24 September 2012

Phuket Vacation: Day 3 (Last Part)- Phuket Fantasea, Bangla Road

This post would be the last post about our trip in Phuket.I'm going to move to another topic soon and it will be an interesting topic. You want to know about it?.. Stay tuned to next post.

So for today I will share with you a few infos and some pics of Phuket Fantasea and Bangla Road.

Okay, I start with Phuket Fantasea.

Phuket Fantasea is actually a place of theater, located at Kamala Beach, 9km from Patong. It is indeed a huge theater. Thousands of tourists around the world came to this theater every evening. The shows are about Thai cultural dances and legends. I found it was quite interesting. If you really eager about this shows, make sure don't lost the opportunity to buy a ticket to enter the theater. The cost is 1400bath per person including transfer from hotel.

You are not allowed to bring camera inside the theater. You need to queue up to a counter to put your camera there.

Phuket Fantasea operating hours is 5.30pm-11.30pm (local time). To know more about Phuket Fantasea, visit HERE.

Scroll down for some pics. :)

The shows were done at about 2 hours later. I was amazed by the performances. I wonder how they trained the elephants, tiger, goats, birds, buffaloes and so on to be a part of the shows. 

The backdrop also keep changing according storyline and it's not a small backdrop. It's HUGE! And the shows itself involving a lot of peoples. From magic show to traditional dances to legend stories. They set up those well. Looks like a very professional job. I never been to this kind of theater and it was really a great experience for me.

We walked around outside the Palace of the Elephant (where the shows took place) afterwards. You can see colorful buildings with interesting features. There is also buffet restaurant and huts that selling souvenirs around Phuket Fantasea.

About 10pm the mini bus came to picked us back to hotel. Hubby and I decided not to back yet to our room. We want to discover about nightlife in Bangla Road since we didn't go there yet for the past 2 days we were in Patong. Bangla Road is really a famous road in Patong and we don't want to miss the opportunity to discover about it. Since it was our last night in Phuket, so there we go.. to Bangla Road afterward.

To be honest, i didn't know anything about Bangla Road, despite i know it was really a famous destination for tourists. I thought it was just like Petaling Street in KL haha..

Well, now i experienced it myself. I don't know what to say haha.. I was a bit culture shock.

Okay let the pictures do the talking lah..hehe

So how do you feel after looking at those pictures?..hehe.. 

A blogger friend, Aki Borneo also wrote about Bangla Road, he even recorded videos.  Hop to his awesome blog  HERE.

Okay, the last part is the budget. Yes, our budget in Phuket. I remember a blogger friend, Just had asked about our budget in Phuket.

And here are the packages/tour costs :-

Transfer from Phuket Airport to Hotel 2 ways             650 x 2 = 1300 bath
Big Buddha Package                                                 1300 bath
James Bond tour                                                      2400 bath
Simon Cabaret                                                          1300 bath
Phuket Fantasea                                                       2800 bath
Phi Phi Island                                                            3700 bath
                                                                              12800 bath  / RM1280

*Packages to islands, breakfast and lunch included.
*Packages to islands, life jacket, snorkel, canoe also included. (flippers not included)
*All Packages stated are for 2 person

Okay that's the end for my Phuket posts. If happened you had miss other posts about our Phuket Vacation, click at any related posts below to know more about particular places to visit in Phuket. I hope all those posts would give a help. :)

Have a great week ahead and thank you for reading my entries. :)

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  1. thanks stel!! nnt kalau sia p phuket, sia cek sini lg blk.. :) btw, sia rasa jarang jg org yg p phuket p fantasea ni kan.. kira complete jg la kamu pnya trip ni! *thumbs up*

    1. Just, ni tempat2 yg kami pigi kena recommend oleh my hubby's older sister bah ni. Dia yg set2 itu tempat, kami ikut saja. Although ada jg tempat2 yg kami tidak sempat ikut dorang, kami decided pigi sendiri. Adventurous jg kami explore2 ja sendiri hehe. And oh ya, about the Phuket Fantasea ko ckp jarang org pigi, time kami pigi sana puuuuuuuuuunya ramai org hehe.. :)

  2. Lol, terus se teringat time se pi Thailand, at one street tu, the beautiful girl aka aqua asked me whether I want lap dance lol...nice sharing wanna go here for vacay one day ^_^

    1. lap dance?.. haha.. Ya you should go to Phuket someday :)

  3. Wa so many people there... ada fight o post ko sama si Aki. Hahaa jk. Both also informative. But I feel funny can see the dancers there. LOL. Itu ba kan yang ditinguk. Tu gajah pun smart ba (bikin cover).

    RM1k plus? That's considered okay la kan.

    Happy Monday, Stella!

    1. Doi, terngam2 ja kami post Phuket ni Arms. Ber-support2 kami ni haha..
      Itu pole dancers yg ramai org mau tingu tu sana Bangla Road hahaha.

      Actually can be lesser than RM1k. Depends mana tempat yg ko mau pigi. Let say ko mau pigi pulau seja, boleh lah kurang dari RM1K tu. :)

  4. i love looking at the photo yg ada elephants with blue up lighting tu...very nice. thanks for the info..this will come handy when i decided to go phuket for that sun, sea and beaches punya holiday :)

    1. Itu elephants with blue lighting tu kan pandai tukar2 tu color dia, bukan biru seja..hehehe.. Ba blog it out once ko p Phuket aa chegu :)

  5. My next trip will be Phuket!!! (Not so soon lah, tunggu ongkos mengizinkan dulu hehe...) Thanks for the complete sharing :)

  6. pool dance in the middle of the crowd? nice...
    looks interesting lar this place. must go and check it out one day

    1. Yes, you should. That pole dances really popular in Thai. I think so haha

  7. Nice la.. :D.. hahaha.. sa missed to Phuket Fantasea ja.. hehehe.. :).. Tapi, we never missed Bangla Road.. Mesti pigi sana every night.. :p..

    1. Bangla Road kan dkt tmpt tgl kamu, 2 mins seja..hehehe.. Cuci mata2 hari2 :)

  8. James bond tour = THB 1200 per person, Simon Cabaret = THB 650 per person. :)

    1. Haha..thanks for the correction goh..patut la sya rasa mcm ada pelik sana..hehe

  9. I used to live in Phuket whilst working there from 2008 - 2009 around 20 months in all. I have been back to see mates a few times in the last 3 years, always stay at Yorkshire inn but have recently been recommended to this place: http://www.patongsawaddi.com/
    Can anyone comment and let me know if they have stayed there? Good or bad?

  10. RM1280 saja? wah...nasib lah saya kena blacklist pasal PTPTN..hihihi

  11. quite cheap juga oh the price..
    bah! will look into dis info lagi if there is any plan on going to Phuket.

  12. nice blog, thanks for providing budget details that really helps to plan the tour.


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