22 July 2014


Five days ago we (all the Malaysian, in fact the whole world) were shocked by the news of Malaysian plane crashed at the border of Ukraine. I received the news via short notification from astro awani on my ipad. I was just hoping the passengers were safe. 

On that tragic day, 17th July 2014,  we (hubby and Gabriel) were actually just arrived home at about 4.30pm from our short trip in Paris. The moment i told hubby about the news, he switched on the tv straight away to BBC channel looking for breaking news about this plane crash. It was really devastated to know the cause of the crashed. It was shot down. Speechless. 

Yes, the moment I heard the words "shot down", i was speechless. Feels like my heartbeat stops for a second. In my head, it keeps telling me if the plane was shot down, then the chances are zero for survivors. And my guess was true. Heartbreaking, i know.

             Truly deeply feeling sorry for the family members the moment i watched this 

The whole world still hoping for MH370 to be found again, and now another plane was missing from radar and the worst part is it was forced to fall down from the sky. Sadly, in this modern era there are people who are still eager to kill each other. Why the hatred? Can we just live in a peace world? And this innocent people who are nothing to do with your hatred was murdered because of your evil vengeance. Aren't you feeling guilty now? A husband lost his wife and children, a wife lost her husband, parents lost their children and grandchildren, a friend lost a good friend. Aren't you feeling guilty at all?? What the world has become nowadays. Sad. So sad.

Since then, i wake up every morning with heavy heart. My heart seems mourning. My thought focuses to the passengers, their family members, relatives and friends. A lot of questions spinning around in my mind. I know it was really hard. In fact, it is. Although none of my family members on the plane, i could feel part of me is missing. I could feel the emptiness. Part of me is angry, another part are traumatized and sad. Mixed feeling. 

This MH17 tragedy will be remembered. Honestly, i never thought such thing could happen to our (Malaysian) plane. In fact, i think most of us have not thought about this. Seems like no places are safe anymore. But, we don't lose hope. We will always pray for the peace of this earth.

I pray may God have mercy to the victims, to let their soul rest in peace, and grant a strong and peace heart to each of the family members of the passengers on board. 

Take care and God bless.


  1. sedih betul kan stelle... kesian betul ni.. i just hope for justice and I hope the family members and friends of victims is strong to face this

  2. Skrg ni mcm ada rasa lain mcm naik kapal.. huhuhu...


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