18 September 2012

Phuket Vacation : Day 1 (Part 3)- Big Buddha, Wat Chalong, Phromthep Cape

Before I start over, just to let you know that a blogger friend Aki Borneo has just came back from Phuket too. I am sure he will blog out about his Phuket trip anytime soon.So don't forget to blog-hop to his awesome blog these 1 or 2 days. :)

Okay, here is the Part 3.

Upon entering our room, we felt so tired. We didn't even get proper sleep the day before. That was the cause from an overnight at LCCT. Therefore we took a little time for a nap before we start our tour in the afternoon. Just to restore a little energy for the touring later hehe..

Actually this Phuket vacation also includes my mother in-law, father in-law, my hubby's eldest brother with his wife and my hubby's eldest sister with her husband and their 5 years old daughter. It can be considered as family vacation. But they arrived at Phuket earlier than us. Therefore, we missed the Phi Phi Island tour with them on the first day we arrived in Phuket. That means we have to do things on our own on the first day.

So, i told hubby since they're touring Phi Phi Island, why don't we go for Big Buddha. Hubby agreed and at about 12 pm we went down to the hotel lobby to look for tour agent for Big Buddha. Thank GOD, there is a trip to Big Buddha at 1.30 pm. So we decided to follow that trip and the fee is 650 bath per person, so two of us makes 1300 bath. The trip actually includes touring to few places, they were Free Duty Shop, Cashew-nut Shops , Wat Chalong, Big Buddha and Phromthep Cape.

 Lunch is a must before going for a tour. We had lunch at the hotel cafe lounge.

 Chicken Green Curry for our first lunch in Phuket. Really delicious ;)

At almost 1.30pm, the driver arrived at the hotel to fetch us. We were drove around Phuket by a van. There were 7 of us in the van including the driver and a tour guide. One was an aunty from Australia and the other two were a couple from Eqypt. It was nice touring with them though, they were really friendly. :)

We stopped by at a Free duty shop first. There was no much things to see here. Souvenirs can be bought on the 1st floor and a cafe at the ground floor. You can get free drinks at the cafe. To be honest, even though it is a free duty shop, the souvenirs are still expensive. We didn't buy much things here, just a few snacks made in Thailand for my family back in KK.

This is the view from inside the van. I guess there's no strict rules about wearing helmet here. You can see most of the motorcyclist weren't wearing helmet. 

This is at the free duty shop. It's Baby elephant statue. Thailand really well known with their elephant.

Souvenirs in a free duty shop. Suppose taking picture is prohibited, but somehow hubby manage to snap this. Campin juga haha 

And here is at the Cashew Nut shop. The lady showed us on how to process the cashew-nut.

See, that is a giant cashew-nut fruit haha. This is at the entrance of the Cashew Nut Shop.

And here is at Wat Chalong.Wat Chalong has been extending warm welcome for visitors from all around the world for over century. Most of the locals come here to pray and the visitors come to learn about Buddhism.   

You have to dress respectfully when you come to visit here. I don't know about the dress code when I was here. I walked around inside the temple wearing spaghetti strap top and a shorts. No wonder most of the locals starred at me. Oh I feel I was really an ignorance, but honestly i didn't know about it at all, not until I reached at Big Buddha.

Behind us, the famous, most beautiful and tallest Wat Chalong Temple

 The view inside the tallest temple in Wat Chalong

The relic of tooth and bone of Buddha are inside the glass wall. They are kept safely on the top floor of the tallest temple.

At the top of the temple.. 

View from the top floor of the temple

And this is at the Big Buddha. Located at Nakkerd Hills. It is one of the most important and revered landmark of the island. Noticed that I'm wearing a pink scarf?.. That scarf is  provided there. A staff at the entrance asked me to wear that scarf to respect the Buddha since I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt.

The Big Buddha Statue still in construction

 A place where you can view a lot of mini Buddha statue. You can place a donation here too.

 Oh okay, did you notice the cat?..

 There are monks here too. Most of the locals come here to see the monk seeking for a pray over. Our tour guide urge me to see the monk to ask for a pray over. Oppss.. I am sorry, I am a faithful Christian, nevertheless I respect their religion.

 Ready to look closely the Big Buddha. 
You have to climb 79 steps before you reach there.

 Finally we reached there! :)

 What a nice view from up here. A 360-degree views;  from Phuket town, beaches and islands. You can view those here at Nakkerd Hills, where the Big Buddha is put on.

 The Big Buddha close up view.

 Oppss..Sorry about this hehe

 It stated here free entry. But we pay 650 bath per person to the tour agent. Oh okay that fee should be includes other places too and fuel as well.. :)

 The tour guide explaining to dear hubby about the statue with different postures. According to the tour guide, it was known that Buddha has different postures while he is meditating. And each of the posture has its own meaning.

 This posture represents to those who was born on Sunday.
 I was born on Sunday. :)

 This picture taken by an Egypt friend. I love this pic! :)
 This is still at the Big Buddha area.

Now hubby's taking their picture. :)

At the Phromthep Cape. Feeling hungry and thirsty. Non halal food and as for the dessert, it is called coconut mixed ice-cream. :)

Sunset view at Phromthep Cape.  This is the last destination for the day. There is a huge car park on top of a hill as a platform to see this sunset. Many tourists come here just to witness the sunset. There are handicrafts shop and a series of stalls that sell shells, batik, snacks, sarongs, shawls, toys and beachwear nearby.

Phew.. what a long post. I hope this post gives you perhaps a little information about a trip to Big Buddha and the other places.

Will continue for next post, Day 2 in Phuket. :)

Till then, have a blessed week ahead.


  1. Oh, what have i missed there?? mo review balik la ni tau.. :p.. ha ha ha..

  2. i think ramai teskip ni big buddha.. semua p islands ja.. heheheh..

    1. I think so Just. Big Buddha and Wat Chalong are the must places to visit. Learn about their structural building and Buddhism(if u want to), the structural design are really amazing. After all, you dont want to miss the spectaculare view of Phuket land and the islands on its surrounding view from up above the Nakkerd Hills where the Big Buddha located. Sunset view from Prompthep Cape also stunning :)

  3. Time kmi p Bangkok hri tu, I think I almost influenced with Buddhism, nasib baik iman sia kuat hehe...
    Sa suka tingu gambar kmurang. Cantik2 smua :)

    1. For me, sya tidak terinfluenced jg la.. Hehehe.. Thanks for dropping by here. By the way, kenapa sya tidak dpt masuk ko punya blog aa.. Is something to do with your setting?

    2. Ya ka? Hmmm.. part ni yg sa inda pandai ni but can u try to type this address www.dith-e.com. Let me know klau inda dpt juga. Tks :)

  4. Beautiful temples they have there. Hope to visit Thailand one day

  5. Wow... I learned a lot from this post. I'm going to Thailand at the end of year :D

    And happy Wednesday soon, Stella. Hehee. Ari tiga pun mo kecoh o kan.

    1. Thanks for reading my post. Happy wednesday to Arms :)

  6. Wah.. best pulak nampak pic ko sana..mesti syiok kan? sya pun baru balik dr Medan but still teda mood mau blogging about it yet ni... mau cari aura dulu dr blog2 kamuorg.. he he he..

    1. Bah rose, kasi blogout about medan, manatau sya mo p sna nnti because my mother in-law pun just came back dr medan juga, dia p pilgrimage sana.

  7. Nah kan suda kana suru tutup tgn hihihi...

  8. When is the best time to travel to Big Buddha? Cause like cambodia, usually the best time to travel to the temples is during the morning, as you could snap a good and clear picture in the morning rather than after noon, it will a bit dusty.


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