03 July 2015

Oh Raya Cookies!

I've been buying few type of raya cookies lately. Especially the ever famous Makmur cookies. Since these days are the Ramadan month which is the fasting season for the Muslims in preparation for Hari Raya, cookies and bazaar Ramadan are everywhere now.

To be honest i really like to shop and walking around at bazaar Ramadhan because of the various of food that have been selling there. It is favorite season ever eventhough i'm not a Muslim, but the fact that Malaysia is a multiracial country, we are blessed given such experience to getting to know each other races and religion. 

And for this year, i didn't go to bazaar Ramadan that often. I am more to cookies hunting. My favorite cookies are the Makmur and Ulat Bulu. Unfortunately, i did not found Ulat Bulu cookies here in Ranau. Actually i found one small shop that was selling it but i think it was too pricey so i didn't buy it. I hope i could find another reasonable price when we're back to KK next week.

So, let's have a look the cookies that i've bought so far. :)

Almond Chocolate Chip. One of my fav but the chocolates not up to my tastebud.. But overall it was ok.

Makmur Daun. My first time having this cookies. It was really nice and i like this cookies except the sugar that supposed to coat the cookies are very few.

Makmur. This one quite dry but we ( hubby and I) managed to finished all of them though. :p

Makmur. From another baker. My favorite so far. So delicious and i can't stop munching this. Can you believe i bought 5 containers of this? LOL

Can't get enough of this. I think i have gained weight now.

Kurma Gulung cookies. The taste is ok and nice but i was disappointed with the amount of Kurma filling. The Kurma is so small and some of it I can't even taste it.

A Makmur cookie with peanuts filling. This one also is one of my favorite. The peanut is crunchy and i love it!

Now you must've been noticed that we (hubby and i) had bought several type of Makmur. Because we share the same favorite cookies and hubby like to try new type of Makmur. End up we finished eating all of them, all by ourselves. :p

Oh my! I think we consumed a lot of calories nowadays from all those cookies. But it's ok because what matters the most are, we're happy and get to spend quality time together while eating our fav cookies. ;)


  1. Hi Stella, how you doin'? Been a long time. Remember me...Lee From Canada.
    Love the cakes you displayed here, never tried before.....and glad to read you spending quality time with hubby. Wayyyyy to go, Stella!
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.

    1. Hi Uncle Lee,
      Of course i still remember you. Been a long time. Thanks for visiting here. I'm sure you like Raya Cookies too right. :)
      Have a great day.

  2. That's a lot of cookies! I am a huge fan of makmor cookies myself. Hey, why don't u try making ur own makmor? This recipe I tried for Gawai last month. It was a hit! Super easy and u don't need any oven for this. It tastes good and sinful at the same time because u just cannot stop popping them into mouth! Let me know if u want the recipe. Or maybe u hv it d

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for dropping some comments here. Yes please share the recipe. I got recipe from a friend long time ago but never make this makmur. Please share yours, maybe your recipe are different from the one i got from my friend.

  3. Mcm ko raya berabis ni stel.. hehehhe... next week sy balik kk, hrp smpat buat kuih raya.. hehehe

    1. haha sya yg beraya kan..
      nah harap2 sempat just


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