09 February 2011

Valentine's Gift Ideas

Well, i can feel that the scent of Valentine's day is nearer. It's a wonderful feeling to think of about the celebration which you'll celebrate it with your loved one. Nothing can beat the sense of love and care between you and your loved one. Let it shows. Don't hide it. It is the greatest appreciation ever towards your partner.

Therefore, let your Valentine gifts go beyond the usual chocolates, roses and teddies. Let them be the mirror to your emotions speaking in the true sense of a romantic Valentine gift ideas.

Valentine Evening - Dressed to kill
If this is your first Valentine then flowers and chocolates will work out just fine as Valentine gifts.But if you want to surprise your girl with something more personal then select a nice dress for the evening.It will not only show that you spent time selecting her valentine gift baskets but will also make her look the most gorgeous woman on the earth. Don't you agree?

Scent your Senses
A perfect Valentine gift ideas for the most handsome man of your life. Of course this Valentine gift is also absolutely befitting for your classy lady. Select a nice perfume for your man or woman and make the Valentine a dazzled world of fragrance and love. There are many brands available in the market. So you can select what suits your sweetheart. This Valentine gift never goes wrong and is a perfect expression to your love.

Valentine Gift Cards
Valentine gift cards are a modern concept of gifting on Valentines Day. These gift cards ensure you that you purchase anything of your choice from selected outlets of the mentioned priced value. Visa gift cards and other gift cards services are now very popular for these services. Get these gift cards and gift them right away to your love. Gift cards are useful also in the purchase of corporate gifts.

The Book of Love
So you have been together for a few years and love each other profusely. In these intimate years you sent him/her so many mails as expressions to your love. Well this Valentine relive all those cherished memorable years. Take a print out of all the love letters and bind it in the form of a book. Gift it to your sweetheart and show that love is not just about the present but also about the moments gone by…

Carved Love
All of us have seen the carved trees with names of the lovers written on them. It looks so romantic. Then why not bring the same spirit to our Valentine gift. This idea is just perfect for the Valentine's Day. Select a big heart shaped candle. With your tools carve some valentines flowers and leaves on the side of the candle. And on the top carve out her name and a small Valentine message. Let the warmth of the candle fill your relationship with love and joy.

You can use same day flower delivery provided by the online flower shops to send flowers on Valentine Day. You can also order valentine baskets, wine gift basket, chocolate gift baskets and other lot more gift idea baskets for your valentine through online shops.

Open Your Heart
Love is an expression of your truest feelings and emotions. Then why be shy about it? This Valentine show the world that you are in love and are proud of it. Great Valentine gift ideas are to get a message printed in a paper. Just a few lines from you and the day is made. On the Valentine morning leave a chit stapled to the newspaper to go through Valentine messages. She'll be surprised at what she finds hidden in the news. You can even dedicate a song on the radio for him, and as he drives for work your voice will follow him.

I hope these Valentine gifts ideas are just perfect and suit enough for your needs for this year celebration. Don't put in it too much. Just be simple but memorable. It's the thought that count. I hope you'll have a lovely Valentine's Day. :D

Lots of LOVE.


  1. What a great posts.
    Wish you an early Valentine's day.
    This idea's certainly different from others Valentine's day gift ideas....

  2. betul mood v-day ko ni moy! The dress to killed yg buat sia tepikir2! heheheh... yg book of love to sdh lor.. hmm..

  3. wah baru sa mau buat ni post but teda kesempatan ow

  4. Yeahhh... I think I got an idea of how to celebrate my valentine day with her... Something that... Ermmm... I will share later in my blog after the day k... Hehehe...

  5. Happy Valentine's Day in advance girl!

  6. Bah, wait till we share about our V-day masing-masing...hehe!

  7. banyaknya pilihan utk gift valentine...?banyak lar gift yang stella kumpul selama nih ek...

  8. u bring me to the v-day mood oo sis..hehe. n till now im still wondering wat v-day gift shud i gve..

  9. Sabahan Bloggers Club:
    Thanks!.:) Wish u V-day too:)

    Ya mood V-day suda ni haha.. Book of love mmg interesting kan.. :)

    ba take ur time ba beaty hehe

  10. MosePA:
    Okay, dont forget to share kio..hehe!

    Same to you moi! :)

    orait sya tunggu :)

  11. ghost writer:
    taklah bnyk sgt hehe..gmbr maybe bnyk la hehehe

    bulih ba kalau kau tu guns! haha

    itu la the purpose tu. mau kasi ko tu V-day punya semangat hahaha

  12. If Mr. M ask me what I want as a gift, I will said lets go to Times and let me pick my favorite book...hehehe

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