21 December 2011

One Fine Saturday..

It was fine Saturday. 
17 December 2011, nice weather and a meaningful day for my loved one.
Yes, it was a date which my hubby was born.

We celebrated it at Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. We went for lunch there. And it was on me.. ;) A birthday treat for him. There was no surprise gift, just a simple lunch. Yet it was meaningful and memorable because baby gabriel was there too for the 1st time. ;)

Okay, let pictures do the talk ;)

for him.. ;)

 Blessed birthday dear ;)

hubby with baby gabriel ;)

Oh and by the way, I went to salon on the same day to cut my hair.  
I got tremendous hair fall after I delivered baby gabriel. Several experienced mommies advised me to cut it, so i took their advice. Hubby encouraged me to cut my hair too..

Christmas hair.. the hair bang tidak terurus bah..deii hehe

Okay, that's it for now. Thanks for visiting here ;)

14 December 2011

13-12-11 ;)

Hello dear friends, 
we've been through nice numbers (dates) throughout the year. 
And now we are in the midst of December already. 
Another nice date after 11.11.11 and 20.11.2011, 
it is 13.12.11 which is yesterday.. ;)

As of others maybe choose those dates for their wedding ceremony or engagement party, the date 13.12.11 itself really special for me. 
It is because my birthday falls on 13th December. ;)

Well what was happened on my birthday?.. Any surprise by hubby?.. Most of friend asked me whether i got what i dream of.. 

So what is actually i dream of?.. To be honest, a thought would be enough. And having them (the love of my life) to celebrate with me on my birthday is really meaningful to me. What more I can think of?.. The loves of my life, dearest gabriel and dearest hubby.. :D 

However, dearest hubby was thoughtful enough. He booked a room at Kudat Golf & Marina Resort without me knowing. Kira surprise la kunun tu.. ;)

 Here some of the pics ;)

 at the 1st day..

 the loves of my life ;)

 a surprise birthday treats for me.. ;p

 I Love these moments ;)

 A surprise birthday treat from hubby. Western food. Sbb bnyk kali saya ckp sama hubby teringin mau mkn western food sbb susah ba mau cari di Kudat ni..

 View from our room ;) Nice kan..

And lastly, as always Mommy and Gabriel ;)

 We're spending 2 nights here. The place is so relaxing. Tomorrow will be the check out. So, for those who are planning to do vacation in Kudat, this resort is highly recommended..hehe..

Indeed i had fun here with lil gabriel and dear hubby. Thanks to dear hubby for planning this for me. I'm really appreciate it.. ;)
Again, it's the thought that counts. :D

Okay that's it for today.
Have a blessed week. ;)

11 December 2011

Welcoming December

Hello dear friends, December is here..:) 
Time flies really fast.. 
Feels like i just gave birth to my lil boy.
And this coming Christmas he will be 4 months old..

I am welcoming December with a BIG smile this year. There will be three of us. So sweet.. I want to put this great moment in a photo. I want to cherish it as it is the first time baby Gabriel be with us on this Christmas season. Thank you GOD for such a great and amazing gift. 
It is a huge gift to us. :D

Oh ya..did you all saw the lunar eclipse last night?.. It was amazing event isn't it?... I managed to watched right in front of our house. No clouds and it was really clear. ;)

By the way, as today is the 3rd Sunday of Advent, i would like to share some pics which were taken at St Peter Church in Kudat. 

Enjoy the pics.. :)

 before the altar

 next to Christmas tree of Love ;)

The church..

And finally mommy and gabriel ;)


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