About Me


I am just a simple lady. A wife and a mother. I was born in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia. Love to share thoughts and experiences. That is the main reason for the birth of this blog.

Sharing is caring, and I believe that everything in life should be started with positive thinking. I am grateful for what I am having today and always say Thanks to GOD for I still breathing until the very this day. 
 I love my family and always want to cherish my life with them. I took a lot of photos and videos, as well as keep the moments in journal. Yes, this blog is my life journal so that one day, as time goes by, I still can view them and reminisce the beauty of my life which I kept in here.

 I love to share my stories and experiences not to gain praises or some sort like that. This is my blog, my journal. And I am happy enough that if you can earn benefits or lessons through my writing. Take what is good for your self-enrichments and please ignore what is not even in your sense of interest.

I always believe that it's the work of GOD that if you happen stumbled here, upon my blog. That's mean we were meant to meet via this blog. Thank you so much for those who are willing to drop some comment over my entries. And I really appreciate it if you introduce yourself and share your link so that I can come over to visit your blog too. 

Thanks again for taking your time to visit here.  

GOD bless.. :D
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