31 March 2011

The Last Day of March 2011

Hello dear bloggers and readers,
Wow it's been long time i didn't put some entry here. It's the last day of the month of March today since my last post in February. Will keep on updating from time to time in the future. Sorry for keep you waiting so long. Some of blogger friends asked me where did I go?..What happened to me?.. Why didn't update blog?.. The truth is for now I am in Kudat and the line is not really good here. Yes, i am in Kudat now. It's near with hubby now and i am so happy nowadays. Not really for good, will back to KK like twice a month. After all i have appointment with doctor once a month (will blog it out soon why i have to do so), therefore i will be in KK at least once a month.

Ok that is all for now.. Have a blessed week. See you in the next post. :)


  1. rindu suda sama ko stelle...aii ko p kudat pula..aiyaa..mesti ko rindu blog ko kan..n kami semua ko transfer kerja sana ka

    bah mgkn ko pun ada good news to shared ka...bh mcm sa tau ja ni..heheh anyaway welcome back ya stelle..and glad to see u here again

  2. nice photo... it was the first one that caught my eyes...

  3. come on stella..share with us the good news..tak baik tau simpan lama2..hehe ;)

  4. hello.. long time no hear.. yes! just now i saw your post at my bloglink.. so I must come by to see what's up.. :)

  5. Good to hear from u! Sa pun hairan napa ko lama tidak blog ni sbb kalau ko ada mmg hari2 ada update kan.. Hehe.. Bha, share2 la the good news.. ;)

  6. lamanya tak baca entry stella..lama tul stella menghilang...

    hope u hepi stella

  7. Hi Stell, miss u ni and happy to see ur post... hmm, ada gud news kah tu? all the best k!

  8. darl! you pregnant?! wawawawa...hehe!

    Bah, take care and keep blogging...

  9. Sis...lamanya hilang...apa kbr ko ni?Sa tau sudah ni good news ko b4 ko kasih tau lagi..hahahaa...bah take care ahh...apa ko rasa2 mo makan ni..hehehee

  10. Patutlah lama menghilang, di FB ja saya nampak (hehe)...
    Another good news to be share, macam saya tau ja nie (~~). Bah jaga kesihatan baik-baik aah...don't worry, update bila ada masa. Saya pun jarang sudah update and blogwalking, bukan macam dulu semua kena round (huhuhu)...

  11. Beaty:
    Hi beaty...miss u too! sya mmg rindu juga sama semua kwn2 bloggers.. Yes i am in Kudat la ni..sya tdk transfer keja, i just move to stay here.

    Ya mau share the gud news laini.. for the next post :)

    TQ..glad to see u again too :) GBU

    TQ so much! :)

  12. NC:
    ba.. mo share la ba ni hehe..wait for the next post :)

    Thanks for your concern reana... Thanks for visiting here. I am glad.. :)

  13. Ladykath:
    ya sorry sbb lama teda update..hehe! miss u all my fren.. :) ya will share it soon :)

    ya lama menghilang..will update again soon :) TQ

  14. Vera:
    Miss u too vera!
    Yes..mau share2 laini..haha!


  15. Ellen:
    Sihat2 ba juga sya ni..Lama juga sya menghilang kan..adeh..sorry kio..:)

    Sumandak Kinabalu:
    Thanks for ur concern and understanding.. :) Ya palan2 la sya update ni..:)

  16. Sya terasa btl ko bila teda update o stella...^_^ sbb ko antara yg paling rajin visit sa time sa baru mula2 active blogging ^_^

    very nice photo of u Stella ^_^

  17. after so long, finally u r back!hehe..oo u move to kudat sdh?naa gud la tu dkt sdh wit ur hubby kn.btw, mcm sy ada hidu gud news oo.cant wait for the next post la ni.hehe..God bless.:)

  18. A little birdie told me that the good news is something to do with a bun in the oven. ^___^

    Glad you're back. Sa ingat, sa yg hilang ko punya link psl teda update hehe

  19. Dev:
    terharu nya sya ko ckp gitu..miss u too.. thanks for visiting here :)

  20. cindy:
    ya sya d kudat..nah ko blh agak suda tu kan..hehe

  21. chegu carol:
    nasib baik link sya x hilang owh..hehe.. nah ko dpt predict suda tu kan hehe..


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