08 July 2015

At last, I found you

Yes, at last i found my fav raya cookies, the ulat bulu.

If you happened to read my previous post, you would know it.

I found this at Bazaar Ramadhan in Pekan Ranau on last Saturday and it is RM30 per jar. 

And without me knowing, hubby actually ordered these from his colleague and just received them yesterday.

I asked him why don't just say it during last Saturday. If i knew it earlier about he actually already ordered the ulat bulu from his colleague, i won't buy the ulat bulu from Bazaar Ramadhan. And he answered," biarlah bah.. " with a smile. 

So sweet of you hubby. Maybe he wants to throw a surprise to me. I do appreciate this little thing he did for me. Love you so much hubby, the best thing ever i had in my life. 


  1. ada kami buat ni ulat bulu entah raya tahun bila.. hahaha.. tp mo kurma yg sodap baru sodap ni ulat bulu.. hehehe

    1. Oh ko pandai buat ka ni Just?.. Sya suka ni tp betul ckp ko mau kurma yg sedap. Kadang kalau beli dr kedai kedekut ni sikit saja kurma dia letak sana inti huhu

  2. Oh, ko suka yang ni. Hehe.
    Sa pula dari dulu mmg kui makmur lah. Haha!

    1. Sya baru2 saja tiba2 suka makmur sis.. Haha


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