19 April 2010

Life is Precious..

Last night, I found out from the Star Online that a young Malaysian singer died because of a car accident. He was known quite well in Malaysian music industry.

Life is short and u can never tell when it comes to end..
Therefore cherish every moment u have..
Take care of your health..
Make everyone closed to you happy..
Pray and always praise to GOD that we are still alive today..


  1. true. life iS precious. it can be taken from us whenever. sad.

    - nc

  2. Life is precious..hmm.. just let our life in GOD's hand..:)

  3. just heard about it too.. Achick from spin group... soo young... poor his wife and kids... -_-

    1st time here.. ^_^

  4. Hi cath, thanks for visiting here..:)

    ya, poor his wife and kids. He is too young to die..

  5. True indeed,... we will never know when, only God knows... so make the best you can and be Happy always...

  6. Jann: Yes true.. let everything in GOD's hand..live our life happy while we still can..:)


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