15 June 2015

Earthquake in Sabah

This pic was taken 4 days before the earthquake incident (5th June 2015).

The most devastating event of earthquake in Sabah that took 18 lives. Most of them are Singaporean students and it was really heartbreaking to hear such news.

Rest in peace to the victims who perished in the earthquake event. My heart goes to the affected family. Be strong and may God fills your heart with strength and peace. Amen

Another tremors at 2.30am on 13th June 2015 but i didn't felt it. Because i was too sleepy. Hubby wake me up but i was too sleepy and went back to bed..

Dear Lord please protect Sabah from any danger. Please hear our prayer. 

I was so scary thinking that these tremors could have been worst. Who knows in the future.

Oh God, what is happening.. What is happening nowadays. Dear friends and family, please.. please pray for our country.. Pray for our safety..

We arrived at Ranau yesterday. As we enter the house, we were shocked all those ketchup bottles now on the floor and broken. 

We were not in Ranau when the earthquake happened on last 5th June. So it almost 1 week plus we in KK. 

Need to clear these up as fast as we could before gabriel walks to the kitchen. Dangerous!

Dear Lord Jesus, please protect Sabah especially those place which affected with earthquakes. Protect us from any danger. 

God bless Sabah. Amen


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