05 March 2015

Welcoming 2015

Oh my haha.. 

I think it is too late for this post on welcoming the year 2015 LOL. And this is the very first post for the year 2015 after a long pause. Trust me i am really missing this blog but so much things happened lately. I miss my readers and all your feedbacks too. And my fellow bloggers as well, of course. :)

Wow, it is the month of March now so i am planning to blog more this year compared to last year. Wish me luck! haha.. 

So what is my current update?.. What is happening lately?.. Mostly my followers in IG and Fb would know, but i just wanna make it official in this blog.

So here are the current things that I need to cope in the year 2015 :- 

1. Our Lil Boy Entered Playschool.
My not so lil' boy, Gabriel Aiden is now enrolled in playschool since January 2015. He'll be 4 in August, so we decided to let him to the playschool so that he could meet some new friends and learning to fit in some new environment in preparation for kindergarten next year. 

So far, so good but it is normal right in the beginning he was scared to enter the school. He cried out loud and my heart breaks to see this. But this is for his own good. We want him to learn and interact with other kids. 

This is really a new experience for us (Hubby and I) for sending our son to school and we were trying to cope this new thing. Daily routine to send and pick up our son from school now become part of our life just similar with other parents. We have to alert and wake up early in the morning to send our son to school.  

And when Hubby is not around (because his work now based in Ranau), I'll played the roll to send our son to school and i have to wake up early in the morning..huhu! No more honeymoon like last year hehe!

2. Our Lil Boy is going to be a Big Brother soon! :)
Yes, it is a good news right?.. hehe... My due date is in by the end of August 2015 (according to the latest ultrasound scan) and it was really coincidence right?.. Gabriel also was born in the month of August. :D

I'll be 15 weeks pregnant on this coming Saturday (7th March) and I can't wait for the next prenatal visit to scan my belly again. I'm eager to know the gender of this baby. I guess in the next visit i would be 18 weeks and suppose the gender could be discovered by now. :)

We are hoping for a baby girl, but all is in the hand of God. It's a God's plan. We accept it with warm heart. :)

Oh my, it is 12.15pm now. I have to get ready to pick up Gabriel from school. Catch up with you again later! :)

Thanks for visiting here. And oh ya, Happy Chap Goh Mei to those celebrating! :)

Have a great week ahead. God bless. :)

08 December 2014

MomsTalkYoga 1st Gathering

The MomsTalkYoga gathering was a great success even though there were only seven of us that could make it on the 29th November 2014. The gathering was held at Beach 2 Tanjung Aru and thank God for the nice weather. We were very excited that some of us met for the very first time.

What is MomsTalkYoga actually? 

MomsTalkYoga is actually a group of mama who are practicing yoga, whether practicing at home or attending class. This group was created a year ago which is somewhere in between November and December 2013 if I'm not mistaken (how come i don't remember when I'm one of the admin LOL >_< ) over a Facebook group to share our interest in yoga and sharing information about yoga.

So after a year we've connected over a virtual world, we finally met up face to face on our first gathering on last November. Indeed it was a fun meet up, sharing infos, getting to know each other again, chit chatting, sharing some food and of course there is a 'poga' session haha! Posing + Yoga which we called it Poga haha!

So here are some photos on that day:-

I met most of them for the very first time and I put our pics in a collage. 
Isn't this nice?.. :)

 I met Eva and Jess for the very first time. 
Nice to know them. So sweet. :)

Happy faces :)

Wheel Pose in group. Spot me! :P

 I just love the sunset view and the poses too.. :)

Indeed it was a great fun gathering. And a great place for a gathering too. I haven't walk around at Tanjung Aru Beach for about a year plus since I'm back from the UK and definitely it's a great place for picnics with family and friends. The sunset view was really amazing! :)

Looking forward for more meet up in the future. I hope there will be more members could join in the next gathering on December, which is on this month yeay! :)

That is all for now. Thanks for visiting here. 
Have a great week ahead. :)

19 November 2014

I'm Back!

Hello there!

Yes, I'm back!.. I'm back to baking mode! I have started to take cake orders starting this month (Nov 2014) and how i miss to bake for my family and friends!. 

Now that I'm in KK, i have plenty of time to bake even though i have to sneak in some time during my lil toddler napping time or in the midnight.

I arrived in Malaysia on the 3rd October 2014 and officially touched down KK on 8th October 2014. (will blog out about this later). I am so happy that now i get to bake for family and friends and continue to explore new recipes. I am very excited to try some recipes and few are already on the list.

Recently i baked the Carrot Walnut Cake for the first time and it was really good. The taste was really nice and wish to bake it again. The recipe was quite straight forward. I'll blog it out the recipe soon. 

 Carrot Walnut Cake

The carrot walnut recipe isn't too sweet and i think it really suit to my taste. It is moist but not oily. I brought it to my parent's house last Sunday. They are always been my cake taster since the early phase of my baking works haha! The feedback was good and encouraging. 

Here are the carrot walnut cake I baked for tea time. Hubby requested for cream cheese topping and it works marvelous! It was a great combination. But i have to refrain myself from eating this more. Well, you know..  because I'm a dessert lover haha! I could finish the whole plate by myself hahaha! And surely the next day i will blame myself when i saw my waistline increases to 2 inches!..  :P  

So here are some of the cakes i bake for friends last week :- 

Chocolate Moist Cake with Frozen topper
Chocolate CheeseCake which is rich in Chocolate because i used Dark Chocolate compound in the batter.

 Carrot Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese frosting ordered by a friend only for 'makan-makan'.

That is all for now. Thanks for visiting here. I hope i will able to update my blog regularly again like i used to be and continue to bake more cakes too haha! I think i have to get new oven which is bigger than i have now and maybe another stand mixer. Oh my! perhaps these could be my Christmas list. Who knows! Kasi hint2 dulu sawo hihihi >_<

Have a great week ahead. God bless. 

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