17 June 2015

Another Incident After Another

It has been almost 2 weeks after the first earthquake incident which was the strongest so far and followed by a lot of aftershock tremors.

The recent weather here in Ranau also isn't helping and contributes to worst condition. The heavy rain has affected a lot of lives here. The level of water in the river has increased. Mudslide and flood are now affecting the water dam too and has cause the water disruption. Water are not safe for drinking anymore.

Mudslide which are now flows to the river in Ranau.

How dangerous these are.. Flood and mudslide.. Causing the road been blocked.

Hubby has stocked up 3 boxes of drinking water and it is obviously they are not enough for our use for a week. You know this clean water have to be used for cooking too beside of drinking.

Ranau town now has running out of drinking water supply. All shops now running out of supply. People has been buying a lot to stocked up clean water for drinking at their homes.

Oh my.. Another incident after another. I just hope these difficult things solved soon and hoping that no more natural disasters will happened again in the future. Dear Lord please hear our prayer. 

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