26 November 2011

3 Months Old

Baby Gabriel turned 3 months old yesterday. Time flies so fast. Feels like I just gave birth to him yesterday..

But I am so glad to see his progress. I guess this is the part where mothers enjoying so much.. Enjoying the development of their kids growing up. To see him growing up so fast; I don't want to miss a bit of it. I really love to see it before my eyes. The enjoyment and blissfulness you can't describe. 

Some people said, you'll become wise enough once you become a mother. You started to think about your baby's goodness, what is the best for him, to protect him and etc. These are the responsibility that you must to handle once you become a parent, in the hope of he will become the best in term of health and behaviour. In the hope that he will be the best son of yours when he is grown up.

Indeed the enjoyment and blissfulness being a mother you can't describe. Once you become a mother, then you'll know it. For the moment, I am enjoying motherhood so much; every part of it. :D

Meanwhile, baby Gabriel is now :-

- able to hold his head up by himself..:)

- can really watch and enjoy tv programme. He even smile and laughing while watching BBTV, Channel 611 and 610. His fav cartoon is Dinosaur Train..

- can laugh with loud out voice. So cute! I wish I can record it for you to watch.. :)

- able to talk with you (baby talk).. & grab your attention.. pandai bawa bercerita ba..hehe 

- able to touch and grab his toys, pacifier, bottle.. :D

- trying to feels things through his tongue. Habis jari tangan semua masuk mulut bah! hihi.. I guess this is a sign of teething.. :D

- able to response quickly when his daddy play with him.. :)

- able to show his emotion. Pandai marah2 suda..bkn nangis seja haha..funny!

So, this is the latest picture of baby Gabriel. :D

See, I told you.. his hand in his mouth already.. hehe

That's it for today. Have a blessed day ahead.. :D

20 November 2011


Wow it's another nice date, 20-11-2011 after 11-11-11.. :) 
For those who are celebrating birthday today, tying a knot, giving birth to a baby, I wish you a blessed day.. 
I believe today would be the most historical and memorable day for you.

 It's me and baby Gabriel :)

For me, I don't have any special thing to do on this day. 
 Today as early as 8.00am, we (hubby, dear son and I) went to St Peter Church, Kudat, then later went for a breakfast in Kudat town. And after that, just spending some quality time with beloved hubby and son at home.

How about you?.. :)
That's it for now.. Have a fun weekend. :D

18 November 2011

The hair story..

It's been 2 months 3 weeks and 3 days since I gave birth to baby Gabriel..The post-natal effect is now affected me. Yes, that is the hair fall problem..

I discovered this problem few days back. I am sure most of post-natal ladies experienced the same. I heard it is because the hormones thing. Mostly two to three months after delivery, the hormones started to change back to normal, therefore the problem such as hair loss will occured.

I don't know when it will be stopped. I heard some of mothers experienced this problem until 1 year period of time.

So, dear mothers out there who faced this problem, please share your experiences and care to share your method on how to overcome it. :)

Really glad to hear from you. 

That's it. 
Have a blast Friday ;)

12 November 2011

I'm Excited! :D

Yes, indeed I am so excited. Really excited for the coming month of December. Well who's doesn't?.. December is a month of Christmas, a month of holiday.. and I am sure most of you feels the same.. :D

For me, December is always my favorite month of the year. It is a month of celebrations for me.

Here are what will happen in December. :D

13-12-2011  My Birthday
17-12-2011  Hubby's Birthday
25-12-2011  Christmas Day and baby Gabriel will be exactly 4 months
29-12-2011  Our 4th wedding anniversary
31-12-2011  Countdown to New Year 2012! :D

Me and hubby still in discussion of the place for Christmas day celebration and wedding anniversary for this year. Still in searching the best place to visit..

By the way, Christmas celebration this year really meaningful and special for both me and hubby. Knowing the fact that we will celebrate Christmas Day with the appearance of our dearest baby boy for the first time, makes us feel very happy.

We can't ask for more. Our son is the greatest gift we ever had for Christmas.. :D

That's it for now. Take care. :D


02 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday #5: Baby Gabriel at 2months

Baby Gabriel with his new toy. A gift from daddy :)
At 2 months he is now starting to see, touch and play with his toy.. He even talk to it.. Mommy and daddy so happy to see his new progress. :D

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