15 July 2015

Silky Smooth Hair

I need to use conditioner when i wash my hair. The fact that my hair was once colored many months ago, conditioner is a must otherwise my hair will gone frizzy and hard to comb. 

So, i asked hubby to buy for me a conditioner. He bought me this Pantene Silky Smooth Conditioner and i was eager to try it.

Pantene Silky Smooth Conditioner 500ml at RM11.70 bought from Watson. Thanks hubby for buying me this. :)

Yes, i could feel my hair smooth and silky, and really like it. I am satisfied with the outcome.

I have read in an article that hair treatment is a must too. Because i am bound with taking care of my son and very seldom to go out for saloon, a hair conditioner will do for now. :)

So what's your hair care routine?.. Please share, i like to know. :)

1 comment:

  1. My normal hair is dry.. So I use sunsilk shampoo and conditioner yellow color to balance the dryness and John Freida serum to tame the hair every after hairwash.

    But amazingly during both pregnancy, my hair was very shiny and bouncy. I never had a bad hair day even if I wash hair with sabun mandi. Hahahaa. Must be the gushing estrogen .. Now it is back to its normal condition. Dry and unruly.


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