03 November 2009


It’s November..and what I should do on this month..perhaps something that can relax my mind.. to be honest, as usual I am still busy with the office work and I can’t concentrate to other things unless all the office work done. Hmmm... plus, really want to spend more time with the one I share my life with.. So as far as my concern..not much family celebration on November..but this must be the excitement month for the students..especially my youngest sister, because there will be a long holiday for them.. school break for about a month plus.. wow.. I am so happy for her too..wish to bring her ‘jalan-jalan’ later..plus she like swimming so much and that is her regular activity on weekend..

And as my post before, many couple tying their knot on November.. Wedding celebration here and there.. I received 2 invitations and will take photos for remembrances.. :)

So what would your November like?.. Hope it’s a blast one..full of enjoyment and excitement..:)

p/s: A prayer to the all saints and all souls..Hope they rest in peace.. in heaven.. GOD bless.

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