24 April 2010

One word: Excited..

One word: Excited

I am very excited today.
Must be up to something kan.. Of course hehe.. :)
Will share with you all on my next post..

Till then Have A Fun Weekend.. :D

22 April 2010

Thanks for the Gifts..

He went for another course trip in KL. It was a week ago.. I was sick that time. However, i really appreciate this.. Upon his arrival to KK he surprised me with these gifts.

Thanks so much dear..really appreciate this, and of course lah saya sangat suka hehe..

- A blue color Giossardi purse-

- 4 x 200g Cadbury Chocolate Made in Australia with several flavour combination-
I LOVE this one so much.. :D

Of course these are part of the things that I like to remember for the rest of my life..
Appreciation can be done in just any kind of the way you like..

But it's the thought that counts.. :)

21 April 2010

Finally I Did It !..

Finally I did it.. and this was my first time. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Why I took so long to proceed with this?.. That was because, i was really afraid that it might not suit me. I was really didn’t have the gut to go with it.

Last Saturday (17.4.2010), I went to a salon nearby my house. A history been made.. I finally let my straight hair gone.. I went for curly hairstyle for the 1st time.. I try to do some changes for this year.. mau tukar imej kunun..hihi .. Hubby said this suit me.. At first I felt weird to have this kind of hairstyle.. but now I'm getting use to it.. :D



Some of the comments I got on Facebook..
Thanks for the support... :D

20 April 2010

The Best Gift..

I am thinking of the best gift for mom.. Yes, it’s about mother’s day.. Maybe it is too early to think about it as we just gone pass through mid of April, but I just wanted to make it early so that I can come out with better decision. Last minute gift might not good enough as for sure you’ll just pick what the best depending on time consuming. I have listed some of them, so maybe u can help me to pick what the best and perhaps u can come with better idea too.. Let us just having thought about this for a moment and exchanging some ideas.. :)

1. A Perfume
2. A Bible Diary
3. A bouquet of roses
4. A Thank You Card
5. A Treat for special Dinner / Lunch
6. A Photo Frame with her Photo on it..with some appreciation words written on it.

These are what come in my mind so far..
hmmm.. got to think about this again later..

19 April 2010

Life is Precious..

Last night, I found out from the Star Online that a young Malaysian singer died because of a car accident. He was known quite well in Malaysian music industry.

Life is short and u can never tell when it comes to end..
Therefore cherish every moment u have..
Take care of your health..
Make everyone closed to you happy..
Pray and always praise to GOD that we are still alive today..

17 April 2010

Thanks GOD, Happy Saturday.. :D

It’s a nice Saturday morning.. I went to office as usual. Thank GOD, today I feel better. I’ve been ill for about 2 weeks from fever, coughing, flue, headache, sore throat.. and I felt too weak to do any activity for the whole weeks.. It’s really challenging since I was alone at home. Hubby went for outstation. And another thing, I have to get my entire project in office done because of the due date was around the corner. Although I took 2 days mc, it really still not enough for me to recover. But then there came small voice from my heart.. It told me to stay strong. I was struggling for the whole 2 weeks. Thank GOD, I managed to face it.
There were times when I felt too tired and despaired.. but I know GOD was watching over me and gave me that strength to moved on.. I have done all the office work and submitted it to my superior. Hubby is now back at home. Feels like now the burdens fade away inches by inches.. I still got little coughing but overall I feel my body gains it health already.. :)


15 April 2010

Please Stop Child Abuse

-Please Show Some Love to Your Child-

How could they do this?.. I don’t understand.. Why there are so many child abuse which end up with death appear in tv lately. These things getting worse.. Our government and related agencies should do something about this.. I noticed that most of the cases involved with stepfather or stepmother. Please think about it, even though you are married with the small kid’s mother/father, it is not giving you right to beat them up with all your heart.

Parents, you are carrying GREAT responsibility to love and to protect your child from any dangers. They are innocent and the greatest life that GOD has given to you.


06 April 2010


Our Lord died on Good Friday, but the Cross did not destroy,
His resurrection on EASTER morn, that fills our heart with Joy..



The Photo Taken During The Easter Vigil Celebration
3rd April 2010, 7.30pm - 11pm
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu.
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