26 June 2015

Flashback Friday : Natural History Museum London

Today, i just have a feeling to bring back those memories while we ( hubby and my son ) were in London last year. It was exactly a year ago in the month of June. 

It really brings back the fond memories while browsing those photos. There are few attraction places in London that we had been to.

One of them is the Natural History Museum in London. I was excited with this museum because you can see a lot of dinosaurs exhibition here, the fossils and re-modelling skeletons and the stories about this ancient creature as well. 

It was my very first time ever to witness the fossils and skeletons before my eyes of various type of dinosaurs from around the world which are kept safely in this museum. I don't think we have this in Malaysia. I have always watch dinosaurs in movies and on tv, and this experience was really priceless and speechless. 

Because when you look at those skeletons before your very own eyes, then you'll know how enormous these creatures are. And it was an amazing experience to learn about dinosaurs and how awesome is that when human could discover such ancient thing with all those details that you can't never think of. 

Now let's see some photos:-

A complete Pliosaur skeletons believed to lived around 187-178 million years ago discovered by Mary Anning from Yorkshire. 

A giant sloth skeletons. 

Albertosaurus which its locality from Canada believed to lived around 74-75 million years ago.

A T-rex's head. Look how huge it is and that's only the head alone.

Various type of dinosaur skeletons are kept here complete with their details.

Upon you enter the main entrance there's a huge and long skeletons of a dinosaur located at the center of the ground floor. I forgot which type of dinosaur though. As i walked into the building, i was amazed to see that skeleton. It was really exciting. 

The museum was really huge too and we can't even managed to walk around the whole building in a day cause we had to catch another nearest attraction place. 

I hope we'll get another chance to visit here again someday.  


  1. wah..seronoknya..Stel, ada satu skeleton sana muzium :) ikan paus tu..hahaha..


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