27 July 2014

The North Wales Experience: Llandudno

Llandudno is a small town in North Wales. I can see that the town is a very peaceful place to live. It is situated near a beach. It is said that Llandudno is the largest resort at the seaside. The view is simply amazing and people around are very friendly too.

It was very windy when we were walking by the beach. There's a lot of seagull flying here and there, making noise for food. 

The Prince Edward Square is just about 5 mins walk from the Beach House ( a guest house which we stayed). The square is situated by the beach and it is the main attraction here.

I'm glad that I've tried the fish and chips in North Wales. A friend told me that their special dish is fish and chips. The fish is fresh and suited with the chips too. But that was in Conway. I guess that speciality would be merely the same across North Wales.

As usual, i have to be certain about food for our young boy, because this lil boy of mine won't eat anything beside noodles, choc chip bun and rice with soysauce. I am so relieved that there is Chinese take away in Llandudno. Our toddler doesn't eat any western meal except for potato chips. So i am really happy to found one Chinese food outlet here, therefore we bought noodles as take away for him.

Llandudno also known as the place where the real Alice in The Wonderland had been for vacation. You can see Alice statue stand tall at the town, Mad Hatter and the Rabbit as well. There is event about this Alice in The Wonderland organized here every year too. Based on what i read on Llandudno website, there will be a parade around the town and people will wear costume referring Alice and her friends every year.

So let photos do the talking. :)

Indeed Llandudno is a very beautiful place to visit. I'm going to visit here again someday. I wish.

If you need a vacation or for a weekend escapade from that busy city life, this place would be a perfect place to go.

By the way, thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy reading and browsing the photos.

Till then, have a great week ahead.



  1. Waahhhh. You are so lucky. Punya cantik tempat2 ko pigi ni. Capture the scene with your memory and you can keep it forever.

    1. Yes.. Itu lah tu... Kasi bikin kenangan kan.. Mmg sweet memories di sini..

  2. Siokkk o...berabis kamu jalan2 kan, ngam laitu hihi cantik2 semua gmbar tu tempat kamu pigi...bikin mau pigi juga haha


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