11 December 2011

Welcoming December

Hello dear friends, December is here..:) 
Time flies really fast.. 
Feels like i just gave birth to my lil boy.
And this coming Christmas he will be 4 months old..

I am welcoming December with a BIG smile this year. There will be three of us. So sweet.. I want to put this great moment in a photo. I want to cherish it as it is the first time baby Gabriel be with us on this Christmas season. Thank you GOD for such a great and amazing gift. 
It is a huge gift to us. :D

Oh ya..did you all saw the lunar eclipse last night?.. It was amazing event isn't it?... I managed to watched right in front of our house. No clouds and it was really clear. ;)

By the way, as today is the 3rd Sunday of Advent, i would like to share some pics which were taken at St Peter Church in Kudat. 

Enjoy the pics.. :)

 before the altar

 next to Christmas tree of Love ;)

The church..

And finally mommy and gabriel ;)



  1. Hi Stella!
    St Peter's Church Kudat is so much alike St Francis Xavier Cathedral 15 years ago. Sekarang SFX cathedral banyak kena expand suda...

  2. And oh, even the church altar, the altar background and the tiles...they are exactly the same like SFX dulu.

  3. oh yeah.. :-).. Baby G in da house.. ^_^.v.. So cute oh dia..

  4. Chegu carol:
    Oh maybe the Designer tu org yg sama kan ;)

    Tq.. Dia ja bnyk interframe ni hihi

  5. cepat dorang membesar o kn stella.. :) baby Gabriel is sooo adorable o..makin mcm muka ko ni.

  6. Ya cpt drg membesar oh nc.. Sometime sya fikir sya mesti miss masa dia kecil ni..adui... Must cherish the moment ;)
    Ya ka, makin mcm muka sya ka..ramai ckp gitu sdh skrg ;)

  7. Your baby is Mommy's boy. Sa tinguk muka dia kan...tatap ikut cakap mommy saja.

    Just wanted to share with you; boys mmg ngam with mommy. Mcm sa, tiga2 boys sa 'malakat' with me (^^)

  8. mmg muka dady dia owh stel. hahahha...

    btw, sia nda nmpk tu eclipse mlm tu. sini kl mendung. awan tebal! huhuh..

  9. The background of the church really nice. Next time I have my own house, sia mo batu-batu bersusun macam tu ;D Hahaa.

    I like your baby's baju slash apron. Hehee. Cute the cartoon.

    And ya, I agree with you. The best present is having your own small version of you ;)

    Happy Wednesday, Stella.

    Oya, dunno you wanna join or not. But sia tag ja a, manatau si baby Gabriel mo ikut hahaa:

  10. beaty:
    tq ;)

    bagus la klu begitu..anak mommy la ni nnti ;)

    mcm daddy dia ka.. ramai yg ckp mcm sya suda. btw, sya pun nmpk mcm daddy dia.. :) itu eclipse terang pula d kudat :)

    Wa mesti expensive tu klu mo bt rumah gitu.
    oh itu daddy dia ba kasi beli tu bib tu hehe..cute kan..
    Ba tag seja, mnatau kami free hehe..


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