01 February 2011

A New Month, February

Yes it's a new month. It is 1st February. I am sure most of us welcoming February with joy and warm heart. Why?.. Because we are in holiday mood for Chinese New Year hehe.. Even some of us maybe already taking leaves starting yesterday until CNY. Great! Can take a rest at home and spend time with family isn't. Therefore i like to take this opportunity to wish 
to all Malaysian. 
I am sure, we, all the Malaysian will be celebrating CNY despite of any races and religions as we are in the era of 1Malaysia isn't.. :)
No matter what celebration it is, whether Chinese New Year, Christmas or Hari Raya, we are all live in one country, 1Malaysia. We celebrate all the festive season. :)

So what are your preparation for CNY?.. Hubby got call from his mom today that we will having the tradition "makan bersama" on the CNY eve. Mom in-law volunteer to cook on that day. I love all her cooking..  Sadap ba masakan dia..terutamanya itu daging masak kicap..yum yum.. :P . So, I will be at parents in-law house for CNY eve and the next day at my parents house for my bro's birthday celebration.

Well, now  i am craving for "kuih bakul" pula.. Managed to buy 3 pieces just now at Tmn Foh Sang. One for only RM5.00. Nanti mau makan lah time CNY hehe.. together with family.. :)

Kuih Bakul.. yummy..

Okay..I end this post here. 
Once again Happy Chinese New Year and stay healthy..:)



  1. nampak sedap la stella tu kuih bakul..apa ingredients dia tu ar..sa muslim bulih mkn kah tu ar..ehehe

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  2. tak penah lagi makan kuih bakul...
    err..kuih bulan tuh sama tak dengan kuih bakul stella?

  3. Nasib ko mentioned about kuih bakul, sa terlupa taruh di dalam must buy list saya...uhuh!

    Bah, Happy Holiday kio...(^^)

  4. nothing fancy for this year CNY..pigi cny eve dinner at hubby's family side. first day of cny pigi house visiting...2nd day baru balik my parent's house. gitu2 ja la :)

    happy holidays and gong xi ni stella!

  5. happy new year to you and family, Stella!!

  6. Happy Chinese New Year 2011 Stella + Richard... Hehehe... Gong Xi Fa Chai... Angpau na lai (ngam kai tu?)... Hehehe... Main2 jah kio... same goes to all my blogger friends... Happy Chinese New Year... Yeahhh...

  7. yaa sy pn ska mkn tu nian gao tp tym cny ja sy ska.cz its a homemade nian gao frm my auntie then nian gao dia lembut ni cmpare ma kdai pnya.hehe..btw, Gong Xi Fa Chai!!:)

  8. gong xi gong xi :)
    jemput singgah jenguk kami yer ;p

  9. kuih bakul..mimang sadap..apa isi kuih bakul? ada bakul kicil2 ka?eheh

  10. Wish you:

    Happy Chinese New Year.
    Tù nián jí xiáng!
    Good Luck in the Year of the Rabbit!"

    SBC Admin.
    Sabahan Bloggers Club.

  11. hot mama:
    ya sedap tu kuih tu hehe.. ingredient dia ialah sugar, water, glutinous rice flour and cooking oil..tu ja..simple kan?..hehe

    ada lain sikit tu biskut

    TQ..hehehe..same to u..:)

  12. chegu carol:
    ya sama la kita tu.. Same to u..:)

    thanks! same to u..:)

    thanks! same goes to u..:)

  13. cindy:
    sioknya dpt mkn homemade punya kuih bakul.mesti sedap kan..:)

    TQ..of course :)

    teda bakul kici2 tu hehehe

  14. Sumandak:
    same to u..:)

    TQ..same to u! :)

  15. Hope it's not too late for me to wish u happy chinese new year! :) Kuih bakul tu sa suka kalau goreng sama telur, potong kecil2 then celup dalam telur and goreng. Memang unhealthy tp sedaaappp... ;)

  16. Ladykath:
    aih blh pula buat gitu?..hehe


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