31 March 2011

The Last Day of March 2011

Hello dear bloggers and readers,
Wow it's been long time i didn't put some entry here. It's the last day of the month of March today since my last post in February. Will keep on updating from time to time in the future. Sorry for keep you waiting so long. Some of blogger friends asked me where did I go?..What happened to me?.. Why didn't update blog?.. The truth is for now I am in Kudat and the line is not really good here. Yes, i am in Kudat now. It's near with hubby now and i am so happy nowadays. Not really for good, will back to KK like twice a month. After all i have appointment with doctor once a month (will blog it out soon why i have to do so), therefore i will be in KK at least once a month.

Ok that is all for now.. Have a blessed week. See you in the next post. :)

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