23 September 2014

Grateful Tuesday, Cold Tuesday

I am extremely happy today! 

And very grateful that finally our boxes now carried out to be shipped. Two Msians came to our place around 2pm today to picked up those boxes out. They are from a shipping company owned by Msian which the headquater located in Manchester.

I'm thankful for a friend recommended me with this shipping company. Hopefully our things will arrived safely in KK in 2 months time. :)

Today,  the weather is getting cold. I barely forgot how it feels like to be struggling in cold weather last year. 

So today it comes again, i felt really lazy to do anything especially my yoga and workout routine. The cold weather also makes me hungry rapidly and i tend to eat more, drink a lot teas and coffees as well. 

So in the late afternoon, I took an effort to cook chicken soup for dinner. Mau minum sup panas2 bah supaya panas2 tu badan.

Chicken soup and iceberg lettuce with sardine only for dinner. Yes the soup absolutely helps with the warm in my body. I felt warm for about an hour and lepas tu sejuk balik huhu..

Need to drink a lot of warm water so that i'll keep warming my body. :)

And i am grateful too for the hubby extra rajin today haha! He prepared for me this healthy drink. I had this today for the 1st time.

It is honey diluted in water with green apple and lemon in it. The taste quite good. I prefer without green apple though.

Thank you visiting here.

19 September 2014

A Gloomy Friday vs A Happy Friday

Oh what a gloomy Friday. This cold weather makes me lazy. It's hard to get off from the bed. Feels like i want to sleep all day long. Oh, i am a MOM, i cannot do that! LOL

The house agent actually contacted my husband through a phone call few days ago telling that she would come by today to view the house at around 1pm. Now at 4 hours later, she still didn't turn up. I wanted to do my daily yoga routine but i'm afraid that she'll suddenly knocks the door haha! Well, i'm feeling lazy today though so the yoga session has been cancelled. I guess it is because of the weather too LOL.

I'm in the mood to selfie with lil boy though haha. Look at his smiles. I just can't take my eyes from those smiles. Don't look at his mommy's face, those feeling lazy faces. Blame on gloomy weather haha! :p

Well, this parcel at least brings a good spirit to me today. At last, i received this parcel. Been waiting for it for almost a week. 

So, what's inside?..

It is a cake book actually by Rachel Allen. Been thinking to grab this book since early this year but it was too pricey for me. So, i did an online shopping through ebay and bought this at quite a cheaper price last week. Now that we will fly back to KK soon, i must buy this book before i forgot haha!

I like this book because of the clear and simple recipes. Great illustrations too. The dessert photos are really tempting. Can't wait to try those recipes. :)

Yes this is the one i was trying to hint you in my previous post. It is going to be my daily toy when i'm back in KK. I have never try using this before but by reading all those reviews, i was convinced to buy it.

The benefits of pressure cooker:

1. Foods retain most of their nutrients and are tastier
2. Saves energy
3. Saves time in preparing meals
4. The kitchen is cooler
5. Less cleaning is required
6. It is also can be used to preserve food

So, i can't wait to use my new pressure cooker! 

I love to make a bowl of meat stew, stir fry meat with soy sauce and list goes on. I can't wait to see whether the meat is going to be tastier and tender after using the pressure cooker. It is said you can cook meat at less than 5 mins. Sounds efficient right?.. :)

Okay, that is all for now. Thank you for hoping by here. Hope you had a great Friday. :)


18 September 2014

New Toy, Happy Mode On :)

Hello dear readers,
How is your day today?.. I hope everything is good. No matter what happened today, be grateful for even a small thing. 

I am grateful for everything, for every blessings that God has granted my family and me as well today. Yes, i am just only an ordinary human. It is undeniable there are times i doubted something, feels down and depressed. 

But all that is the process of living and i know God never leaves me. He always be there for me and it is up to me to open my heart to let He enters in. 

Yes, absolutely. I will lean everything onto Him. Especially when it seem the whole thing hurts and no one I can lean onto anymore. He is my healer and always cheers me up in the right time, right place with His power of Love. Praise to GOD! :)

Well, I am smiling ear to ear since yesterday because i got a new toy haha! 

Are you able to guess what my new toy could be?.. Could it be another new mixer? an oven? cake decoration tools?.. or another gadget?.. Haha.. you named it.

It is surely related with baking but slightly different from cakes or cookies. I don't know. I never make this thing before though haha..

So, now i reveal it. Get ready...

It is actually...


I dreamt to have my own breadmaker since early this year but i keep it in my heart. I don't know if we can afford one. Till, few days ago i voiced it out to my husband.

So, yesterday he bought me this...


A Breadmaker from Cookworks brand. I don't know how good is this brand but before hubby decided to purchase, i did some reviews checking. Overall so far, the reviews are excellent and it is said this particular model is value for money. So, wait till i try it out myself and blog about it later. 

Unfortunately, i cannot use this breadmaker too soon because I'm gonna ship it out to KK. We will fly back to KK next month so, there are several goods that we will ship them out earlier before we fly back to our hometown.

Here it is. Impressive feature. 

Complete with instruction manual and recipe book. >_<

Okay, hubby jadi model skijap. Just to show you the actual size of that breadmaker haha.. Quite big isn't it?.. Oh i don't know though because I never see any breadmaker closely before, this is my first time. :)

I can't wait to make my own bread!.. :) 

That is all for now. Thank you for visiting here. :)


p/s: Actually i got 2 new toys. I'll share the other one in my next entry. In the meantime you can guess what it could be. Ok let me give one clue. It is related with cooking.. hehe.. :)

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