10 April 2012

Blessed Easter 2012 & MIL Birthday

Blessed Easter to all Christians.. :)
So how you celebrate your Easter?..

Well, we just celebrate it with a simple celebration of my MIL birthday. Actually it was only a birthday celebration but since it falls on the Easter vigil, I guess this could be counted as Easter celebration too.. hehe

We celebrated it at Nok Thai Restaurant, situated at Damai in Luyang, Kota Kinabalu. The dishes absolutely delicious. It's a Thai dishes, but I guess it was not as original as in Thailand because I thought the dishes must be more spicy. But here, it was not really spicy, instead it was sweet especially for the pickled mango.

I was trying to shot some food's picture, but I did not dare to captured a lot as there's a note stated at the restaurant wall, 'Do not take picture of our menu'.

these were the most I could snap :)
The soup was very tasty ;)

 MIL blowing candles. Notice Gabriel staring at the candles. 
Dia mau pegang tu api tu..

 MIL cutting cake..

The whole family ;)

Okay, that's it for now. By the way, tomorrow is public holiday isn't it?
 It is for the ' petabalan Agong' right?.. So what would you do tomorrow?.. 
Mind to share and blog it out?..

Till then, take care.:)


  1. Happy family.. Hehe!

    Ah yes bisuk cuti kan. But it marks the last day of my maternity leave.. I hope my Ashley is ready to not seeing mummy for 5-6 hours every weekday hehe..

    1. oh really?..So, sepa la jaga si Ashley nnti?..

  2. Lain jg tu stel nda buli take pic of their menu?! Takut kena curi dishes dorang ka? Hahahha.. Teda plan bisuk. Huhu


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