11 September 2012

Phuket Vacation : Day 1 (Part 1)-The Journey to Phuket

Hi, it's been a long time. :)

Today,  i would like to share with you about our ( hubby and I) recent vacation in Phuket. Some of you might want to know a little bit about Phuket and what are the things to do in Phuket. Well, i will write about it as well as few tips when you coming there.

There is no direct flight from KK to Phuket. Therefore we have to take a flight to KL then afterwards a flight to Phuket via AirAsia. Our flight to KL was about 8pm and the flight to Phuket was the day after, at 7.30am. We did an overnight at LCCT Sepang as our flight was early in the morning the day after.

The flight to Phuket took 1 hour and 25 minutes. Bear in mind that the time different between Malaysia and Phuket is 1 hour. Phuket is 1 hour late from Malaysia time.

 This is the view from the flight upon arriving Phuket Island. 
An amazing view indeed.

As we arrived at the Phuket International Airport, we were so excited. And we were greeted by a lot of taxi agents too. At first I was a bit confused and scared. Because this was our 1st time here. Furthermore, most of the agents spoke in Thai slang, and I couldn't understand at first but slowly I manage to catch it.

Hubby just walked straight to a taxi counter and asked for a cab. I think that was absolutely a right thing to do. Luckily, he was thoughtful enough. Cab fee was 650 bath. Converted to RM would be about RM65.

The journey from the Phuket Airport took about 45-50 minutes (depends on the road traffic) to our hotel in Patong. We booked a room from Aspery Hotel in Patong. Hubby chooses Aspery hotel due to good review among the tourists about this hotel.

 Upon arriving at Phuket Airport :)

Okay, that's it for now. Will write more in Part 2.:)

Have a great week ahead.


  1. Aiyaa.. Baru intro pula.. Hehehe

  2. Woah. Kamu sendiri-sendiri 2 orang seja ka? Nda sewa tour-guide?

    1. Kami teda sewa tour guide. Sampai d sana, bnyk tu tour agent for 1 day. Every place yg ko mo pigi ada diff tour agent, pilih seja mna yg murah hehe

  3. Haven't been to Phuket for more than 3yrs I think. Makes me wanna book a ticket & fly there now :)

  4. Kami tinggal di Aloha Villa.. ha ha ha.. 2 minit ja dari bangla road.. :p

    1. Kami agak jauh oh, mau 10-15mins to Bangla road. Tp x apa, exercise ba hahaha!


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