09 April 2014

The Spring Season

I just LOVE Spring Season. Lots type of flowers that i have never seen before back in hometown. I don't mind to feed my eyes everyday with these flowers. They produce calming effect and stimulate the relaxing feeling in my heart.

I think Spring is my most favorite season after Autumn. And honestly, i dislike Winter. The coldest season of all. Freezing especially at nights. Although we didn't get the snow experience here in Northwest UK ( hubby got upset of this), i don't mind. LOL. 

The 3 of us at Chester Cathedral compound. I just love the colorful flowers. 

You won't see this in Winter. Freezing to death. The most we encountered temperature here was at -3 degree Celcius and you have to wear 2-4 layer of clothes. There are no leaves on trees for 3 months, and you'll experience daylight only 5-6 hrs during Winter. You'll snuggle in duvet everyday.

Unlike Winter, the daylight in Spring getting longer. As now in April, the sunrise is at 6.30am and sunset is at 7.50pm. 

And we might experience sunset at 9pm anytime soon. I think so. Boleh mansau-ansau lama sikit di luar hihihi

I set up a small flower garden at my dining window. I LOVE it very much. Eventhough with only 4 types of flowers, it made my day every morning. 

It started when hubby bought me a pot of that pink kalanchoe on Mothering Sunday ( UK's Mother's Day which was on the 4th Sunday of Lent). I was getting fond with flowers and decided to get more to put next to the pink kalanchoe. And here they are. Beautiful right?.. 

I never plant any flowers or set up flower garden back in KK before. I might continuing this hobby (or should i say passion?) when we arrived in KK. Oh wait, beforehand i need to study about flowers, orherwise the flowers won't bloom LOL.

Well, this area was very tempting. I mean, a yogi could not resist to strike a pose there, in the middle surrounded by those beautiful flowers. As if the place were ready up for tourist to strike a pose.. LOL

An old couple even said," oh i wish i can do that.." 

Terkejut sya skijap ada org pigi tegur dari belakang time sya berkingdancer sana. Nasib tidak hilang balance. LOL

And here are pics from last Sunday. I managed to take these during our walk after Sunday Mass. They caught my eyes and i can't resist to take pic as future remembrance.

That's it for now. Sorry for the long post. Kalau malas baca, browse pic saja lah hihi 

P/s: I posted this via ipad. Sorry if the arrangement of pics and sentences aren't neat..hehe

24 January 2014


It has been 3 weeks since my last entry. So here are the things happened recently. I hope i could update my blog more frequently after this. Once or twice a week should be ok. Let's hope I can do this. :)

I got my yoga mat about 3 weeks ago and so excited about it. Hubby bought it online from the Manduka website because I gave him a hint a week before, that the current mat isn't good at grip and i keep on sliding while doing downward dog and wheel pose. I wasn't feel good about it. I don't like it when i don't have the confident to practice yoga postures. 

Definitely this Pro Lite Manduka mat is good at grip. I feel more confident when doing yoga postures. It is my 3rd yoga mat though.

On the other hand, this is my progress in pigeon pose. On last Nov i didn't even got the strength to lift up my leg, but the magic happened on the day I got my new yoga Mat. My leg finally up to the air.

Yes, I was using the new yoga mat. Could it be the new yoga mat brought some inner strength and magic to me to be able to lift up the leg? LOL.

No lah hahaha.. with daily practice and determination it would be. That is why i like about Yoga. You could discover your body through it. Trust me, you'll be amazed.:)

I got my yoga book with anatomical function infos for each postures for the 1st time. Hubby really knows my passion in yoga and he bought me this book on last Dec as a Christmas gift.

Yes, i didn't reveal this book last month. People would say, bnyk juga Christmas gift ko? LOL. 

I just happened stumbled upon this book at Whs Smith Bookstore and hubby said he'll pay for it as a Christmas gift, so sya terima saja lah bah hehe. And only left with 1 copy, so i took this book.

Well today, out of the blue, i compiled our Christmas Day family portraits. From year 2011-2013 and i realized that we've been celebrating Christmas Day 3 yrs now with our lil son.

We celebrated Christmas Day with new family member (Gabriel) for the 1st time on 2011. We were so excited about it.

In 2011 we were in red and black theme, 2012 in purple color theme and 2013 no particular in color, because we forgot to set up a color theme haha

But most of all i thank you God for the guidance and blessings. I pray that may His Love always be there in our family. Because the LOVE of God will keep family bonds strong and last.. Amen 

06 January 2014

Being Healthy is Part of 2014 Resolutions

My late afternoon snack yesterday. Banana-Strawberry-Blackgrapes smoothie. So delicious and simple to make. You just blend all the fruits together with any type of low fat unsweetened milk or maybe if you don't have milk, you can use 1 cup of water. I always used unsweetened soya or almond milk.

It's refreshing and healthy. I fell in love with smoothie since November last year when my hubby bought me a classic blender.  Until the very this day i still consume green smoothie and fruit smoothie.

I found this green tea at Tesco today and bought it. I intended to drink green tea since last year but didn't manage to buy it.

Now that i bought it, i'm going to drink it regularly. Found out it is so good for health.

Green tea increases metabolism, helps regulate glucose levels, reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, reduce the risk of high blood pressure, consists of antibacterial & antiviral that helps to inhibit many diseases from influenza to cancer, and green tea good for skin too.

I'm going to take care more of my health for this new year. This is one of my new resolutions of 2014.

I'm so blessed to have a supportive husband. He is going to provide me with any things he could. I appreciate his effort and of course, we're going to build a healthy family.

Not only consume healthy food and to avoid any food that harmful for health, regular exercise and yoga are part of my resolutions too, to maintain body shape and i wish to get toned body by the end of this year. 

Wish Me Luck! :)

01 January 2014

My 2013 in Review

Hello everyone!
Happy New Year 2014!

It's my 1st post for year 2014 and the moment i write this, our family members, relatives and friends in Malaysia has entered the 2nd day of year 2014.
  The year 2013 has been doing good to me and to my family, though there were flaws here and there, i believe God has strengthen our faith to face everything beyond us.  I must admit there were a lot of things happened in 2013 and how my life changed since then. 

30 December 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Hello everyone!
Yesterday supposed to be my 6th wedding anniversary but i'm not gonna write about our anniversary for now coz i'm going to post about our preparation for Christmas this year. I'll post about our anniversary soon, of course.

For the 1st time in our life, we celebrated Christmas that are thousand miles from our hometown. With just a simple dinner on Christmas eve and attended Masses as well.

28 December 2013

Our Birthday December 2013

Hubby threw me a surprise birthday gift again. This time he put the gift above my head while i was sleeping. To be honest, I didn't expect any gift. All i want was, he always be there for me on my birthday. Unfortunately, he has to attend class for the whole day during my birthday. Therefore, i think that was why he threw me a surprise gift at exactly 12am on 13 Dec. 

I was quite sad actually that he couldn't spend time with me on my birthday. But, then we could celebrate again 4 days later.

09 December 2013

December 2013

December 2013.

The most memorable December in my life after December 2007 ( my wedding). 

I cherish everything. I'm grateful for everything. I thank you God for everything.

I couldn't thank God enough.

Sometime i didn't pray to God for an easy life, but i pray for courage and perseverance. Sometime when there's seem no hope, God is really there. 

 Me in King Dancer's Pose / Natarajasana

Patient and perseverance are worth for those who trust in the Lord. I did not came from a well-off family. But i'm grateful for everything that God has planned for me and for my family.

Praise to God.


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