05 October 2009

Here and There..

I heard there are so much natural earth disasters here and there lately.. It was tsunami at Samoa, typhoon at Philippines and earthquake at Indonesia.. many victim been found dead each day..

I am so sympathy for those at Samoa, Indonesia and Philippines who lost their family members as result from those tragedies.. May GOD grant PEACE in their heart..and I pray may they will live in peace.. I am sure at this moment, the most thing they need is our care and help.. Prayer also is very important..

I am grateful that so far Malaysia didn’t have any of this disaster.. I mean not really bad as these countries.. So I hope we all Malaysian..don’t take this thing for granted.. Let us together join our hand to help the needer.. and one thing is we should feel grateful for we are living in a peace country.. and at least we should feel lucky for we’re likely free from all those bad disaster at the moment.. May GOD continue protect Malaysia from all those disaster..
and a prayer for the victims...

“ GOD, grant PEACE in their HEART.. Protect them..
and Let Your LOVE touch their HEART..
Oh Dear LORD, please help them to FACE those trouble.. “


  1. Ya.. we join hands and prayer fior the victims and their families.. give thanks to the Lord for what we have now..

  2. Let's pray for them.......

    Hopefully they can regained back very fast....


  3. Hi alv, yea..true..be grateful..

  4. Hi elaine tam,
    yea..hopefully they regained very fast..thanks for visiting here..=)


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