spreading in myself. Today i am going to share with you the dinner I had with hubby last night. All of sudden, i craved for Pizza Hut. Not really about the pizza but it's about my fav dish, Bolognese Spaghetti. I don't know why i found of most of all the restaurant I've been to, Pizza Hut's Bolognese Spaghetti is the best. I mean i found it really tasty compare to other restaurant such as Upperstar or E-west..hmm.. And hubby tried the Pizza Hut new recipe which is called Ring of Fortune. Quite okay though.. it was tasty too.

Okay, pictures always the best way to complete the story. Here they are:-

 Mushroom Soup, my fav :)


 Bolognese Spaghetti, my fav dish.. :P

 Ring of Fortune.. Pizza Hut new recipe

yum yum..hehe

This is the first dinner at Pizza Hut of the year. And we started it with the new recipe. Quite okay though. I found it is okay to try once in a while for a new recipe. So if you wanna try the new recipe, get to Pizza Hut near your place or perhaps you can order it online.

That's it for now. Have a healthy Thursday.
Take care.

P/s: I wonder why they called it Ring of Fortune.. hmm..maybe because of the pizza's shape.. :D

09 February 2011

Valentine's Gift Ideas

Well, i can feel that the scent of Valentine's day is nearer. It's a wonderful feeling to think of about the celebration which you'll celebrate it with your loved one. Nothing can beat the sense of love and care between you and your loved one. Let it shows. Don't hide it. It is the greatest appreciation ever towards your partner.

Therefore, let your Valentine gifts go beyond the usual chocolates, roses and teddies. Let them be the mirror to your emotions speaking in the true sense of a romantic Valentine gift ideas.

Valentine Evening - Dressed to kill
If this is your first Valentine then flowers and chocolates will work out just fine as Valentine gifts.But if you want to surprise your girl with something more personal then select a nice dress for the evening.It will not only show that you spent time selecting her valentine gift baskets but will also make her look the most gorgeous woman on the earth. Don't you agree?

Scent your Senses
A perfect Valentine gift ideas for the most handsome man of your life. Of course this Valentine gift is also absolutely befitting for your classy lady. Select a nice perfume for your man or woman and make the Valentine a dazzled world of fragrance and love. There are many brands available in the market. So you can select what suits your sweetheart. This Valentine gift never goes wrong and is a perfect expression to your love.

Valentine Gift Cards
Valentine gift cards are a modern concept of gifting on Valentines Day. These gift cards ensure you that you purchase anything of your choice from selected outlets of the mentioned priced value. Visa gift cards and other gift cards services are now very popular for these services. Get these gift cards and gift them right away to your love. Gift cards are useful also in the purchase of corporate gifts.

The Book of Love
So you have been together for a few years and love each other profusely. In these intimate years you sent him/her so many mails as expressions to your love. Well this Valentine relive all those cherished memorable years. Take a print out of all the love letters and bind it in the form of a book. Gift it to your sweetheart and show that love is not just about the present but also about the moments gone by…

Carved Love
All of us have seen the carved trees with names of the lovers written on them. It looks so romantic. Then why not bring the same spirit to our Valentine gift. This idea is just perfect for the Valentine's Day. Select a big heart shaped candle. With your tools carve some valentines flowers and leaves on the side of the candle. And on the top carve out her name and a small Valentine message. Let the warmth of the candle fill your relationship with love and joy.

You can use same day flower delivery provided by the online flower shops to send flowers on Valentine Day. You can also order valentine baskets, wine gift basket, chocolate gift baskets and other lot more gift idea baskets for your valentine through online shops.

Open Your Heart
Love is an expression of your truest feelings and emotions. Then why be shy about it? This Valentine show the world that you are in love and are proud of it. Great Valentine gift ideas are to get a message printed in a paper. Just a few lines from you and the day is made. On the Valentine morning leave a chit stapled to the newspaper to go through Valentine messages. She'll be surprised at what she finds hidden in the news. You can even dedicate a song on the radio for him, and as he drives for work your voice will follow him.

I hope these Valentine gifts ideas are just perfect and suit enough for your needs for this year celebration. Don't put in it too much. Just be simple but memorable. It's the thought that count. I hope you'll have a lovely Valentine's Day. :D

Lots of LOVE.

08 February 2011

10 Tips For a Fun But Frugal Valentine’s Day

Yes i know, we have 6 more days to Valentine's Day. Less than a week. Isn't a solid reason for you to ready for a surprise plan for your loved one?.. Planning earlier will be much better, agree?..hehe.. So, now i share with you these frugal Valentine's tips. Maybe you can pick up which tip that more meaningful and easy for you to handle. The most important is, it is meaningful, memorable and make sure your loved one will love it. :D

These tips can help you dream up an approach to this year’s celebration that is both meaningful and economical.

1. Get creative when it comes to dinner. You really don’t have to spend RM80 to RM200 on a romantic dinner at a restaurant. Why not have a nice candlelit dinner at home? You could even get all dressed up for it. If you know you’re going to be too tired to cook after work on Valentine’s Day, which falls on a Monday this year, order a special meal ahead of time and pick it up on your way home.

2. Enjoy a little ambiance. If you both really want to go out on the town together, you could have coffee or a drink and dessert at an expensive cafe, restaurant or romantic bistro. This is a way to savor the atmosphere — and your date — without emptying your wallet.

3. Play hooky. OK, do NOT follow this tip if your job or your partner’s job is hanging in the balance. But if you’ve racked up some vacation time, or if your employer allows you to take personal days from time to time, why not see if you can take Monday, Feb. 14 or Wednesday, Feb. 16 off (as 15th is public holiday this year) and turn Valentine's Day week into a three-day weekdays for the two of you? Depending on where you live, the two of you could stroll through a park, walk on a beach, go snow-shoeing, take a rowboat or paddle boat out on a lake, or catch a matinee movie. You also could drive to a small town near your home or through neighborhoods you’ve never visited before and search for small, out-of-the-way places to eat or find public parks and open spaces for walks. You could do this at home, of course, or you could plan a short getaway that isn’t prohibitively expensive.

4. See some live music. Check to see whether a university or college in your area is offering any potentially enjoyable concerts on Feb. 14. Performances by the college music department would likely be free or cost a fraction of the price charged by professional orchestras and opera houses.

5. Seek out some silence. Here’s a potential date idea if you’ve both been stressed out lately: You could wander through libraries and bookstores with coffee shops that encourage browsing. Rediscover passages you love from your favorite books, and enjoy the quiet.

6. Have low-cost fun with food on Feb. 14. You can pull out the cookie cutters and make heart-shaped cookies and even cut your lunch sandwiches into hearts. You also can make heart-shaped cupcakes by placing a marble inside each muffin tin on the outside of the paper cupcake cup.

7. Give thoughtful gifts. Most people stick to the same general gift themes on Valentine’s Day: flowers, chocolates, cards, maybe a piece of jewelry. Can you think of something different that might mean a whole lot more — and maybe even cost a whole lot less? Such gifts could include cakes, cookies or gift certificates for your services. The gift certificate idea might be just the ticket for you if you’re short on cash but high on love this Valentine’s Day. You could offer to run errands for your loved one, make a nice dinner, clean the house, repair the car or give a massage.

8. Reflect on that flower purchase. If you’re sure your special someone will be devastated without the gift of flowers, then you probably should get some. But once again, you don’t have to follow the herd. Everyone opts for roses at this time of year, but there are plenty of other gorgeous and neglected (i.e., less expensive) flower varieties to choose from. And red isn’t your only option, either. You also could choose peach, pink or yellow. What’s more, if you place your flower order early, you stand to save as much as 15 percent on your purchase. And here’s another detail to consider: Does your partner love to garden and work in the yard? If so, a beautiful outdoor plant that will keep on living might be more appropriate than cut flowers that will quickly fade.

9. Write down how you feel. Using a package of inexpensive Valentines from the drug store or grocery store — or, for that matter, any kind of paper — you could write out dozens of reasons why you love your mate. Leave the messages all over the house, in both noticeable and hidden-away places. This is a gift that could keep on giving for weeks or months to come.

10. Plan ahead for next year. If Valentine’s Day is a day that matters to you and your significant other, make a mental note of how quickly it can sneak up on you after the big holidays in December. Think about realistic ways you can cut back on your spending so you’ll be able to use cash to cover all of the 2011-12 holidays without relying on credit cards and going into debt. Can you cut back on costly coffee drinks, snacks and sodas during your work day? Or maybe put off some discretionary purchases you’ve been thinking about making?

source: today.msnbc

Hope these tips useful for your Valentine's celebration. And why don't you blog out about your Valentine's celebration this year?.. Come on, i am really looking forward to it. 6 more days..hmm.. now i am in Valentine's mood..hehehe

Till then, take care.

200th Follower Award

A Paint of Life 200th Follower Award

This 200th follower award goes to Rozihangzi.
Congrats to her.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you so much to Rozihangzi and to all out there who are willingly to read and visit my blog as well as to become my follower. 
Thanks for your support. :D

I will try my best to keep on my blog and as harder as i can to update and to post interesting entries in my blog. My gratitude is for those who are still staying with me in this blogging world. :D

If you visited my blog, do come again. I will visit your blog too from time to time.

That's it for now.
Take care. :D


07 February 2011

CNY 2011

Hello dear friends,
Still in holiday mood?.. Indeed i am..hehe.. Feel too lazy to go office for work. But what to do, life must goes on haha!

This year CNY celebration is only spending more on family. I spent a night at my parents in law house and we had dinner together on the CNY eve in Putatan. I didn't manage to took pictures but i try to slide in some of pic that quite similar dishes available on Google.

We had dinner and chit-chatting along till midnight. Most like countdown to CNY. However, i went to bed soon after most like half 10pm because too sleepy already to wait for the countdown. Meanwhile, my parents in-law, hubby and his uncle, aunty and cousin still chit-chatting there until most likely 1am. Tahan juga dorang hehe..

Here some of the dishes:-

 yum yum..hehe

Bosou pun ada hehehe..

The next day which is the 1st day of CNY, i went to my parents house for the CNY and my bro's birthday celebration. Didn't manage to took picture too. The most important thing was, all went well, all was happy. We had fun. :)   It was great to able to gathered together with family during the celebration.

I hope you had a great CNY this year. :)
Take care.


01 February 2011

A New Month, February

Yes it's a new month. It is 1st February. I am sure most of us welcoming February with joy and warm heart. Why?.. Because we are in holiday mood for Chinese New Year hehe.. Even some of us maybe already taking leaves starting yesterday until CNY. Great! Can take a rest at home and spend time with family isn't. Therefore i like to take this opportunity to wish 
to all Malaysian. 
I am sure, we, all the Malaysian will be celebrating CNY despite of any races and religions as we are in the era of 1Malaysia isn't.. :)
No matter what celebration it is, whether Chinese New Year, Christmas or Hari Raya, we are all live in one country, 1Malaysia. We celebrate all the festive season. :)

So what are your preparation for CNY?.. Hubby got call from his mom today that we will having the tradition "makan bersama" on the CNY eve. Mom in-law volunteer to cook on that day. I love all her cooking..  Sadap ba masakan dia..terutamanya itu daging masak kicap..yum yum.. :P . So, I will be at parents in-law house for CNY eve and the next day at my parents house for my bro's birthday celebration.

Well, now  i am craving for "kuih bakul" pula.. Managed to buy 3 pieces just now at Tmn Foh Sang. One for only RM5.00. Nanti mau makan lah time CNY hehe.. together with family.. :)

Kuih Bakul.. yummy..

Okay..I end this post here. 
Once again Happy Chinese New Year and stay healthy..:)

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