29 April 2012


The day where the BERSIH 3.0 happened, we (Hubby, Gabriel and I) were heading to KK from Kudat. We went through 4 roadblocks. The road traffics were really jammed.

I read a friend status on FB via ipad during the ride. I remember as I read it, I was at Tuaran area. She wrote that a DHL worker been detained by a police at Esso Bundusan because he was wearing a yellow shirt. And the yellow shirt was actually a formal uniform for the DHL worker. It has nothing to do with BERSIH thingy.

Coincidentally, I was looking at a roundabout during our way out from Tuaran area. There were peoples wearing yellow shirt, cutting grasses and leaves at the roundabout. I was wondering if police would detain these peoples too..LOL.

I made a joke with hubby. Just for fun, I was asking him, "If Gabriel is wearing yellow shirt, would the police detain him?". And to my surprised, hubby answered, " Ya, kena tangkap juga! (with serious tone). Dorang kasi nenen dia. Kasitau pukul berapa kasi tidur, pukul berapa kasi nenen.." LOL, i thought it was serious. Tau-tau dia balas jawapan yg kasi main sya juga..deiii..

p/s: I heard the BERSIH 3.0 in KK was a peaceful rally. :D

27 April 2012

Eight Months

Yes, it's 8 months now that I am being a mother to my dearest son, Gabriel Aiden. It's also means that our Gabriel is now 8 months old.

Shot by dearest hubby during our recently trip at Simpang Mengayau. I love this pic. Seem there's a story behind it.. ;)

Now that Gabriel is 8 months old, he is showing a lot of progress in the process of growing up. Sometime I find it funny. Because you'll find it unpredictable..haha

The other day, he suddenly can put on his 'cucut' (pacifier) by himself. Terjatuh pun dia pandai pungut balik kasi masuk mulut. Bukan tu seja, dia pandai kasi adjust lg tu kalau cucut dia terbalik..LOL And some more, dia pandai kasi ready tu cucut, lepas nenen trus sumbat tu cucut di mulut dia sendiri, laju lagi tu..haha

It is difficult to put diaper pant too. Banyak guyang ba dia. Tidak mau kena kasi pakai diaper. Kasi masuk satu kaki, sebelah terkeluar. Kasi masuk sebelah kaki, terkeluar lg balik satu kaki..haha..funny.. Penat mommy keraja dia..

And he also showing an attempt to sit on his own. Dari baring, dia pandai bangun mau duduk. Beside that, he also show an effort to walk. You just hold his both hands, and he will step his feet forward.  So cute those little foot!.. :)

And one thing I am happy about is, he really can identify his daddy and me as his mommy too. Every time daddy came home from work, he will be very happy.. Gembira betul dia, ketawa2..and main2 hide and seek sama daddy dia.. Pandai dia cari daddy dia.. :D

He also loves to watched babytv very much. Buka saja la channel babytv, mesti dia senyum and ketawa2 saturang tgk tv..haha.. Mcm org tua2 kunun..

There's a lot more progress. He eat a lot too now. Satu mangkuk boleh habis..hehe.. And kalau kena bawa jalan-jalan paling dia suka.. Lumpat2 dia dalam kereta.. Kalau keluar jarak dekat kami tidak kasi duduk dia d car seat. Of course kalau jalan jauh baru kami kasi duduk dia di car seat..

Ini yang dia suka buat kalau duduk di car seat. Tu kaki mesti naik..

Not only on car seat, anytime anywhere..tu kaki mesti mau bersandar. The other day, we were at KFC restaurant, he kicked the table. Nasib tidak jatuh semua tu ayam2 atas meja.. Adui makin nakal ni budak.. Seriously, he likes to kick and to sandar kaki tempat2 mana saja yg boleh dan yg sampai sama kaki dia..  Indeed he really like kicking. Dari dalam perut lagi ba dia kuat kicking.. LOL..

I feel so blessed to see his progress. The feeling of grateful seem not enough. Thank you GOD for the blessings. And thank you for giving me a chance to become a mother to our son Gabriel Aiden. It's a mother feeling..a mother's happiness that no one can replace.

That's it for today.

Have a blessed Friday. :)

26 April 2012

The 1st Time to Simpang Mengayau

Yes, it is the 1st time for our lil' son visiting the Tip of Borneo which is in Simpang Mengayau, Kudat. And it's the 4th time for me. I've been meaning to bring him there since last year, but obviously the weather didn't allowed me to do so. And weekend is only the best time to go there.

Well, about 2 weeks ago, we managed to bring him there. The spectacular view in Simpang Mengayau still amazed me just like before. The deep blue sea and wonderful sky view really amazing. I heart this place. Forget about the hot weather. Use a cap or umbrella when you go there, as the view is really nice on a hot weather.. :P

But for us, since we brought Gabriel with us, it was a bit difficult. Poor Gabriel, have to bear the heat. He such a really strong boy. He still can smile and playing during the hot weather, and of course we were at shades area and we used umbrella too.. ;)

It took 45 minutes to reached Simpang Mengayau from Bandar Kudat. I noticed the road heading to Simpang Mengayau is not gravel anymore, except there's a slight unlevel and tiny pavement damage. But, it's still ok. You can reached there even you use 'Kancil' hehe..

Okay, as usual let the pictures do the talking ;)

 Look at the blue sea..

 Simply beautiful! I heart the skies..

 The Daddy and Son moment..:)

 The Mommy and Son moment. 
Look at Gabriel, despite the hot weather he can still smiling ;)

 Gabriel touched down the Simpang Mengayau land ;)

 Really hot weather. But look at the sea behind us, really blue!

 And finally, I love this pic. A happy face of a naughty little boy..haha!

Okay, that's it for today. For those who haven't visit this place, I recommend you to do so. Visit this place and take a lot of pics. :)

To know more about Simpang Mengayau, click HERE.

Take care.

24 April 2012

The LOVE Journey..

Hello dear friends,

Today I would like to share about my relationship journey with my loved one. Yes, i know we are now towards the end the month of April and the Month of Love (which is February) had left us a while ago. In fact the month of May will be coming soon. Well, there's no wrong to share it now isn't it?.. I believe love story is not only for the month of love.. :P

Actually this post was requested by a blogger friend, Si Aki Borneo. Well, Aki jangan marah aa.. punya lama baru sya dapat post ni story hehehe..:P

In the beginning, we (hubby and I) met in Malacca. We used to study in the same college in Malacca. I never knew this place would be a historical moment in our life as this was a place when it all begins.

Hubby proposed me to become his gf on the Valentine's Day year 2000. I was happy to accept it as I observed he was just a type of hardworking boy and also happy-go-lucky person. There's non a day that I didn't feel unhappy being with him, he always be there and cheer me up. From that moment, as I accepted his proposal the love episode now begins with colorful memories that I never forget. The love between us blossoms until the very this day. He was my 1st ever man in my life and would be always be the 1st and the last. Therefore, hubby should be a lucky guy as he met a girl that never been hanging out with any guy before..haha..:D

There were many coincidences happened between us. I guess these were the works by GOD that walked within us. We were the only Sabahan that comes from SM Stella Maris and SM La Salle back in KK while we in Malacca College. For an info, SM Stella Maris and SM La Salle are located just next to each other and we never met before. And another thing is, we actually living in the same area all this while, which is in Putatan. What a coincidence! And of all the coincidences we were meant to meet each other at a place called Malacca Matriculation College.. :)

Our first pic together as a couple (year 2000). That was our college's uniform.
Muka budak-budak kan.. hehe

We've been in Malacca College for a year. And after that we pursued our study for a Degree in local universities. We were upset at first as we didn't get to enter in the same university. He pursued his study at UKM, Bangi and I was in UiTM, Perlis. With this UPU result, a long distance relationship now began.

As most of us know that a long distance relationship has its up and down as well as the good sides and bad sides. But for us, our love getting more stronger. Yes, of course there were times quarrels occurred over our relationship. I guess GOD has given us tests to teach us the pure meaning of trusts and faithful in between us. Thank You GOD, You never give us such trials or problems that we never can handle of.

After about 7 years as a gf and bf couple, we then celebrated our engagement ceremony in the year 2007. To be exact, on the 30th May 2007. The engagement ceremony took place at my house in Taman Bersatu, Putatan at about 11am. Then, about 6 months later we officially become husband and wife. :)

30th May 2007- Our Engagement Ceremony

We've been put test again. A day after our marriage, hubby have to report duty in Kudat, while I still working in KK. Now, it feels like the long distance relationship come all over again. I thought as we become husband and wife, this thing never show up again. But, well I surrender all to GOD. I guess GOD must had a better plan for us. We endured for almost 4 and 1/2 years for being apart from each other.

Finally on 25th August 2011, we officially become parents to our lovely son Gabriel Aiden. With his coming in our life, I have to give up my post as civil engineer. I took the responsibility to take care of him and moved to Kudat, to be with hubby. Hubby don't want to miss a thing about him growing up and he wanted to see it closely with his own eyes, me either. I don't want Gabriel be far from his daddy.

Now here I am in Kudat, being a mother at home for our lil' son. This is a sacrifice I had to make. Yes, people say love isn't love if there's no sacrifice in it. I gave up my post definitely just for my lil baby. Well, I did planning to enter the job world again when hubby being transferred to KK. Don't know when that will happen, just wait and see.. For the moment I'm just enjoying motherhood and wanted to cherish it as long as I still could.

Our wedding day- 29th December 2007

Officially become parents to our Lil' son- 25th August 2011.

And tomorrow will be exactly 8 months we become parents to our dearly baby boy. How time flies.. I miss the time when he was newborn.. ;(

That's all our love journey story. It's a long way to go. Indeed I'm grateful for what we've been through and achieved in this relationship. I have faith in GOD that our love relationship being blessed by GOD and the love that occurs between us is the love that has been granted by GOD.

Thank you for reading my story. :)

GOD bless.

11 April 2012

I Can See Your Teeth

Gabriel with his teeth :)

Our Gabriel is now 7 months 2 weeks and 3 days old. As you can see, he got 2 TEETH now. I am so happy to see his progress. It feels like time flies so fast!.

Nowadays, Gabriel semakin manja. I guess it is because the teething process. And he always seek for attention. Kalau kena tinggal kejap, nangis la tu..hadui!

 Oh ya and on last Friday, Gabriel suddenly says "Daddy" for the first time. The daddy was very happy and PROUD. Gabriel says it twice. I was very happy to hear it too.. 

Unbelievable isn't it..because he was only 7 months old and able to say "Daddy" already.

By the way, Gabriel will be 8 months old in 2 weeks. Cepatnya anak Mommy membesar. Rindu pula masa dia masi newborn..uhuhuu..

So, what are u planning today?..
For me, tidak dapat go jalan2 coz hujan ba sini Kudat. Planning want to bring Gabriel to visit Simpang Mengayau, tapi terpaksa cancel. :(
Never mind lah..next time baru pigi..

Till then, have a blessed week ahead.

10 April 2012

Blessed Easter 2012 & MIL Birthday

Blessed Easter to all Christians.. :)
So how you celebrate your Easter?..

Well, we just celebrate it with a simple celebration of my MIL birthday. Actually it was only a birthday celebration but since it falls on the Easter vigil, I guess this could be counted as Easter celebration too.. hehe

We celebrated it at Nok Thai Restaurant, situated at Damai in Luyang, Kota Kinabalu. The dishes absolutely delicious. It's a Thai dishes, but I guess it was not as original as in Thailand because I thought the dishes must be more spicy. But here, it was not really spicy, instead it was sweet especially for the pickled mango.

I was trying to shot some food's picture, but I did not dare to captured a lot as there's a note stated at the restaurant wall, 'Do not take picture of our menu'.

these were the most I could snap :)
The soup was very tasty ;)

 MIL blowing candles. Notice Gabriel staring at the candles. 
Dia mau pegang tu api tu..

 MIL cutting cake..

The whole family ;)

Okay, that's it for now. By the way, tomorrow is public holiday isn't it?
 It is for the ' petabalan Agong' right?.. So what would you do tomorrow?.. 
Mind to share and blog it out?..

Till then, take care.:)

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