20 April 2010

The Best Gift..

I am thinking of the best gift for mom.. Yes, it’s about mother’s day.. Maybe it is too early to think about it as we just gone pass through mid of April, but I just wanted to make it early so that I can come out with better decision. Last minute gift might not good enough as for sure you’ll just pick what the best depending on time consuming. I have listed some of them, so maybe u can help me to pick what the best and perhaps u can come with better idea too.. Let us just having thought about this for a moment and exchanging some ideas.. :)

1. A Perfume
2. A Bible Diary
3. A bouquet of roses
4. A Thank You Card
5. A Treat for special Dinner / Lunch
6. A Photo Frame with her Photo on it..with some appreciation words written on it.

These are what come in my mind so far..
hmmm.. got to think about this again later..

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