29 October 2009

Congratulations to Rosie and Winston

Congratulation to Rosie and Winston for their wedding on last weekend.. There’re so many couple tying knot this year and me myself got at about more than 5 wedding invitations. However, I really love to attend wedding ceremony/party. I like to see those brides and grooms on their reception with different style of dress, hair-do and etc. I love to see the happiness that shine from their face..as well as the family members too..

The reception took place at KDCA, Penampang at about 1pm.. and I guess the wedding mass was the day before because I didn’t attend the wedding mass.. However, the wedding reception was absolutely joyful with those friends and family members who were trying to show their style on their dances..which we called the “Sumazau” dance, a traditional dance for Kadazan Dusun ethnic here in Sabah..

Once again..Congratulations to Rosie and Winston.. May they live happily ever after..GOD bless.


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