20 September 2012

Phuket Vacation: Day 2 (Part 2)-Simon Cabaret

Hello dear friends,
Today i want to post the Part 2 of our day 2 in Phuket. 

I have to post about our trip in Phuket again. I really want to finish the entries about our vacation as soon as possible. Probably there's about 2 or perhaps 3 more posts about our Phuket stories. I hope I can finish them by this week because I have a lot more other things to write, to share with you. :)

Ok, here is the Part 2. This part would be the Simon Cabaret. I assume most of you heard about it before. Or maybe I should tell you what Simon Cabaret is actually all about.

Simon Cabaret is actually a stage shows attended by all of ladyboys. I think Simon Cabaret is the largest entertainment attractions in Phuket, might be in Southeast Asia too. You will amaze by their performances. They dance gracefully and looks really beautiful on stage. Haha.. looking them perfoming on the stage from afar, you might mistaken them as pretty ladies.. Sexy2 lagi tu haha..:P

Thousands of enthusiastic visitors from around the world came to Simon Cabaret each evening just to watch the ladyboys performances. The shows are just like a musical theatre by including cultures from all around the world.  

Extravagant costumes, make-up and sets. The theme of their performance displays from Egypt to Latin America to China and back to Thailand of classical dances and songs.

Taking pictures inside the hall is strictly prohibited. So, we just took pictures from the lobby and outside the hall.

And oh ya, we paid 650 bath per person for Simon Cabaret + Transportation. So, two of us makes 1300 bath. :)

 We had dinner nearby Aspery Hotel before heading to Simon Cabaret. I ordered Thai Noodles. The taste quite ok. The structure of the noodles looks like kuew tiau.

 The Thai Coke looks like different shapes compare to ours in Malaysia. You spot the different :)

 Group photo at the Simon Cabaret entrance

 Right before entering the Simon Cabaret lobby

 At the Simon Cabaret lobby. They put the photo of their King here. I wonder why..haha

The Ladyboys right before their performance. Here is at the outside of the Simon Cabaret hall

 This one looks cute and sexy..hehe

And this one looks like a princess.. hehe

And us with the ladyboys hehe. 100 bath per lady boy. :)

This was my first time to see closely and to take photo with ladyboys. What a great experience haha.. Come and experience yourself. I am sure you don't want to miss this opportunity too. :)

Okay, that's it for now. See you in the next post. Next post would be our trip to Phi Phi Island. :)

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  1. juling mata sia skjap! tgk gambar lain feeling dia banding dpt tgk sendiri kan.. apa lagi, kamurang dpt begmbr sama durang. hahahah! gorges sungguh mereka! kulit pun pnya la halus!! adehhh...

    1. Haha juling ko Just.. Sya pun mo juling jg masa tu tp tdk sempat, ramai betul org..haha

  2. hmph.. sa miss yang ni.. T_T.. ha ha ha.. :D

    1. Tidak apa Aki. Next time boleh pigi lg kan :)

  3. wow! impressive indeed they really do look like ladies actually kalah again the real ladies when it comes to makeup and all hehehe good show! :))

    1. haha..lawa kan. Sekali ko pigi dekat dorang and dgr suara dorang, trus ko rasa geli..hahaha

  4. stela, tu nenens dorg made of silicon ka tu? basar oh mcm coconut

  5. Aiyeeeee..... mst suara still garau kan? can't imagine la u stand next to them... konpem geli gelemam or sya terpegun sambil mulut ternganga ni tinguk durang... ha ha ha ha

  6. Hihi.. Si aki paling suka ni lady boy... Hihihi....


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