28 September 2012

This is How I got My New Passion.

This is how I got my new passion.
A warm support by friends.
Indeed I'm very blessed to have such supportive friends. :)
Okay let me mention their names, Felix Jaimin, Vera Peter, Avila Edwin and Arlene Andrew.

And not forget to dear hubby too. 
See his comment towards the end of FB conversations below. :P

Thanks a lot friends! And hubby too :)
GOD bless all of you.

27 September 2012

My New Passion

I didn't know a status on Facebook would creates a new passion in me.

It was really the first time ever I do this. I never do it for the whole of my life so far.

I was nervous the first time i do it. 

And what is my new passion about?.. Well, it's about BAKING. Interesting topic isn't it?.. Of course it should be interesting topic when it comes about FOOD, DESSERT or EATING.. haha.. 

26 September 2012

24 September 2012

Phuket Vacation: Day 3 (Last Part)- Phuket Fantasea, Bangla Road

This post would be the last post about our trip in Phuket.I'm going to move to another topic soon and it will be an interesting topic. You want to know about it?.. Stay tuned to next post.

So for today I will share with you a few infos and some pics of Phuket Fantasea and Bangla Road.

Okay, I start with Phuket Fantasea.

Phuket Fantasea is actually a place of theater, located at Kamala Beach, 9km from Patong. It is indeed a huge theater. Thousands of tourists around the world came to this theater every evening. The shows are about Thai cultural dances and legends. I found it was quite interesting. If you really eager about this shows, make sure don't lost the opportunity to buy a ticket to enter the theater. The cost is 1400bath per person including transfer from hotel.

You are not allowed to bring camera inside the theater. You need to queue up to a counter to put your camera there.

Phuket Fantasea operating hours is 5.30pm-11.30pm (local time). To know more about Phuket Fantasea, visit HERE.

Scroll down for some pics. :)

21 September 2012

Phuket Vacation: Day 3 (Part 1)- Phi Phi Island

This Day 3 of our vacation in Phuket would be about our tour to Phi Phi Island. Just like James Bond Island, you could see the amazing view of the sea, beaches and the island itself. 

This Phi Phi Island tour includes Maya Bay and Khai Island. Maya Bay is a place where the movie 'The Beach' starred by Leonardo d'Caprio was filmed. The view was really amazing. What a beautiful God creation. Unfortunately we didn't get to stay for a long time here. We were given only 30 minutes time to view the surrounding. We didn't even manage to swim or snorkeling here.

Meanwhile Khai Island was our last destination. We were relaxing there for about 2 and half hours. The weather was too hot. I put on a lot of sunblock, but my skin still burnt the time we went back to hotel. But hey, forget about sunburn, enjoy to the fullest first..haha!

In between Maya Bay and Khai Island, we passed Phi Phi Lay, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove and Viking Cave for sightseeing. The scenery indeed was very beautiful, we took a lot of pictures. :)

20 September 2012

Phuket Vacation: Day 2 (Part 2)-Simon Cabaret

Hello dear friends,
Today i want to post the Part 2 of our day 2 in Phuket. 

I have to post about our trip in Phuket again. I really want to finish the entries about our vacation as soon as possible. Probably there's about 2 or perhaps 3 more posts about our Phuket stories. I hope I can finish them by this week because I have a lot more other things to write, to share with you. :)

Ok, here is the Part 2. This part would be the Simon Cabaret. I assume most of you heard about it before. Or maybe I should tell you what Simon Cabaret is actually all about.

19 September 2012

Phuket Vacation: Day 2 (Part 1)- Phang Nga Bay/ James Bond Island

Here is the Day 2 of our Phuket Vacation.

On the 2nd day, we (hubby and I) altogether with the other family members went for islands hoping at Phang Nga Bay. We managed to joined with our family members this time for the island hoping. It was indeed the more people, the merrier it was. 

We were picked up from hotel at around 8.30am to the Ao-Por Pier Jetty. 

18 September 2012

Phuket Vacation : Day 1 (Part 3)- Big Buddha, Wat Chalong, Phromthep Cape

Before I start over, just to let you know that a blogger friend Aki Borneo has just came back from Phuket too. I am sure he will blog out about his Phuket trip anytime soon.So don't forget to blog-hop to his awesome blog these 1 or 2 days. :)

Okay, here is the Part 3.

Upon entering our room, we felt so tired. We didn't even get proper sleep the day before. That was the cause from an overnight at LCCT. Therefore we took a little time for a nap before we start our tour in the afternoon. Just to restore a little energy for the touring later hehe..

Actually this Phuket vacation also includes my mother in-law, father in-law, my hubby's eldest brother with his wife and my hubby's eldest sister with her husband and their 5 years old daughter. It can be considered as family vacation. But they arrived at Phuket earlier than us. Therefore, we missed the Phi Phi Island tour with them on the first day we arrived in Phuket. That means we have to do things on our own on the first day.

16 September 2012

Royal couple ends visit on eve of Malaysia Day at magical Danum Valley

On the eve of Malaysia Day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ended their four-day whirlwind visit to the country by taking in the beauty of North Borneo's tropical rainforest.
They spent their last day in Malaysia observing nature in the primeval jungles of Sabah's Danum Valley.

14 September 2012

12 September 2012

Phuket Vacation : Day 1 (Part 2)- Aspery Hotel

Okay, this is the Part 2 of our Day 1 in Phuket.

We reached at the Aspery Hotel at about 10am. The lobby area was neat and nice. Upon entering the lobby area, you can see on your left hand side would be the cafe lounge and on your right hand side is the cybercafe. For an info, this hotel offers free wifi throughout the whole area in this hotel. Free and fast wifi connection in your room too. 

11 September 2012

Phuket Vacation : Day 1 (Part 1)-The Journey to Phuket

Hi, it's been a long time. :)

Today,  i would like to share with you about our ( hubby and I) recent vacation in Phuket. Some of you might want to know a little bit about Phuket and what are the things to do in Phuket. Well, i will write about it as well as few tips when you coming there.

There is no direct flight from KK to Phuket. Therefore we have to take a flight to KL then afterwards a flight to Phuket via AirAsia. Our flight to KL was about 8pm and the flight to Phuket was the day after, at 7.30am. We did an overnight at LCCT Sepang as our flight was early in the morning the day after.

05 September 2012

Gabriel 1st Birthday Celebration

I should post an entry about my trip to Phuket, but I guess, I should post about this event first. I'll proceed with the Phuket story soon, after this post. :)

Gabriel 1st birthday party was held at Tasty Kitchen Lounge in Putatan on the 26th August 2012. It was really just a simple birthday celebration. We were indeed feel so blessed and grateful that Gabriel is now reached the age of 1 year old. He is not so baby anymore. He is entering to a toddler world and I am sure he is having fun to explore his surrounding.

So, here I share with you some pictures from the celebration:-

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