05 October 2015

Gabriel 2nd day at school

Gabriel second day at school was a way better. I gave him a bottle of milk and his daddy bring him to pee at school's toilet before sending him to class. The fact that he was very excited to enter the class, makes me very happy. I bet every parent will feel the same. 

Thank God he was finally slowly getting use to go to school. He was excited with a lot of friends and of course there are toys in the class too. I was standing next to the door and when he arrived at his class, he straightly went into the class and played the toys.  

Gabriel with red neck shirt was really focus playing with the toy

He was really focus with the toys. He didn't care with mummy anymore 

I am definitely happy with the progress and hoping he'll learn more exciting things in class everyday. Prayer for my little boy may God bless him abundantly.

04 September 2015

Gabriel 1st Day at School

On last Monday, 1st September 2015 was the 1st day our Gabriel went to kindergarten at Tadika Kasih Bonda St Benedict, Ranau. He was afraid at first, trying to find us while we sneak on him from the school's office. He was crying but not for so long.

I was crying, my heart was breaking to see he's crying but i was firm to let he learn about it. I know he is a strong boy. Sooner or later he will learn to be independent and growing up to a brave boy. Gabriel is a very special boy for us. Though he is delay in his speech but i have faith in God that one day he will become a very talkative boy and i know for sure that God had His own plan to our beloved boy. 

The Sister trying to comforts Gabriel during breakfast time. He doesn't want to eat. Maybe because this is his first time and not used to it. After few attempts, Gabriel managed to calm down and ate his breakfast. Good job Sister! :)

I stayed at the school's canteen the whole day to see his progress at school. The thing that worrying me the most is that how would he tell the teachers when he wants to pee. I had potty train him for 4 weeks now and he is doing very find. Because i am his mother and staying with him at home for 24 hours, i know how and when exactly he wants to pee or poo. He would stand in front of me or pull my hand trying to let me know something and that is his way to tell me that he wants to pee. 

And this is very new to him when at class. But i hope teacher will cope with this and Gabriel too. I prayed for the best and may Gabriel learns a new thing everyday.

15 July 2015

Silky Smooth Hair

I need to use conditioner when i wash my hair. The fact that my hair was once colored many months ago, conditioner is a must otherwise my hair will gone frizzy and hard to comb. 

So, i asked hubby to buy for me a conditioner. He bought me this Pantene Silky Smooth Conditioner and i was eager to try it.

Pantene Silky Smooth Conditioner 500ml at RM11.70 bought from Watson. Thanks hubby for buying me this. :)

Yes, i could feel my hair smooth and silky, and really like it. I am satisfied with the outcome.

I have read in an article that hair treatment is a must too. Because i am bound with taking care of my son and very seldom to go out for saloon, a hair conditioner will do for now. :)

So what's your hair care routine?.. Please share, i like to know. :)

14 July 2015

A Fruitful Habit

Because hubby got this habit which is, he's not into using coins and prefer to use notes when buying things.

He'll keep the coins inside his trouser's pocket and later he'll put the coins in an old used can after he arrived home.

Until last Friday we decided to count all those coins.

13 July 2015

A Rare Act Of Kindness

At a time when some refuse to take care of their own parents, one man took care of a stranger of a different race in his own home for 10 years.Office boy R. Rajagopal, 52, bumped into Low Saw Piow, 67, in Jalan Pudu in 2004. Rajagopal recognized the frail old man who used to work for a building contractor doing a project near the bank where he worked. 

11 July 2015

Bazaar Ramadhan at Pekan Ranau

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner. I guess many of you have planning for 'balik kampung' and even bought new apparel for the celebration, right? 

So i would like to take this opportunity to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims around the world. Please be safe on your journey back to your hometown and eat in moderation, ok.. :)

Well, we were at Bazaar Ramadhan yesterday. Hunting food for dinner as the fasting season will ends in couple of days. I seldom going to the Bazaar stalls along this fasting season and yesterday i thought this was a great opportunity to walk around the stall before the fasting season is ended.  

I always love to go for food hunting at Bazaar Ramadhan stalls because apart from a plenty of food, you can see a lot people here with varieties of background and races too. Malaysia is really well known by its' multiracial communities.

So, let us look at these photos i took yesterday:-

08 July 2015

At last, I found you

Yes, at last i found my fav raya cookies, the ulat bulu.

If you happened to read my previous post, you would know it.

I found this at Bazaar Ramadhan in Pekan Ranau on last Saturday and it is RM30 per jar. 

03 July 2015

Oh Raya Cookies!

I've been buying few type of raya cookies lately. Especially the ever famous Makmur cookies. Since these days are the Ramadan month which is the fasting season for the Muslims in preparation for Hari Raya, cookies and bazaar Ramadan are everywhere now.

To be honest i really like to shop and walking around at bazaar Ramadhan because of the various of food that have been selling there. It is favorite season ever eventhough i'm not a Muslim, but the fact that Malaysia is a multiracial country, we are blessed given such experience to getting to know each other races and religion. 

26 June 2015

Flashback Friday : Natural History Museum London

Today, i just have a feeling to bring back those memories while we ( hubby and my son ) were in London last year. It was exactly a year ago in the month of June. 

It really brings back the fond memories while browsing those photos. There are few attraction places in London that we had been to.

One of them is the Natural History Museum in London. I was excited with this museum because you can see a lot of dinosaurs exhibition here, the fossils and re-modelling skeletons and the stories about this ancient creature as well. 

It was my very first time ever to witness the fossils and skeletons before my eyes of various type of dinosaurs from around the world which are kept safely in this museum. I don't think we have this in Malaysia. I have always watch dinosaurs in movies and on tv, and this experience was really priceless and speechless. 

25 June 2015

Won't Be the Same Anymore

On our way home from Ranau to Kota Kinabalu last week, we get to see the latest view of our one and only the Majestic Mount Kinabalu.

I was saddened by the current view of our Mount Kinabalu which we used to be proud of. Ever since the 5th June earthquake incident followed by the aftershock tremors, the mountain appearance now has changed.

24 June 2015

4.3 Scale of Tremor

It was 5.33pm yesterday when i was lying on the bed to have a rest and suddenly i saw the ceiling moving and later i felt the whole house was moving too.

I thought i was dizzy and tired. But hubby suddenly stressed out " gempa bumi, gempa bumi..! " oh my, it was scary moment because i thought the tremors would last long. It was like 3-5 seconds, i can't recalled but it was quite that long.

And later i found out that the tremor was in 4.3 scale. Posted in Meteorology page on Facebook that it was 4.3 scale of tremor. Most of friends in KK, Tanjung Aru and Putatan also felt the tremors.

This was the 2nd tremor i have experienced after the first one in 5th June 2015. I didn't encountered any of those aftershock tremors though it was stated nearly 90 aftershocks ever since the first one.

Let us pray for the safety of our people in Sabah. Pray for Sabah, Pray for Ranau. 

17 June 2015

Inspiration of the Day

Wordless Wednesday : On this day 2 years ago

Another Incident After Another

It has been almost 2 weeks after the first earthquake incident which was the strongest so far and followed by a lot of aftershock tremors.

The recent weather here in Ranau also isn't helping and contributes to worst condition. The heavy rain has affected a lot of lives here. The level of water in the river has increased. Mudslide and flood are now affecting the water dam too and has cause the water disruption. Water are not safe for drinking anymore.

Mudslide which are now flows to the river in Ranau.

How dangerous these are.. Flood and mudslide.. Causing the road been blocked.

Hubby has stocked up 3 boxes of drinking water and it is obviously they are not enough for our use for a week. You know this clean water have to be used for cooking too beside of drinking.

Ranau town now has running out of drinking water supply. All shops now running out of supply. People has been buying a lot to stocked up clean water for drinking at their homes.

Oh my.. Another incident after another. I just hope these difficult things solved soon and hoping that no more natural disasters will happened again in the future. Dear Lord please hear our prayer. 

16 June 2015

Life is So Unpredictable

Life is so unpredictable.
Anything could be happened in a blink of eye.
Therefore, surrender everything to God and make everything the best everyday.
You'll never know what you might lost today.. It could be the most precious thing in your life.

Cherish everyday.. Cherish every moment.. 

I rest my heart to You oh Lord. Have mercy on me and please strengthen my heart to move on..

My boy is now growing up so fast.
I'm all emotional about him growing up that fast. 

I was wondering how is he when he enters primary school.. No more kisses and hugs i guess?.. I must be missing those someday..

I'll cherish every moment now. I hope you grows well and i'll promise to be the best mom to you. 

I might not the best mother in the world, but i know deep in my heart i'll be the best mother to you.. 

15 June 2015

Earthquake in Sabah

This pic was taken 4 days before the earthquake incident (5th June 2015).

The most devastating event of earthquake in Sabah that took 18 lives. Most of them are Singaporean students and it was really heartbreaking to hear such news.

Rest in peace to the victims who perished in the earthquake event. My heart goes to the affected family. Be strong and may God fills your heart with strength and peace. Amen

Another tremors at 2.30am on 13th June 2015 but i didn't felt it. Because i was too sleepy. Hubby wake me up but i was too sleepy and went back to bed..

Dear Lord please protect Sabah from any danger. Please hear our prayer. 

I was so scary thinking that these tremors could have been worst. Who knows in the future.

Oh God, what is happening.. What is happening nowadays. Dear friends and family, please.. please pray for our country.. Pray for our safety..

We arrived at Ranau yesterday. As we enter the house, we were shocked all those ketchup bottles now on the floor and broken. 

We were not in Ranau when the earthquake happened on last 5th June. So it almost 1 week plus we in KK. 

Need to clear these up as fast as we could before gabriel walks to the kitchen. Dangerous!

Dear Lord Jesus, please protect Sabah especially those place which affected with earthquakes. Protect us from any danger. 

God bless Sabah. Amen

10 March 2015

It's Tuesday and I'm now 15 Weeks 3 days

Hi dear readers,

Thanks for still taking your time to visit my humble blog. It's Tuesday and i am sure most of us must be looking forward for weekend right?.. The days where we spend quality time with family.

To be honest, I always looking forward for Friday because hubby will be back to KK every Friday. Luckily for this week he'll be working in KK for the whole week because he has to attend some meetings and to entertain patients. Praise to God. :)

So today i'm in 15 weeks 3 days preggy.  Oh i can't wait this baby to be fully grown in my belly.

I'm excited and hubby as well. To tell you about my experience for this second pregnancy, of course there are slightly different compared to my pregnancy in 2011. 

This is actually my 3rd pregnancy. My 1st pregnancy was somewhere in 2008 but God loves her more. She went home to God's house on 20th Dec 2008. Aww it's a long story, I'll try to fit in some time to blog about it later.

I had severe morning sickness when i was carrying Gabriel in my womb for about 8 months in 2011 and the first and second trimester were the worst. I cried everyday cause i can't take any food, I'll vomit and lying on the bed all day. I felt so weak and I even vomit at 2-4am. Oh my, i think those were the horrible days of my life..

For this pregnancy, I had morning sickness too on the first trimester. The first 2 months was quite severe too. But later i found out that i can't take any oily food, stir fry food and all those meals that contain spices, so i tried to avoid all these food and amazingly my nausea becoming slowly to cool down. 

However, the things that are new for me with this pregnancy is i had bloated tummy, the sensation of heartburn, i had problem with my digestion system and constipation.

And one fine day hubby advised me to practice Yoga. I didn't practice Yoga for the first 7 weeks due to morning sickness. My body was so weak that i lie on bed most of the time. I goggled for yoga for bloating pregnancy and found this site; Beat Bloat with Yoga.

It was amazing how these Yoga poses had worked wonders to all those problems i mentioned above. Thanks to hubby for reminding me to continue practicing Yoga. The moment i practice Yoga and the breathing technique, it restores my energy and improves my digestion. The bloated belly and constipation are now less problem to me. So, those who want to get rid with bloated tummy, constipation or having digestion problem (whether you are pregnant or not ) you can practice all those Yoga poses from the site i mentioned in the previous paragraph. 

Ok, that is all for now. Thanks for visiting here. Now i'm sharing with you my ultrasound scan during my 13 weeks pregnancy.

Aren't these cute?..  :)

See you again in my next post. Till then, have a great week ahead. GOD bless. :)

05 March 2015

Welcoming 2015

Oh my haha.. 

I think it is too late for this post on welcoming the year 2015 LOL. And this is the very first post for the year 2015 after a long pause. Trust me i am really missing this blog but so much things happened lately. I miss my readers and all your feedbacks too. And my fellow bloggers as well, of course. :)

Wow, it is the month of March now so i am planning to blog more this year compared to last year. Wish me luck! haha.. 

So what is my current update?.. What is happening lately?.. Mostly my followers in IG and Fb would know, but i just wanna make it official in this blog.

So here are the current things that I need to cope in the year 2015 :- 

1. Our Lil Boy Entered Playschool.
My not so lil' boy, Gabriel Aiden is now enrolled in playschool since January 2015. He'll be 4 in August, so we decided to let him to the playschool so that he could meet some new friends and learning to fit in some new environment in preparation for kindergarten next year. 

So far, so good but it is normal right in the beginning he was scared to enter the school. He cried out loud and my heart breaks to see this. But this is for his own good. We want him to learn and interact with other kids. 

This is really a new experience for us (Hubby and I) for sending our son to school and we were trying to cope this new thing. Daily routine to send and pick up our son from school now become part of our life just similar with other parents. We have to alert and wake up early in the morning to send our son to school.  

And when Hubby is not around (because his work now based in Ranau), I'll played the roll to send our son to school and i have to wake up early in the morning..huhu! No more honeymoon like last year hehe!

2. Our Lil Boy is going to be a Big Brother soon! :)
Yes, it is a good news right?.. hehe... My due date is in by the end of August 2015 (according to the latest ultrasound scan) and it was really coincidence right?.. Gabriel also was born in the month of August. :D

I'll be 15 weeks pregnant on this coming Saturday (7th March) and I can't wait for the next prenatal visit to scan my belly again. I'm eager to know the gender of this baby. I guess in the next visit i would be 18 weeks and suppose the gender could be discovered by now. :)

We are hoping for a baby girl, but all is in the hand of God. It's a God's plan. We accept it with warm heart. :)

Oh my, it is 12.15pm now. I have to get ready to pick up Gabriel from school. Catch up with you again later! :)

Thanks for visiting here. And oh ya, Happy Chap Goh Mei to those celebrating! :)

Have a great week ahead. God bless. :)

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