08 December 2014

MomsTalkYoga 1st Gathering

The MomsTalkYoga gathering was a great success even though there were only seven of us that could make it on the 29th November 2014. The gathering was held at Beach 2 Tanjung Aru and thank God for the nice weather. We were very excited that some of us met for the very first time.

What is MomsTalkYoga actually? 

MomsTalkYoga is actually a group of mama who are practicing yoga, whether practicing at home or attending class. This group was created a year ago which is somewhere in between November and December 2013 if I'm not mistaken (how come i don't remember when I'm one of the admin LOL >_< ) over a Facebook group to share our interest in yoga and sharing information about yoga.

So after a year we've connected over a virtual world, we finally met up face to face on our first gathering on last November. Indeed it was a fun meet up, sharing infos, getting to know each other again, chit chatting, sharing some food and of course there is a 'poga' session haha! Posing + Yoga which we called it Poga haha!

So here are some photos on that day:-

I met most of them for the very first time and I put our pics in a collage. 
Isn't this nice?.. :)

 I met Eva and Jess for the very first time. 
Nice to know them. So sweet. :)

Happy faces :)

Wheel Pose in group. Spot me! :P

 I just love the sunset view and the poses too.. :)

Indeed it was a great fun gathering. And a great place for a gathering too. I haven't walk around at Tanjung Aru Beach for about a year plus since I'm back from the UK and definitely it's a great place for picnics with family and friends. The sunset view was really amazing! :)

Looking forward for more meet up in the future. I hope there will be more members could join in the next gathering on December, which is on this month yeay! :)

That is all for now. Thanks for visiting here. 
Have a great week ahead. :)

19 November 2014

I'm Back!

Hello there!

Yes, I'm back!.. I'm back to baking mode! I have started to take cake orders starting this month (Nov 2014) and how i miss to bake for my family and friends!. 

Now that I'm in KK, i have plenty of time to bake even though i have to sneak in some time during my lil toddler napping time or in the midnight.

I arrived in Malaysia on the 3rd October 2014 and officially touched down KK on 8th October 2014. (will blog out about this later). I am so happy that now i get to bake for family and friends and continue to explore new recipes. I am very excited to try some recipes and few are already on the list.

Recently i baked the Carrot Walnut Cake for the first time and it was really good. The taste was really nice and wish to bake it again. The recipe was quite straight forward. I'll blog it out the recipe soon. 

 Carrot Walnut Cake

The carrot walnut recipe isn't too sweet and i think it really suit to my taste. It is moist but not oily. I brought it to my parent's house last Sunday. They are always been my cake taster since the early phase of my baking works haha! The feedback was good and encouraging. 

Here are the carrot walnut cake I baked for tea time. Hubby requested for cream cheese topping and it works marvelous! It was a great combination. But i have to refrain myself from eating this more. Well, you know..  because I'm a dessert lover haha! I could finish the whole plate by myself hahaha! And surely the next day i will blame myself when i saw my waistline increases to 2 inches!..  :P  

So here are some of the cakes i bake for friends last week :- 

Chocolate Moist Cake with Frozen topper
Chocolate CheeseCake which is rich in Chocolate because i used Dark Chocolate compound in the batter.

 Carrot Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese frosting ordered by a friend only for 'makan-makan'.

That is all for now. Thanks for visiting here. I hope i will able to update my blog regularly again like i used to be and continue to bake more cakes too haha! I think i have to get new oven which is bigger than i have now and maybe another stand mixer. Oh my! perhaps these could be my Christmas list. Who knows! Kasi hint2 dulu sawo hihihi >_<

Have a great week ahead. God bless. 

24 September 2014

Grateful Tuesday, Cold Tuesday

I am extremely happy today! 

And very grateful that finally our boxes now carried out to be shipped. Two Msians came to our place around 2pm today to picked up those boxes out. They are from a shipping company owned by Msian which the headquater located in Manchester.

I'm thankful for a friend recommended me with this shipping company. Hopefully our things will arrived safely in KK in 2 months time. :)

20 September 2014

A Gloomy Friday vs A Happy Friday

Oh what a gloomy Friday. This cold weather makes me lazy. It's hard to get off from the bed. Feels like i want to sleep all day long. Oh, i am a MOM, i cannot do that! LOL

The house agent actually contacted my husband through a phone call few days ago telling that she would come by today to view the house at around 1pm. Now at 4 hours later, she still didn't turn up. I wanted to do my daily yoga routine but i'm afraid that she'll suddenly knocks the door haha! Well, i'm feeling lazy today though so the yoga session has been cancelled. I guess it is because of the weather too LOL.

18 September 2014

New Toy, Happy Mode On :)

Hello dear readers,
How is your day today?.. I hope everything is good. No matter what happened today, be grateful for even a small thing. 

I am grateful for everything, for every blessings that God has granted my family and me as well today. Yes, i am just only an ordinary human. It is undeniable there are times i doubted something, feels down and depressed. 

But all that is the process of living and i know God never leaves me. He always be there for me and it is up to me to open my heart to let He enters in. 

Yes, absolutely. I will lean everything onto Him. Especially when it seem the whole thing hurts and no one I can lean onto anymore. He is my healer and always cheers me up in the right time, right place with His power of Love. Praise to GOD! :)

Well, I am smiling ear to ear since yesterday because i got a new toy haha! 

17 September 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Flowers

Flowers at Grosvenor Park. Aren't they lovely?.. Calming effect.. I love to walk around the park to view these flowers. Autumn is on the way and these flowers will vanish soon.

Oh wait! isn't this supposed to be wordless post?.. Haha 


11 September 2014

Today, A Year Ago

Today, a year ago we inside a plane heading to the UK. 

I was nervous this time around because we were travelling for a long journey ( almost 13 hours) with our lil boy. He just entered 2 year old and the fact that he might get cranky to sit on a plane for long hours made me worry. 

Traveling with small kid might be challenging but great experience. I have one kid at the moment. Hat off to those parents out there who are traveling with more kids! :)

It was my first ever experience onboard as well for this long hours journey and to the place i have never been before. I can say it was exciting but at the same time i was trembling haha..

As i recalled back in the beginning of the journey, i must be grateful and Praise to God because our little boy didn't get cranky and he sleeps almost of the hours, because our flight from Kuala Lumpur to London Heathrow scheduled at midnight (Malaysia Time). 

He sleeps throughout the journey. He did wake up for about an hour though and fall asleep again. 

It was amazing experience, good memories and like a dream comes true. But not all journey are smooth. You might encounter few obstacles before reaching your destination. Furthermore, this was our first time, right?.. :)

I still remember the moment we reached at Heathrow Airport, we lost Gabriel's stroller haha. We have to walk all the way to the departure hall again to look for the stroller.

Another thing is the thorough checking at London airport before we get another plane to Manchester Airport, with Gabriel's bottle milk, medicine and 'bosou' ( Sabah traditional cuisine). I think i'd blogged this before. 

Trust me, you'll relieved when everything falls into place, and for that you'll never fail to be grateful, the things that God has guided you. Oh, it was really a great experience!

Well, what a coincident though. Today is exactly a year we travelled to the UK and there goes my #ThrowbackThursday as today is Thursday. :)

That is all for now. Thank you for visiting here.
God bless and have a great week ahead.


10 September 2014


Have you ever heard about MNG?.. I think most you have known it before or maybe some of you didn't. I stumbled upon their website few days ago and find out it is really interesting brand with variety of fashion designs that caught my eyes. I love their style and wouldn't mind to spend money in this line to add more collections in my wardrobe. 

So what is MNG actually?..

MNG or known as Mango had been one of the successful brand name in the fashion industry. Mango offers women a wide range of outfits ranging from dresses, t-shirts, tank tops, blouses, trousers, shorts, skirts, maxi dress, jumpsuits, coats and more. 

Trust me, you will definitely be amazed with the huge collection from Mango. My eyes are rolling when i see those blouses and dresses haha!

MNG constantly produces great designs based on the fast changing fashion trends and the part i like the best is to have mostly every piece of clothing under one roof. It is definitely easy to mixmatch the clothes to suit your personal style.

There are three major looks which a woman can create with the clothing from MNG Malaysia.

The Casual Chic
The casual look is not just the plain old tee and jeanspairing but women can have a revamped appearance with other multiple casual styles according to their mood.  

Women can pull together an oversized blouse or sweater and pair it with nice cropped pants for a laid back feel or go a little bit trendy by wearing a jumpsuit. To perk up your look, accessorize your outfit with a statement necklace, sunglasses, belt or even a clutch bag.

The Sophisticated Women
The next look is catered more towards the ladies who are working in the corporate world or the 9 to 5 job. Mango offers stylish yet sophisticated outfits such as business shirts, blouses, jackets, blazers and trousers for women to wear to the office looking absolutely stunning. 

Forget those typical suits and wear Mango professional wear which are designed to accentuate your body figure and reveals your classy personality.

      The Feminine Lady
Dresses for Mango are perfect for the ladies who want to look more feminine and portray a ladylike personality. The ladies who want to attempt the sweet innocent look can opt for the floral printed dresses from Mango and layer it with a matching cardigan. 

For the women who love wearing dresses to work can also select from Mango formal dresses available in their collection. Pair it with a pair of killer high heels or go more edgy with some boots. 

If you can’t wait to try these fashion looks, try checking out ZALORA as it offers Mango online for their customers.

So what are you waiting for?.. Head over to Zalora site now and start to shop those elegant blouses and sweet dresses.. hehe :)

Thank you for stopping by here. 
Have a great day ahead, and Happy Shopping.. :)


06 September 2014

Making My First Beanie

My 1st attempt to make a beanie for our lil boy.

I'm so happy to see the outcome. I mean this crochet thing, you must have a patience heart to see the end result.

I am into crochet lately. I'm still a very beginner in crochet world. This beanie, i learnt to make it from youtube. 

I find it is interesting. As a self learn crocheting, it might be quite tricky for the first time but as i familiar with the patterns and and the way to make the chains and double crochet, it's getting fun.

So what's your hobby lately? Any new fav thing to do on your free time?.. I will make this crochet once my lil boy taking his nap. He's seeking much attention from me when he is wide awake. Biasa lah bah kan budak2.. Minta perhatian saja..

Thanks for dropping by.

Have a great weekend.

05 September 2014

Gabriel is 3!

We celebrated our lil boy's birthday on last week (25th August 2014). It was just a simple celebration for the three of us. Since our family and friends far away in KK, so here were we, just the three of us.

Since our lil boy likes minion, i made a minion deco birthday cake for him. 

The moment he saw the cake, he wanted to pinch the minion's eyes..LOL

It is a chocolate moist flavour. Glad he ate the cake, though he is not so into cake.

How time flies... Our lil boy is 3 now. And soon he will enter school. I miss when he was a newborn but at the same time can't wait to see him as a big boy..Supaya boleh tolong mummy masak dan cuci piring di dapur hahaha

I am blessed to have such a lovely and sweet family.

Thank you God for this meaningful gift.

Thank you for Your guidances and blessings.

Please lead me and my family to a better path of life according to your way. Amen 

I pray may when Gabriel grown up, he will be a good man, a good citizen, respect the elders, keep in faith in Jesus Christ and loving to his parents. A good career in life,  generous and kindhearted. Amen ..

Thank you for reading here. Have a great day ahead.


27 July 2014

The North Wales Experience: Llandudno

Llandudno is a small town in North Wales. I can see that the town is a very peaceful place to live. It is situated near a beach. It is said that Llandudno is the largest resort at the seaside. The view is simply amazing and people around are very friendly too.

It was very windy when we were walking by the beach. There's a lot of seagull flying here and there, making noise for food. 

The Prince Edward Square is just about 5 mins walk from the Beach House ( a guest house which we stayed). The square is situated by the beach and it is the main attraction here.

I'm glad that I've tried the fish and chips in North Wales. A friend told me that their special dish is fish and chips. The fish is fresh and suited with the chips too. But that was in Conway. I guess that speciality would be merely the same across North Wales.

As usual, i have to be certain about food for our young boy, because this lil boy of mine won't eat anything beside noodles, choc chip bun and rice with soysauce. I am so relieved that there is Chinese take away in Llandudno. Our toddler doesn't eat any western meal except for potato chips. So i am really happy to found one Chinese food outlet here, therefore we bought noodles as take away for him.

Llandudno also known as the place where the real Alice in The Wonderland had been for vacation. You can see Alice statue stand tall at the town, Mad Hatter and the Rabbit as well. There is event about this Alice in The Wonderland organized here every year too. Based on what i read on Llandudno website, there will be a parade around the town and people will wear costume referring Alice and her friends every year.

So let photos do the talking. :)

Indeed Llandudno is a very beautiful place to visit. I'm going to visit here again someday. I wish.

If you need a vacation or for a weekend escapade from that busy city life, this place would be a perfect place to go.

By the way, thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy reading and browsing the photos.

Till then, have a great week ahead.


22 July 2014


Five days ago we (all the Malaysian, in fact the whole world) were shocked by the news of Malaysian plane crashed at the border of Ukraine. I received the news via short notification from astro awani on my ipad. I was just hoping the passengers were safe. 

On that tragic day, 17th July 2014,  we (hubby and Gabriel) were actually just arrived home at about 4.30pm from our short trip in Paris. The moment i told hubby about the news, he switched on the tv straight away to BBC channel looking for breaking news about this plane crash. It was really devastated to know the cause of the crashed. It was shot down. Speechless. 

Yes, the moment I heard the words "shot down", i was speechless. Feels like my heartbeat stops for a second. In my head, it keeps telling me if the plane was shot down, then the chances are zero for survivors. And my guess was true. Heartbreaking, i know.

             Truly deeply feeling sorry for the family members the moment i watched this 

The whole world still hoping for MH370 to be found again, and now another plane was missing from radar and the worst part is it was forced to fall down from the sky. Sadly, in this modern era there are people who are still eager to kill each other. Why the hatred? Can we just live in a peace world? And this innocent people who are nothing to do with your hatred was murdered because of your evil vengeance. Aren't you feeling guilty now? A husband lost his wife and children, a wife lost her husband, parents lost their children and grandchildren, a friend lost a good friend. Aren't you feeling guilty at all?? What the world has become nowadays. Sad. So sad.

Since then, i wake up every morning with heavy heart. My heart seems mourning. My thought focuses to the passengers, their family members, relatives and friends. A lot of questions spinning around in my mind. I know it was really hard. In fact, it is. Although none of my family members on the plane, i could feel part of me is missing. I could feel the emptiness. Part of me is angry, another part are traumatized and sad. Mixed feeling. 

This MH17 tragedy will be remembered. Honestly, i never thought such thing could happen to our (Malaysian) plane. In fact, i think most of us have not thought about this. Seems like no places are safe anymore. But, we don't lose hope. We will always pray for the peace of this earth.

I pray may God have mercy to the victims, to let their soul rest in peace, and grant a strong and peace heart to each of the family members of the passengers on board. 

Take care and God bless.

15 July 2014

The North Wales Experience: The Beach House

We (hubby and I with our lil boy)  just came back from 2 nights trip to North Wales on last Friday. The journey took 1 hour via train from Chester station to Llandudno Station.

I'm so happy this time because Gabriel (our lil boy), is now getting used to travel around via train. Not like the first time we travel to Manchester City, where he cried out loud the moment we get inside the train. And as the train stop at any station he will cried too. I guess he's now getting used to it and he likes to sit near the window where he can view sceneries while the train is moving.

 Upon arriving at Llandudno Train Station.

We stayed at Beach House Bed and Breakfast Llandudno. The most comfortable guest house we ever stayed. The family room is so spacious and the price per night is affordable. We had fun and great experience. Especially the guest house, the beach side and country side. So calming and wish to visit here again.

The owner of the Beach House is so friendly and warm. I like her. She really understands the things we need especially travelling with lil kid. My experience staying at this guest house is wonderful. The room is very clean and comfortable to stay and complete with toileteris like shampoo and shower gel, towels, sweet treats for kids, mineral water, and hairdryer. Free WIFI available.

They served Welsh traditional breakfast, apart from toast and cereal. The breakfast area is so clean too and provided with baby chair. Unlike few of bed and breakfast we ever stayed in Chester and London, baby chair is not available. 

So here are few pics i want to share:-

In front of the Beach House

The Beach House. The guest house we stayed for 2 nights.

The Welsh Traditional breakfast

My lil boy and hubby during breakfast

The room. It is family room type at first floor.

The Bathroom

The whole bathroom floor is in carpet

As you can see the name of the guest house we stayed is the Beach House. Yes, it is located near the beach. You can see the beachside from the window. And it is so windy too. A lot of seagulls flying here and there. There's a lot of guest houses, resorts and apartments along the beach. And in the middle there is square which they called the Prince Edward Square. (i'll post more about this later in my next post).

The view from window. Gabriel really loves to stand near the window. He loves to see what is going on outside. What a calming view. Just like a painting.

That is all for now. If you happen to have vacation in Llandudno, North Wales, this guest house really recommended.  I love the clean and spacious room because as you tired of walking exploring the city for the whole day, and when you came back to your room, it never fails to make you calm and relax. 

That is all for now. Have a great week ahead. 
Stay tune for my next post about the beachside and Llandudno town. I may share some pics. 

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Take care.

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