29 October 2009

Congratulations to Rosie and Winston

Congratulation to Rosie and Winston for their wedding on last weekend.. There’re so many couple tying knot this year and me myself got at about more than 5 wedding invitations. However, I really love to attend wedding ceremony/party. I like to see those brides and grooms on their reception with different style of dress, hair-do and etc. I love to see the happiness that shine from their face..as well as the family members too..

The reception took place at KDCA, Penampang at about 1pm.. and I guess the wedding mass was the day before because I didn’t attend the wedding mass.. However, the wedding reception was absolutely joyful with those friends and family members who were trying to show their style on their dances..which we called the “Sumazau” dance, a traditional dance for Kadazan Dusun ethnic here in Sabah..

Once again..Congratulations to Rosie and Winston.. May they live happily ever after..GOD bless.

20 October 2009

As Usual..

It’s Tuesday and as usual I can’t wait Friday..what a tired October I have.. Need to finish the whole work..Thank GOD, He gave me a good assistant.. Hopefully all this particular work will finish as soon as possible.. Possibly before November.. since I don’t want to have a busy month anymore, plus December also not far away.. I have plan with family on the first week of December.. We decided to go on a holiday..and I hope this one will be much a relaxing trip since I had enough with the stress over the office.. and.. Christmas also not so far away from now...yeay! So what I can do now is..wait..and see...carry on with my work.. till all is done..And for sure,I’m gonna buy myself with good reward... to pamper me and get some calmness moment..like I always do..
Oh my God, I can’t wait for that...please help me to face this present thing..

By the way, dear reader...have a wonderful week.. =)
GOD bless..

19 October 2009

Tired and BUZY Monday..

monday.. Pictures, Images and Photos

Tired and buzy Monday.. my eyes getting tired.. and sleepy too..
it’s 4pm now and I can’t wait to go home..

GOD please give me strength to face this day...

17 October 2009

Happy DEEpavali..

Hello dear friends.. I am back.........!!!!

It's been so long i didn't update here and seriously i miss blogging so much.. I am so busy with the current work..and when back at home, i don't have that much energy to update here.. but for now since it's public holiday for Deepavali, i like to send my wish HAPPY DEEPAVALI for all Malaysian.. Yes..we are 1 Malaysia and i really feel that we're celebrating it together.. but remember, don't take too much mutton curry ok...hahaha..nanti sakit perut.. :P For those who are going to friends' house.. remember ok, kalau makan tu jgn berlebihan..hahaha..kawal pemakanan anda..:P

So today is the Deepavali Day and i didn't have any invitation for Deepavali.. Maybe I'll just stay at home resting all day or maybe will go to parents house later to pay some visit..

By the way.. I like to share a song..which i love so much... Yes..it's a new song.. A new song from Whitney Houston called "I Look To You".. i think this is a meaningful song and the tune also nice to hear.. Maybe some of you ever heard this before..and might to share this to all my dear readers..

I Look to You - Whitney Houston
As I lay me down,
heaven hear me now.
I'm lost without a cause
after giving it my all.

Winter storms have come
and darkened my sun.
After all that I've been through
Who on earth can I turn to?

I look to you.
I look to you.
After all my strength is gone,
in you I can be strong
I look to you.
I look to you.
And when melodies are gone,
in you I hear a song.
I look to you.

About to lose my breathe,
there's no more fighting left,
Sinking to rise no more,
searching for that open door.

And every road that I've taken
lead to my regret.
And I don't know if I'm going to make it.
Nothing to do but lift my head

I look to you.
I look to you.
After all my strength is gone,
in you I can be strong
I look to you.
I look to you.
And when melodies are gone,
in you I hear a song.
I look to you.

My levees are broken
My walls have come
tumbling down on me

The rain is falling.
Defeat is calling.
I need you to set me free.

Take me far away from the battle.
I need you.
Shine on me.

I look to you.
I look to you.
After all my strength is gone,
in you I can be strong
I look to you.
I look to you.
And when melodies are gone,
in you I hear a song.
I look to you.


Ok, this one is another story..hehehe.. It's about perfume.. I've been into this lately and I got good feedback from friends.. You don't have to spend so much money to purchase that fragrance you dream.. This is generic perfume inspired from international brand.. It comes with 4 fragrances in a box.. and you can purchase it by particular fragrance if you want to.. RM36 only per box and RM18 per bottle for the 7ml one..So for you who want to try, just inform me ok.. :)

Only YOU Perfume

• Perfume for sale..Only RM36 per box and only RM18 per bottle for 7ml perfume.
• Inspired from international branded perfume.
• Suitable for any occasion, as wedding gift, birthday gift and etc..
• Free shipping within KK.

Inside For Her' Only You' Perfume Box
- Ralph Lauren Inspiration
- Deep red, Hugo Boss Inspiration
- Miracle, Lancome Inspration
- Amor Amor, Cacharel Inspiration

Inside For Him 'Only You' Perfume Box
- Desire Red, Dunhill Inspiration
- Aqua De Gio, Giorgio Amani Inspiration
- Polo Blue, Ralph Lauren Inspiration
- CK One, Calvin Klein Inspiration

So those who are interested can directly drop your comment here..

Ok that is all for now.. HAPPY DEEPAVALI and have a fun weekend.. I wish i can update here again regularly.. miss blogging so much..and miss my blogger friends too..

Till then, GOD bless..

06 October 2009


I am really feel so slow today..don’t know why..maybe it’s just because I slept at about 1.30 o’clock last night. But it’s not just today... I feel slow nowadays.. Nothing new here and there but at least I am very happy because dear one will be in KK by this evening. Actually I am getting tired and bored with the job now.. I’ve been given duty to do the calculations of slope quantities for the whole slope in Sabah.. There are nearly thousand of them...and can u BELIEVE I have to do it on my own.. Means I have to do it ALONE.. I’ve been working on this for about 4 weeks now.. There’s no one could help me because everybody seems busy with their own work. I feel very tired of all these because there’s a lot more work to come and I don’t know when will this end.. It feels that as I finished done one part, more part will come.. I keep thinking in positive side.. and keep motivating myself.. “ I know I can do it..It’s just the matter of time..Stella you can do it!!!..”

However, 2 days ago, when we were in meeting session, boss asked me to finish all them up in this few weeks.. “Oh my GOD.......!!!” that’s what really comes out from my heart... I don’t have the confidence to finish it up in that period of time.. Workload become more..but workforce is absolutely less.. Can you imagine there are only 3 engineers in the office..The project manager, senior engineer and graduate engineer (that’s me)..There are 2 new engineers just come joining the company.. Since my workload become increase, I would be happy to have them to help me..but it would take a lot of time to train them.. That is why sometime I feel that I prefer to do this alone, but somehow I need someone to help me.. Oh GOD pls help me how to solve this.. One of the new engineer really don’t know how to apply the AUTOCAD software and I have to teach him right from the basic.. aduiiii!!!.... and the other one is assigned to help the senior engineer..

I hope I can do this well.. as well as can complete it on time.. GOD pls help.. Please give me strength..

I am sure some of you out there been in this situation before.. really need some advice now and maybe we can share something from that experiences of yours.. =)

Till then, have a pleasant week..and Happy working.. =)

05 October 2009

Here and There..

I heard there are so much natural earth disasters here and there lately.. It was tsunami at Samoa, typhoon at Philippines and earthquake at Indonesia.. many victim been found dead each day..

I am so sympathy for those at Samoa, Indonesia and Philippines who lost their family members as result from those tragedies.. May GOD grant PEACE in their heart..and I pray may they will live in peace.. I am sure at this moment, the most thing they need is our care and help.. Prayer also is very important..

I am grateful that so far Malaysia didn’t have any of this disaster.. I mean not really bad as these countries.. So I hope we all Malaysian..don’t take this thing for granted.. Let us together join our hand to help the needer.. and one thing is we should feel grateful for we are living in a peace country.. and at least we should feel lucky for we’re likely free from all those bad disaster at the moment.. May GOD continue protect Malaysia from all those disaster..
and a prayer for the victims...

“ GOD, grant PEACE in their HEART.. Protect them..
and Let Your LOVE touch their HEART..
Oh Dear LORD, please help them to FACE those trouble.. “

01 October 2009


It’s been more than a week I didn’t update here.. I’ve been too busy lately.. Lots of work in office as well as to pay attention to my sisters and bro since they were staying at my house for the whole last week. Each of them wanted to use the internet line, and I gave that chance for them to use it. Last week was the Hari Raya celebration, and I didn’t go to any open house... A friend did invite me, but due to family thing, I can’t make it to her house. But she really understand and hoping we’ll be met one day. She was my schoolmate during our days in high school, Alicesa John.

On the other hand, I would like to congratulate my friend as well as my ex-classmate, Florence Robin on her wedding on last 20th September 2009. She’s absolutely looks gorgeous on her wedding day. I did attended her wedding ceremony at SDA Church Likas, KK. I am so happy to met her.. because we didn’t met since last day of our high school.. and as I look at her, she become more prettier and sweet together with her husband.
May GOD bless their marriage.

Florence Robin on her wedding day..
More pics at http://ardell-photos.blogspot.com/

So now I might wanted to share things that I’ve been done for the last week.. It was school holiday.. As my sisters, Stacy and Sandra as well as my brother, Willie came to my house..they’re really can’t wait to do the swimming activity. Honestly, I didn’t get any courage to swim because I can’t swim hehehe.. I could swim but just by depending on a kicking board and.. that’s it. My hubby did taught me for several years now, but only end up with swimming by using kicking board..and I really hate to see others swimming without relying on kicking board coz I didn’t dare to swim without it.

Finally, a day which I assume a miracle happened.. it was 23rd September 2009.. I really remember this date..it was a historical date in my life.. the date where I can shout out “ I can SWIM!!!!”... Yes, really.. I did swim without relying on kicking board anymore and I’m sooooooo happy.. I even can hold long breath and dive deep inside the pool and touched the floor in it. What a miracle.. I didn’t afraid of water anymore and now I have the courage to swim and dive..hehehe.. Thank GOD for this.. and this reminds me that NOTHING is impossible in GOD’s hand.. the matter is ‘FAITH” should come first.. Thanks to my bro and not forget to my hubby and sisters for motivating me to do this..
I am so grateful.. :)

Sooo happy.. I can swim yeay! (opppssss sorry for the blurry pic.. :p)

Meanwhile, on the 3rd Raya day.. me and my hubby as well as bro and sisters went out for a trip. It’s not a long journey trip actually.. We were walking and taking some air just here around KK. We visited the KK Wet Land Centre and Bukit Bendera…and have a walk at Jesselton Point.. It was such a tiring journey because we’d been at 3 places for a day..but we had so much fun.. Had some see sighting and there were..click-click here and there..hihihi..
we enjoyed the photograph session..:)

It was the first time for me and the rest to be in the KK Wet Land Centre.. it was such a calm moment.. the place is really beautiful and calming.. I really love the green leaves and grass.. and I really encourage for all of you out there who want to release some stress from that busy city, to come here and have some calmness moment..

KK Wet Land Centre..

I Love the greenie..

Bukit Bendera is the place where you can view the city of Kota Kinabalu from up above the hill and you can view the whole KK centre from up there.. such an amazing view with its’ blue sky, islands and buildings.

KK view from Bukit Bendera..

It's Kota Kinabalu..

And lastly, Jesselton Point is a place where you can view the seasight…It was a beautiful and amazing view.. This place is a seaport place actually, a place for a station of transportation to Manukan Island, Mamutik Island and etc.. You can go to Labuan from this port too..

KK arch..

Love this view..

It's a ferry to Labuan..

All of us.. :)

We had so much fun and enjoyed the trip..
Three days later after the 3rd raya day trip, we went on a trip again.
It was on last weekend.. I'll post some story of it as well as pictures on my next post.

Till then, have a great day and enjoy your day..
GOD bless..

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