15 April 2010

Please Stop Child Abuse

-Please Show Some Love to Your Child-

How could they do this?.. I don’t understand.. Why there are so many child abuse which end up with death appear in tv lately. These things getting worse.. Our government and related agencies should do something about this.. I noticed that most of the cases involved with stepfather or stepmother. Please think about it, even though you are married with the small kid’s mother/father, it is not giving you right to beat them up with all your heart.

Parents, you are carrying GREAT responsibility to love and to protect your child from any dangers. They are innocent and the greatest life that GOD has given to you.



  1. it hurts to learn that such little innocent souls were taken away in such manner...I wish it would stop...

  2. Yes AngelBear.. it's really hurt.. i dont know why they could do this.. no mercy at all. Same here,i hope this will end sooner.


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